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Looking for outdoor cat tunnel ideas to entertain your bored kitty?

I’ve rounded up five choices that’ll meet your needs. I’ll be shocked if one of them isn’t a perfect fit.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into them.

5 Best Outdoor Cat Tunnel Ideas

Let’s take a look at the in-depth reviews!

1. LiamLucyPetSupply Collapsible Tunnel Tube

An outdoor cat’s life will never be the same when encountering the Liam Lucy Pet Supplies Collapsible Tunnel Tube.

It has everything your kitty needs to deal with the boredom of domesticated life.

The tunnel’s three dangling chew balls are a perfect example of what I’m describing.

Your cat will always have an outlet for any pent-up energy that arises during the day.

You’ll also be quite fond of the tunnel’s excellent durability. Its polyester material has a known reputation for being long-lasting and capable of dealing with excessive usage.

After all, it can even handle being used by multiple pets. Bunny, squirrel, and chinchilla owners have nothing but praise for how great this product was for their pets.

There’s no reason to believe that the tunnel will have an issue holding up to your needs.

Plus, the two-color choices and affordable price aren’t anything to overlook.


  • Four appealing color options (black, green, blue, and red)
  • Prevents boredom with three dangling chew balls
  • Made with durable, strong polyester material
  • Affordable price
  • Multi-pet product


  • Shorter than most other tunnels at 1.5 feet
  • No-return policy 

Final Verdict

Overall, this product’s performance will appeal to most cat owners.

Its impressive durability and reasonable price alone make it seem like a bargain worth considering. 

I only wish it was a bit bigger or had a return policy.

These preference issues aren’t deal-breakers, but they would make this tunnel a bit more convenient and well-rounded.

But outdoor cat owners would certainly have trouble finding a better deal.

If you’re looking for a shorter tunnel to give your cat a place to chill out and hide, this one will fit those needs flawlessly.

2. ThisIsHBS Cat Tunnel Tubes

Cat or Rabbit tunnel tubes

ThisIsHBS’s Cat Tunnel Tubes, an exciting option for any cat owner.

Its convenient and fun design will brighten your cat’s life with some much-needed exercise. 

One of my favorite aspects is its two peepholes. It allows a cat to poke their head out and check what’s going on while remaining hidden.

Your cat will also have a lot of room in these tunnels. Each one has a 50-inch length, which offers endless possibilities for both cats and their owners.

In other words, it has more than enough room for toys and other similar items.

You can even hang up a few strings on the peepholes to provide a little more motivation.

These tunnels, being one of the most portable options available, don’t hurt either. You won’t have any issues bringing them anywhere; your cat will need one.

It makes these perfect cat tunnels for people who travel. They have enough versatility to be usable in various situations, whether indoors or outdoors.


  • Five colorful options (black, pink, gray, light blue, and royal blue)
  • Equipped with two peepholes  
  • Long 50-inch, durable polyester/canvas construction
  • Easy to move and store
  • Superior customer service


  • Expensive shipping
  • It can take up to a week just to ship.

Final Verdict

Honestly, there isn’t much, and these tunnels don’t do well. Another customer put it perfectly in their review, stating, “The quality is superior to most on the market.”

The shipping price is higher than most buyers will like to see, though. It’ll be a hard sell for people who are only interested in getting a bargain deal.

But if you’re prioritizing quality over value, these tunnel tubes would be an ideal fit. You can’t ask for much more when it comes to performance than they offer.

3. Beststar 4-Way Cat Tunnel

beststar 4 Way Cat Tunnel, Large Indoor Outdoor Collapsible Pet Toy Crinkle Tunnel Tube with Storage Bag for Cat, Dog, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten, Rabbit #81266

If you’re looking for a big outdoor tunnel, Beststar’s 4-Way Cat Tunnel needs serious consideration.

Its design connects four separate tunnels to create an abundant amount of playing space for your cat.

You don’t often find more extensive cat tunnel ideas with this level of durability, either. Beststar did an excellent job crafting this product with tear-resistant polyester.

It’ll have no issues stopping even the most rambunctious cats from causing damage. As one customer noted, it holds up “really well to serious abuse.”

But the one aspect most people end up loving is the included storage bag. It makes transporting this tunnel much more manageable than other options.

The tunnel’s foldability also helps ensure that moving it takes minimal effort. More importantly, it can serve multiple purposes, as the tunnel is suitable for various animals.

Some customers even reported that smaller dogs could use it without issue.

It wasn’t uncommon to see a buyer report an experience, such as, “[our] cat and small dog love chasing each other in and out of the tube.”


  • Spacious, large 4-way tunnel construction
  • Durable, tear-resistant polyester design 
  • Multiple interactive toys and features
  • Includes a storage bag for top-tier portability
  • Equipped with a center peephole.


