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Transforming your cat’s litter box into a haven of convenience and comfort is now easier than ever with a range of innovative Litter-Robot accessories.

Whether you’re seeking better odor control, enhanced cleanliness, or simply looking to elevate your cat’s bathroom experience, these carefully curated add-ons provide practical solutions for every cat owner.

Learn more about how you can upgrade your self-cleaning litter box and make you and your cat happier right here.

Let’s get started!

Litter-Robot 3 Accessories You Should Know About

There are good reasons why the Litter-Robot 3 by Whisker is one of the best automatic litter boxes for cats.

It’s great at controlling unpleasant odors, easy to maintain, and suitable for multiple cats.

Its sifting mechanism seems to work more reliably than that of virtually any other automatic litter box.

But do you need any Litter-Robot accessories to improve your unit’s performance?

Some accessories, such as steps, fences, and filters, are useful for controlling scattering and odors around the house. Others, like the battery kit, come in handy during power outages.

So, let’s take a look at what accessories you can buy for this self-cleaning cat toilet box and what makes them so great!

1. Litter-Robot Ramp

ramp for litter robot

The LR ramp is made from durable material with a textured surface to trap particles when your cat exits the toilet box. 

It also has non-slip feet to keep it from moving. I really love these features. But what makes this ramp so useful? If your cat is a jumper, it will save you from having litter all over the floor!

That’s because most cats jump right out of the globe instead of using the entry step, scattering debris particles everywhere.

This is exactly what I experienced, and it got very frustrating to always have to sweep up pieces of litter.

The ramp catches litter from paws, preventing it from making a mess in your household. It’s also great for elderly cats or pets with mobility issues because it provides a gentle walkway to the toilet box.

Moreover, the ramp is super easy to install since you don’t need any tools.

  • Remove the black rubber step mat.
  • The ramp mount should be visible.
  • The narrow end of the ramp should be placed in the holes.
  • Reattach the rubber mat.

Check this video to see how to install the Litter-Robot 3 ramp and remove it to access the waste drawer. I promise, you will do it easily.

Unfortunately, not all cats like to use ramps. My friend told me a useful tip: encourage your pet with treats to use the steps when exiting or entering the globe.

Also, keep in mind that the ramp measures 13.8″ x 21.8″, so it takes up extra space.

Litter-Robot 3 Ramp
  • CUSTOM FIT FOR LITTER-ROBOT 3: Keep your cat happy and your home...
  • CAT STAIRS FOR LITTER BOX: This pet ramp provides a gentle walkway for...

2. Litter-Robot Fence

fence for litter robot

When using their toilet box, does your feline friend like to kick sand in all directions?

Then you need a fence to keep kicked-up litter and prevent messes by keeping everything inside the globe, reducing tracking around the house.

A fence also keeps your cat’s tail inside the unit, so there’s no chance of you stepping on it by accident or another cat pouncing on the hanging tail.

You are well aware that if you own multiple cats, they have a propensity to pursue and attack their companions at inopportune moments.

The fence is also available in a bright orange color to make it noticeable at night, and it’s easy to clean with a mild detergent.

As for Litter-Robot fence installation, it’s a simple process:

  • Take the fence, place it upright inside the globe, and tilt it to alight the fence’s back channel with the globe’s rubber kickguard.
  • Snap the fence over the globe’s lip and ensure the three tabs are well-secured.
  • The fence should be perfectly horizontal, or it can fall while the unit is cycling.

Check this video for a demonstration of how to install and remove the fence.

Litter-Robot Fence
  • CUSTOM FIT FOR LITTER-ROBOT: Keep cat messes contained with the...
  • PROMOTES FULL ENTRY: This litter barrier snaps onto the entrance of...
  • HELPS CONTAIN KICKED-UP LITTER: The fence acts as a litter screen to...

3. Litter-Robot Carbon Filters

carbon filters for litter robot

In general, you can use an automatic cat box without carbon filters. But it’s going to get smelly very quickly, especially inside the waste bin, so I suggest you always use them.

As a result, carbon filers are an effective product for absorbing the unpleasant waste drawer odor and preventing your automatic unit from smelling bad.

And who wants to walk into the house to that lovely litter box aroma if you can do something about it with an easy fix?

Depending on how many cats you have, you need to change the carbon filters every month (for multiple cats) or every couple of months (for a single cat).

And as you can see from this video, changing the filter takes no more than a couple of minutes.

