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Looking for some really cute Russian cat names?

You definitely need to check out our list below!

We came up with 100 amazing ideas, split evenly for male and female kittens.

Let’s check them out, then you can tell me your favorite!

Russian Cat Names for Females

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We dove into list after list of all the amazing Russian girl names to pick out the best ones for your sweet new kitty.

Take a look at what we discovered, along with meanings for each name.

  1. Alyonushka – this name refers to a shining light.
  2. Anastasia – this name means “resurrection.”
  3. Anna – for a graceful one.
  4. Anya – this name means “grace.”
  5. Bronislava – this name refers to a glorious protector.
  6. Daria – for the one with a king’s wealth.
  7. Dasha – this name refers to a wealthy one.
  8. Dunya – for the cat who’s always happy.
  9. Ekaterina – his Russian name is perfect for a pure one.
  10. Elena – for a very bright one.
  11. Evgenia – Russian cat name meaning “noble.”
  12. Fedora – referring to a gift from God.
  13. Galina – this Russian name means “calm.”
  14. Gena – great name for a noble cat.
  15. Grisha – for the one who’s always watching.
  16. Irina – this name is for the keeper of the peace.
  17. Isidora – referring to a gift from Goddess Isis herself.
  18. Kasha – this is a type of Russian food.
  19. Katenka – great name for a pure kitten.
  20. Katya – this Russian name means “pure.”
  21. Koshechka – this translates to “female kitten.”
  22. Koshka – this name simply means “cat.”
  23. Lena – for a shining star.
  24. Ludmila – referring to the “love of the people.”
  25. Margosha – this name means “pearl.”
  26. Marina – Russian cat name meaning “from the sea.”
  27. Masha – for a gracious cat.
  28. Mila – this name is perfect for the dearest one.
  29. Nadezhda – Russian cat name meaning “hope.”
  30. Nadina – this Russian name refers to a hopeful one.
  31. Nastya – for a lively cat.
  32. Nataliya – for a kitten born on Christmas.
  33. Natasha – the Russian way of celebrating Christmas.
  34. Oksana – for the one who is praised by God.
  35. Olga – this name means “holy.”
  36. Olya – perfect name for a loving cat.
  37. Pasha – this name is perfect for a small one.
  38. Paskha – this is a type of Easter cake.
  39. Polina – Russian cat name meaning “little.”
  40. Rada – referring to one who’s always happy. 
  41. Rufina – for a red-haired cat.
  42. Rybka – Russian name meaning “fish.”
  43. Siberia – after the northern Russian frozen region.
  44. Slava – this name means “glory.”
  45. Solyanka – after the popular Russian dish.
  46. Sonya – this name means “wisdom.”
  47. Svetlana – Russian cat name meaning “star.”
  48. Tanya – for the one who deserves all the praising. 
  49. Ukha – this is a type of Russian soup.
  50. Zoya – this Russian name means “life.”

My favorite Russian kitten names for girl kitties are Anastasia and Siberia.

I love all of the ideas above, but those two really just pop out at me!

Siberia is beautiful for an all-white cat, don’t you think?

Russian Cat Names for Males

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  1. Alek – this name refers to the defender of the house!
  2. Aleksandr – the Russian version of Alexander.
  3. Alyosha – this name means “defender of men.”
  4. Anatoly – beautiful Russian name meaning “sunrise.”
  5. Anton – for the one who should be praised.
  6. Arseni – this name refers to a manly one.
  7. Artem – after Saint Artemius.
  8. Bazhen – this Russian name means “wish.”
  9. Bliny – this is how pancakes are called in Russia.
  10. Boris – for the best fighter out there.
  11. Dima – the perfect name for the one who loves the earth.
  12. Dmitry – Russian cat name for a lover.
  13. Egor – this Russian name means “farmer.”
  14. Evgeni – for the one with an amazing future.
  15. Feliks – Russian name meaning “lucky.”
  16. Feodor – this name refers to a gift from God.
  17. Igor – for the one who fights for peace.
  18. Ilya – this name means “God is my light.”
  19. Ivan – Russian name meaning “God is gracious.”
  20. Konstantin – for a very content cat.
  21. Kostya – this name is perfect for a calm cat.
  22. Kotik – this name translates to “male kitten.”
  23. Kot – Russian name meaning “cat.”
  24. Lev – the Russian version of “lion.”
  25. Luka – Russian name meaning “light.”
  26. Lyubov – this Russian name means “love.”
  27. Maksim – for the greatest kitten out there.
  28. Mikhail – for the one who is praised by God.
  29. Milan – for the dearest one.
  30. Misha – this is the Russian form of Michael.
  31. Moscow – after Russia’s capital city.
  32. Matislav – this name means “glory.”
  33. Myshka – ironically, this name means “little mouse.”
  34. Nikolai – referring to the conqueror. 
  35. Pavel – a Russian blue cat name meaning “humble.”
  36. Petersburg – after the famous Russian city.
  37. Pyotr – this Russian name means “rock.”
  38. Roman – for a dweller of Rome.
  39. Sasha – this is how you’d call a defender of men in Russian.
  40. Sergey – perfect name for the protector of the herd.
  41. Solnyshko – this name translates to “small sun.”
  42. Stanislav – for the one who gets all the glory.
  43. Stroganoff – a famous Russian dish.
  44. Timur – this name means “iron.”
  45. Valentin – this name means “strong.”
  46. Viktor – this name means “conqueror.”
  47. Vladimir – for a prince everyone knows.
  48. Vladislav – great name for the ruler of the house.
  49. Volya – this name means “free man.”
  50. Zolotse – Russian name meaning “gold.”

I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite from these names for boy cats.

I really love Misha, though! Maybe because I’m such a huge fan of Misha Collins from Supernatural!

Kot is perfect if you’re looking for funny Russian names for male kitties since it literally means “cat.”


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Russian cat names offer a rich and unique source of inspiration for cat owners seeking a distinctive and meaningful name for their feline companion.

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern name, or one that reflects the cat’s personality or appearance, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Your turn! What are your favorite Russian cat names for male and female kittens? Share below!

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