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Trying hard to look for some outstanding Russian Blue cat names?

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

We came up with 100 exotic cat names split between both males and females!

Let’s dive in and check them out, shall we?

50 Russian Blue Cat Names for Males

Russian blue cat with blue russian cat name closing his eyes while being petted by a hand

As the name implies, this is a Russian cat breed, so we kept that in mind when coming up with ideas.

We included a mix of popular names from the country, as well as some ideas for things that are naturally blue.

  1. Aleksei – a variation of Alexander.
  2. Ash – for the beautiful grey color.
  3. Blue – if this isn’t perfect, I don’t know what is!
  4. Bogdan– means someone who was given by God.
  5. Bohdanko – also means “God’s gift”
  6. Chrome – after one of the most beautiful shades of grey.
  7. Cosmo – after the big, dark blue cosmos.
  8. Cyan – this is a beautiful shade of blue.
  9. Czar– this word for a Russian ruler is perfect for a cat who rules the roost!
  10. DimaRussian name for a very strong fighter.
  11. Denim – because denim blue is the perfect blue.
  12. Dimitre – perfect for an adventurous cat!
  13. Evgen– means “one who was born good.”
  14. Floyd – Welsh name meaning “grey.”
  15. Frosty – for the most beautiful blue.
  16. Gedeon– means “slayer,” making it perfect for your little mouser!
  17. Gandalf – after the grey-bearded wizard.
  18. Gentian – after the bright blue herb.
  19. Grayson – for a grey kitten.
  20. GuthrieScottish name for a dark grey cat.
  21. Hyacinth – after the fabulous blue flower.
  22. Indigo – after the dark blue shade.
  23. Ira– a great name for a watchful cat.
  24. Kai – Hawaiian name meaning “sea.”
  25. Lake – because no blue compares to this one.
  26. Lloyd – Welsh name for a dark grey cat. 
  27. Macaw – after the blue, exotic bird.
  28. Mercury – for the beautiful grey mercury has.
  29. Navy – a very dark shade of the color blue
  30. Neptune – after the God of the seas.
  31. Noelani – Hawaiian name meaning “misty.”
  32. Ocean – after the biggest seas of blue.
  33. Oxford – after the official Oxford Blue.
  34. Pacific – it’s an ocean and a shade of blue.
  35. Peacock – after the beautiful bird with blue shades.
  36. Periwinkle – after the blueish purple color.
  37. Pigeon – great name for a grey cat.
  38. Robin – after the beautiful blue.
  39. Shadow – perfect name for a grey cat.
  40. Silver – for the most beautiful color out there.
  41. Siniy(синий)– it means “blue” in Russian
  42. Sky – as it can be both blue and grey.
  43. Slate – after the greyish blue color.
  44. Smokey – adorable name for a grey cat.
  45. Sparkle – for a true star!
  46. Sterling – after the sterling silver.
  47. Taavi– means “adored.”
  48. Teal – this is a dark blue color.
  49. Thunder – cool name for a Blue Russian cat.
  50. Zaffre – after the deep blue color.

50 Russian BLue Cat Names for Females

Russian blue cat with blue russian cat name smelling his hands while lying on the bed
  1. Agata– for a kind and good-hearted cat.
  2. Anastasia– after the mysterious Russian princess.
  3. Azure – this is one of the most beautiful shades of grey.
  4. Aria – if your cat is a gracious Goddess.
  5. Ashley – beautiful name for a light grey cat.
  6. Atasi – this is a stunning blue flower.
  7. Bellflower – after the beautiful blue flower.
  8. Bluebell – after the beautiful blue flower.
  9. Breezy – for a light-grey cat.
  10. Capri – this is a dark blue shade.
  11. Celeste – after the sky blue color.
  12. Cerulean – after the beautiful shade of blue.
  13. Cinderella – after the Disney princess dressed in blue.
  14. Comet – for a beautiful grey cat.
  15. Cosima – beautiful name for a Blue Russian cat.
  16. Dawn – for a very gentle cat.
  17. Delphine – great name for a grey cat.
  18. Diamond – because she really is a gem.
  19. Eloise – just in case you have a gentle grey cat.
  20. Grace – English name for a graceful cat.
  21. Katiya– means pure and perfect.
  22. Ice – for the light grey in ice.
  23. Iris – beautiful blue flower.
  24. London – after the greyish tones of London.
  25. Luna – this name means “moon.”
  26. Mab – also known as the fairy queen.
  27. Marina– means “from the sea”
  28. Majorelle – after an intense shade of blue.
  29. Maya – after the Mayan blue.
  30. Mila– means “gracious”
  31. Midnight – beautiful name for a dark grey cat.
  32. Miku – Japanese name meaning “beautiful sky.”
  33. Misty – great name for a dark grey cat.
  34. Moon – because the moon is beautiful and grey.
  35. Opal – after the beautiful gems.
  36. Orchid – because there are a million colors for orchids, blue included.
  37. Rain – beautiful name for a dark grey cat.
  38. Raiya – a Russian name that means “heaven.”
  39. Reva – Hindi name meaning “rain.”
  40. Sasha – Russian name that means “defender of men.”
  41. Selena – beautiful name for a strong, grey cat.
  42. Stella – this name means “star.”
  43. Stormy – perfect for a light grey cat.
  44. Tiffany – after the classic blue color.
  45. Varya– a Russian name for a treasured one.
  46. Veronica – after the blue flower with blue petals.
  47. YinChinese name meaning “money.”
  48. Yuki – Japanese for “snowstorm.”
  49. Zelda – this name means “grey.”
  50. Zilya – perfect name for your little huntress!


All of these are such great Russian Blue cat names even perfect for dumbest cat breeds, it’s hard to pick just one.

I think Katiya is great for a girl, both because of the meaning and because it has “cat” right in it (well, kat, but it still counts).

For a boy, Bogdan is great, since my kitties are a true gift from the powers that be!

What are your favorite Russian Blue cat names? Share with us below!

Russian blue cat sitting in a grassy field
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