So, while LR carbon filters are expensive, they do an excellent job at containing odors and keeping the waste drawer fresh. You can also have them shipped to you every month.

Litter-Robot Carbon Filters
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  • HELPS REDUCE UNPLEASANT ODORS: The cat litter box filter absorbs odors...
  • REPLACE AT YOUR OWN FREQUENCY: For optimal odor absorption, we...

4. Litter-Robot Waste Liners

waste drawer liners for litter robot

LR waste liners come in a bag of 25, 50, or 100, and you can subscribe to have them shipped to your address every month, every two months, or every three months.

Thanks to these custom-made LR waste liners, you never have to get your hands dirty. You just toss the liner bag in the trash whenever the bag gets full.

These waste liners are great because they are thick and fit the Litter-Robot perfectly.

In general, a pack of 50 liners should be enough to last you a year with a single cat or half a year for two cats.

Installing a new liner is also very easy.

  • Take one waste liner and roll down the edges four times.
  • Insert the rolled edges into the drawer’s back tabs.
  • Work your way up the front, making sure the liner is tight.
  • Add the other edges to the front tabs.
Litter-Robot Waste Drawer Liners
  • CUSTOM FIT FOR LITTER-ROBOT: Get rid of cat waste easily and quickly...
  • 9-11 GALLONS OF CAPACITY: These durable cat litter liners are equipped...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: For the Litter-Robot 4, simply wrap the edges of the...

5. LR Backup Battery Kit

backup battery kit for litter robot

If you live in a place with frequent power issues, getting a backup battery kit will keep your device running for up to 48 hours.

So, you won’t be running around looking for alternative litter boxes.

It is also great to have a backup power source for your Litter-Robot if you lose power from a storm.

Unfortunately, you may have difficulty installing the battery kit by yourself because you need to be comfortable disassembling the unit.

I admit, I love having this accessory, but it did take some time and patience to get it installed.

Watch this video to see how to do it properly.

6. Seal Strips

seal strips for litter robot

Worm seal strips are one of the common reasons why your Litter-Robot smells bad.

They seal the waste drawer to prevent litter odor leakage, so it gets stinky when they start peeling.

Fortunately, the seal strips are cheap, and as you can see from this video, they’re easy to install.

Just be careful to purchase the right strips that are suitable for your LR model.

What Other Litter-Robot Accessories Are There?

I hope you enjoy the six main helpful Litter-Robot accessories I’ve described. But that’s not everything. You can also consider purchasing the following pet accessories:

  • OdorTrap: It helps reduce odors, especially in a multiple-cat household, and you can attach it to a regular litter box.
  • LR 3 Connect Upgrade Kit: It allows you to upgrade and connect your LR unit to WiFi to control it remotely. But you’ll have to install it yourself. 
  • Trap Mat: It’s excellent for reducing litter scatter around the house. 
  • Sprays and wipes: they’re great for keeping your unit clean. 
  • Premium clumping litter is one of LR’s best brands. 

The Litter-Robot is amazing at its job and comes with a great choice of accessories.

It is highly popular for a reason. Even veterinarians love it. See what one vet has to say about this awesome product.


Do cats need the ramp for the Litter-Robot?

No, cats can use this automatic toilet box without a ramp. If your cat is a jumper and scatters debris on its way out of the box, the ramp is useful to prevent litter tracking. 

How do you clean a Litter-Robot mat? 

To clean a Litter-Robot mat, shake the mat to loosen any trapped particles, and then vacuum it with a suitable vacuuming machine for cat litter.

Does Litter-Robot come with a fence?

No, you must purchase the fence separately if you want to avoid tracking around the house.

What is the best litter to use in a Litter-Robot?

The best litter to use in a litter robot is a good-quality clumping variety. However, some cats are special. Provide a variety of set-up combinations until you discover which your cat will use the most.

What is one of the best benefits of a Litter-Robot?

One of the best benefits of a litter robot is that it keeps the cat’s toilet clean. Automatic litter boxes help prevent “inappropriate elimination issues.”


You don’t need to purchase additional Litter-Robot accessories, but they make life easier, help you keep your house mess-free, and reduce odors in litter-robot cabinets, among other things.

And most of these accessories aren’t that expensive, so they’re worth considering, especially for cat owners with enthusiastic diggers and jumpers.

What do you think about this topic? Which Litter-Robot accessories are your favorite? Share your customer experience in the comment section.

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