  • Cats can rip off the hanging toys 
  • It only comes in one color or style

Final Verdict

You’ll have a hard time passing up on this tunnel’s spacious design, superior portability, and multi-pet usability.

Honestly, cats and other smaller animals seem to love this product universally. 

Users will have to be careful with its hanging toys, though. A few customers reported feistier cats ripping them off with ease. 

But the toys are easy to replace, which makes this issue somewhat irrelevant.

Anyone looking to spoil their cat with a massive outdoor tunnel needs to immediately put this option into their shopping cart.

4. Pet Magasin Portable Outdoor Cat Tunnel Set

No products found.

It’s hard to notice anything about Pet Magasin’s Portable Outdoor Cat Tunnel Set, but the bright and colorful design.

This set’s multi-colored striped color scheme will bring a certain level of style to your cat’s outdoor play area.

Your cat will love playing with them, too, because of their crinkly fabric.

Interacting with it will create an intriguing sound, which is essential, as “cats like crinkly things.”

This set also includes both short (18-inch) and long (35-inch) tunnels. As you can imagine, their inclusion allows this option to be usable for larger and smaller cats.

It’s why this set is perfect for multi-cat or multi-pet households.

Your favorite animals won’t need to fight over who occupies the tunnel, like they would with single options.

If these benefits weren’t enough, the set’s collapsible design and affordable price should further pique your interest.

There’s nothing better than getting high-quality products at a bargain-level price.


  • Bright, colorful design
  • Made with crinkly fabric to provide cat-approved sound  
  • Includes an 18-inch and 35-inch tunnel
  • Collapsible, spring-loaded design for storage convenience
  • Interactive hanging ball toys and a center peephole 
  • 2-year warranty and money-back guarantee 


  • Playing at night could disrupt your sleep. 
  • Complains that it has a nasty odor when first opening the package.

Final Verdict

As one customer said, this set is “a good value at only 12 dollars.” You’d have a difficult time finding more equipped tunnels for anywhere close to this price.

I would advise against leaving these tunnels outside at night. The crinkly sounds will keep up sensitive sleepers, as they can be pretty loud. 

But if you stay away from this situation, I can’t see a reason why this set wouldn’t be a fantastic buy.

Your cat will be thrilled when first laying eyes on these intriguing new hiding places.

5. Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Tunnel

No products found. (Play Tents for Cats and Small Animals)”]

Our final product, Outback Jack’s Outdoor Cat Tunnel, is easily the most spacious single tunnel on this list.

After all, its 62-inch by 17-inch size provides 30 square feet for a cat to utilize.

This ample space gives owners numerous opportunities to place various items inside. You can store toys, rope, or treats within the tunnel for your cat to enjoy.

Buyers don’t need to worry about the setup process, either. You can expect it to take “seconds to assemble,” as multiple customers reported in their reviews.

This flexible outdoor cat tunnel isn’t only for outside; it’s just as useful for indoor activities.

You won’t ever have to face another situation where there’s nothing to entertain your cat.

As a result, shades and blinds inside your home can finally be free of your cat’s wrath. This tunnel will provide enough mental and physical stimulation to keep them occupied.


  • Sizeable 62-inch by 17-inch design 
  • Lightweight, foldable design for ultra-convenience 
  • Excellent ventilation to provide comfort
  • Usable for indoor or outdoor activities
  • Easy setup


  • Pricey for a single tunnel
  • See-through mesh doesn’t give cats the satisfaction of hiding.

Final Verdict

You can’t point to a single performance area where this tunnel doesn’t meet or exceed expectations.

It even uses mesh fabric material to ensure top-tier ventilation and a 360-degree view.

However, that same feature can be a drawback for cats who like to hide in their tunnels.

But this endless number of features does come with an increased price tag. You’ll have to decide whether the benefits are worth paying a few more dollars.

In the end, most buyers ended up feeling like the tunnel was more than worth it.

The overwhelmingly positive customer reviews certainly convey a feeling of almost universal satisfaction.

Outdoor Cat Tunnel Ideas FAQs

Why do cats love tunnels?

Felines enjoy tunnels because cats love to hide. A tunnel taps into their instincts and provides a safe, private space to escape.

What are the things to consider when buying an outdoor cat tunnel?

You’ll need to consider the build quality, style, convenience, cost, and type. Each will have a sizable impact on what cat tunnel ideas are best suited for your kitty.

What can I put in my outdoor cat TUNNEL

Toys, rope, string, treats, and other similar items are always welcome in an outdoor tunnel. Bedding could also help make the tunnel more comfortable.


Our discussions should’ve answered all your questions about outdoor cat tunnels.

But if you have a few more, don’t hesitate to use the comment section.

What are your favorite outdoor cat tunnel ideas? Share with us below!

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