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Curious about the most talkative cat breeds? Below, we’re highlighting ten kitties that absolutely love a good chat.

Unlike dogs, cats aren’t known to be particularly vocal. However, there are many vocal cat breeds that do more than mewing or meowing.

These breeds produce interesting vocal sounds like chirping and even yowling. Some have such a wide repertoire of sounds that you can train them to “speak.”

This comprehensive guide provides a list of the most vocal breeds.

What Breed of Cat is Very Vocal?

The Siamese cat is probably the most vocal. It ranks high on the “speech” scale with the Bengal and Tonkinese.

But you’ve probably come across various cat breeds that aren’t considered highly vocal, yet they seem to be quite chatty.

Something like a Manx cat. Unfortunately, no. Manx cats are only moderately talkative.

However, since each individual cat can have varied personality traits, regardless of the breed, you’re sure to find some talkative Manx cats.

Another interesting assumption is that cats with certain colors tend to be talkative. It all depends on the breed, not the color, as you can see from the following black cats:

  • Ragamuffins and Persian cats are typically silent
  • A Sphynx is only slightly talkative
  • Bombay cats are moderately talkative
  • Oriental cats are very chatty

1. Siamese

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According to the Humane Society of Huron Valley, Oriental breeds like the Siamese are known to be particularly chatty cat breeds.

In their native Thailand, these cats are called “wichien maat,” meaning “moon diamond.”

Not only are the cats super talkative, but they are also intelligent and affectionate. They enjoy human company and form strong bonds with their owners.

Don’t be surprised to find your cat following you everywhere you go.

These felines can walk on a leash just like dogs, and even get along with dogs and other cats.

You’ll also have lots of fun with your cat, since he enjoys fetching and running agility courses.

2. Oriental

Oriental cat breed

Just like the Siamese, Oriental shorthaired cats are very loud. The purring of these cats even sounds like a Mack truck.

They can get even louder, with a raspy voice, and they’ll keep at it until you give them the attention they crave.

Apart from the colorful vocalization, Orientals also come in more than 600 colors, patterns, and coat length combinations.

That’s why they are called Rainbow Cats. It doesn’t stop there.

Orientals have an equally colorful personality. You’ll never have a dull moment in your life with this breed in your home.

3. Tonkinese

close-up on a Tonkinese meoowing   (18 months old)

Tonkinese cats have a powerful purr that you’ll notice instantly.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association reveals that they can be quite incessant in their speech.

They’ll keep at it until they get your undivided attention. And you better listen up; otherwise, your pet will find a different way to get your attention.

This is one cat that has both puppy and monkey characteristics: it is extremely playful and very acrobatic.

And, yes, a Tonkinese can play fetch or indoor tag. When visitors come, he’ll be the first to greet them with plenty of chatter.

Being a highly social breed, this feline gets along with children, other cats, and even dogs.

So, make sure not to leave him alone and instead have two of them keep each other company.

4. Javanese

JAVANESE cat breed

The parent breeds of the Javanese breed are the Balinese, Siamese, and Colorpoint Shorthair.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Javanese breed is quite talkative.

However, these cats use their speech selectively when they need to communicate something.

You’ll also come to learn that the cats’ different voice variations are based on what they want to say.

Just like the parent breeds, this feline is active, playful, extremely affectionate, and intelligent.

A Javanese will fall in love with you and always want to be around you, either on your lap, shoulder, or bed.

Best of all, you can teach the feline to fetch, find treats in pockets, and do other tricks.

5. Bengal

bengal cat

Bengals are well known for being very active and noisy. That’s because of the feline’s feral lineage.

Fortunately, Bengals aren’t as difficult to handle as people may assume. In fact, the reverse is true, since breeders insist that you can tame Bengals easily.

They certainly have an affectionate personality, although not your typical lap cat.

This cat enjoys human company, often staying close to family members.

And kids will surely love the feline because of his energetic nature, meaning that he loves playing games.

Unlike most other cats, Bengals enjoy swimming and will get in the shower or bath with you. There’s no end to the playful nature of this cat.

So you need to provide plenty of play time with the right toys rather than letting him create his own adventures in your home.

