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If you’ve got a vocal kitty that loves to babble, you’ll want to check out our favorite names for chirpy cats!

We think they’re totally the cat’s meow, if you’ll pardon our pun.

Take a look at our selection divided between male and female names, and see if you agree.

Names For Chirpy Cats For Males

If you've got a vocal kitty that loves to babble, you'll want to check out our favorite names for chirpy cats! Take a look!
  1. Ace – because he’s the #1 talker.
  2. Babbles – for a cat that will just babble all day.
  3. Bandit – because he always finds a way to talk.
  4. Blabbermouth – ok, some cats definitely are blabbermouths.
  5. Blaze – for when your cat is welcoming you in a storm of meows.
  6. Bock – simple, easy and he will keep on talking after you call him!
  7. Bono – after the singer.
  8. Chatter – maybe your cat simply likes to communicate.
  9. Cheeky – for the most talkative cat out there.
  10. Chidori – this is the Japanese for 1000 chirping birds.
  11. Chirp – because you know he talks a lot.
  12. Cole – after the online game character.
  13. Coo – talking all the time just like a clock.
  14. Crackles – this can be a great name for a parrot-like cat.
  15. Crybaby – because he may just be complaining all the time.
  16. Duke – for a demanding cat.
  17. Elvis – after the singer.
  18. Elwood – after the one who sang until he was found.
  19. Felix – the most popular cat must be talkative.
  20. Fieldy – after the Korn bassist.
  21. Gabby – for the talkative cat you have.
  22. Gordon – after the most demanding chef.
  23. Griffin – after one of the most vocal creatures.
  24. Howler – for that cat who won’t shut up.
  25. Hunter – hunters are silent, until they achieve their purpose!
  26. Mew – because this is the sound you hear all the time.
  27. Murmur – some cats just meow cuter than others.
  28. Neo – for his new talking habits.
  29. Olyote – this is the Cherokee word for crybaby.
  30. Oscar – beautiful name for your chirpy cat.
  31. Prattle – beautiful name for a talkative cat.
  32. Ralph – do you remember Wreck it Ralph?
  33. Rex – a king must be vocal.
  34. Rob – short name but your cat will make up for it.
  35. Ruffus – maybe you can even have a conversation with your Ruffus.
  36. Screamer – maybe this is his way of waking you up every morning.
  37. Shriek – you cat’s name can describe what you feel when he doesn’t shut up.
  38. Siron – great name for an incredibly talkative cat.
  39. Skyler – great name for a great cat!
  40. Sounder – because he makes a lot of sounds, right?
  41. Squeeky – just like a squeaky toy!
  42. Talker – can you think of a better name?
  43. Thor – after the God! He must have been talking all the time.
  44. To-Ku – the Japanese for ‘talk.’
  45. Vinnie – beautiful name for a cat who will just talk all the time.
  46. Waldo – but you’ll be able to find your Waldo!
  47. Whimper – for a cat who’s just complaining all the time.
  48. Yowz – interesting name you can choose for your chirpy cat.
  49. Zion – for the best and most talkative cat!

Names For Chirpy Cats For Females

If you've got a vocal kitty that loves to babble, you'll want to check out our favorite names for chirpy cats! Take a look!
  1. Alicia – after the singer.
  2. Avril – after the singer.
  3. Babble – for the cat that will just keep on talking.
  4. Blabbie – cutest name for the most talkative cat out there.
  5. Boca – in Spanish, it means ‘mouth.’
  6. Calliope – the Greek for ‘she with beautiful voice.’
  7. Chat – because you can always chat with her.
  8. Chatterbox – great name for a talkative kitten.
  9. Cheyenne – means ‘red little talker.’
  10. Chi-chi – Japanese for ‘1000 chirping birds.’
  11. Cleo – because she’s demanding like a queen.
  12. Coo-Coo – for always talking like a clock.
  13. Decibel – for the really vocal cat out there.
  14. Eden – happiness is in your cat’s voice.
  15. Freya – like the warrior.
  16. Gabriella – for that cat who will just keep on talking.
  17. Gossip – you know, maybe she’s trying to tell you something.
  18. Gypsy – from Fleetwood Mac.
  19. Harper – maybe your cat is a great singer after all.
  20. Jime – from Heart’s song.
  21. Joplin – after Janice Joplin.
  22. Karma – maybe your cat just says everything back at you.
  23. Lola – for an always-happy singing cat.
  24. Lux – because you all want the best for your cat!
  25. Mau-mau – the cutest name, for the cutest cat.
  26. Maya – because your cat is adorable AND chirpy!
  27. Meow – because you’ll hear this noise all the time.
  28. Noisy – in case she is really vocal.
  29. Peach – maybe your cat is always asking for help.
  30. Pitty-Pat – cute name for a very talkative kitten.
  31. Princess – a princess can get quite talkative.
  32. Purrbox – purring is still a way of telling you something.
  33. Queen – and a queen’s wishes need to be fulfilled.
  34. Quinn – after the villain!
  35. Rainbow – from Rolling Stones’ song.
  36. Rebel – well, she is a rebel for talking that much.
  37. Robyn – beautiful name for a cat who won’t stop talking.
  38. Rosie – for the most delicate and talkative cat.
  39. Roulette – from Bon Jovi’s song.
  40. Selena – after the singer.
  41. Speaks – because she does speak all the time.
  42. Squeal – for the cat who just talks all the time.
  43. Sunshine – from The Beatles’ song.
  44. Taylor – after the singer.
  45. VooDoo – from Jimi Hendrix’s song!
  46. Voxie – because her voice is amazing!
  47. Whinney – for the cat who’s just whining all the time.
  48. Yodel – amazing name for a cat who won’t stop talking.
  49. Zelda – a princess that needs saving.


And now you can choose the best name for your very talkative cat!

By the way, if you’re wondering why cats make those chirpy sounds, here’s a great explanation!

What are your favorite names for chirpy cats? Share below!

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