6. Burmese

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Generally, Burmese cats are soft-spoken. However, they will make their voices heard loud and clear when they need something.

This feline’s vocalization is quite pleasant. It’s something you’re sure to enjoy when the feline is showing affection.

What type of voice can be so enjoyable?

Well, it’s a soft, sweet-sounding, and slightly raspy voice. In return for giving you that sweet lullaby sound, the cat loves to receive lots of cuddles.

You may prefer the vocalization of this cat if you want a talkative breed that isn’t too loud.

Despite being a calm creature, the Burmese is quite playful too.

7. Singapura


Unofficially, the tiniest cat breed, the Singapura, weighs between 4 – 8 pounds.

What’s even more amazing is that this tiny kitty can roar loudly to get your attention.

Well, maybe not the loudest roar; but on a scale of 1 to 5, the cat’s chattiness ranks number 4, according to VCA Animal Hospitals.

In the 9–15 years of this feline’s life, you’re sure to have many memorable experiences with him.

The cat likes walking across your computer keyboard just to get your attention.

And he loves to hear the sound of his own voice while walking all over your keyboard. For such small creatures, Singapuras are packed full of energy.

They are extremely energetic, and athletic, thriving on doing things rather than napping.

8. American Bobtail

Ginger cat close-up during golden hour

The American Bobtail is another cat that not only likes to talk, but you can also train it to walk on a leash.

Evidently, that’s partly why the breed is often compared to a dog.

This intelligent, active, and affectionate cat loves sitting on your lap and being petted.

Since Bobtail loves to play games, he’s certainly great with children. The cat loves adults too, and when you arrive home, he will meet you at the door.

If you’re thinking of keeping your pet at home when you go to work, make sure the doors are cat-proof.

9. Ocicat

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An Ocicat definitely looks like a wild cat. Fortunately, this breed’s personality does not reflect that of a wild cat.

There’s a lot you can do with Ocicats, including training them to fetch toys, walking them on a leash, teaching them to follow commands, and even teaching them to “speak.”

This feline has many dog traits, apart from being intelligent, confident, and outgoing.

Ocicats are typically loyal and devoted to their owners.

They don’t like to be left alone for long; therefore, consider providing a feline companion (preferably another Ocicat).

Your kids are sure to love playing with this energetic breed.

10. Maine Coon

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This is a super large breed; so, it’s no surprise that the longest domestic cat in the world is a Maine Coon.

The “Gentle Giant” is quite talkative. You’ll have no shortage of interesting topics to chat about with your favorite pet.

What is surprising is the cat won’t produce thunderous meows, as you may expect from a large feline.

Instead, she’ll give out a distinctive, melodic chirping trill.

It’s almost as if the cat is constantly asking questions, with an inflection rising at the end of each trill.

Having a Maine Coon is much like having another dog in the family because of its size.

Are Tabby Cats Talkative?

Apart from specific cat breeds, you may wonder about other categories of cats, like tabby cats.

Since Tabby cats aren’t really a specific breed but a group of cat breeds with a similar coat pattern, you have to consider the characteristics of each breed.

The Tabby pattern, which often has an M-shaped marking on the head just above the eyes, is seen across various purebred and mixed breed cats, including:

Why is My Cat so Talkative?

Perhaps, your cat isn’t a talkative breed, yet he keeps yapping all the time. If the talkative behavior is unusual, you may have to investigate the reason why.

Some reasons behind a cat’s unusual talkative behavior may be:

  • Medical problems: your pet vocalizing may be a symptom of illness
  • Attention-seeking: your cat may need company
  • Grief: your pet may be affected by the loss of someone/ another pet who was close to him
  • Transition: changing locations can upset your cat momentarily


From the tiny Singapura to the ginormous Maine Coon, the most talkative cat breeds come in all shapes and sizes.

So, if you’re looking for a vocal kitty to keep you company, you should have no trouble finding the perfect fit!

Remember, adopt; don’t shop. You’ll find many of these beautiful breeds in shelters all around the country.

Do you live with one of these talkative cat breeds? Share your thoughts & stories below!


Looking for the most talkative cat breeds to keep you company? These 10 kitties just love a good chat with their people. Take a look!
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