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Looking for some brilliant and unforgettable striped cat names?

Read through the list to find 100 different name choices. It’ll be hard to choose just one, but you’ll have fun trying!

Let’s check them out!

50 Striped Cat Names for Males

orange striped cat licking her hands
  1. Adidas: how can a brand name be bad for a cat?
  2. Agouti: a cat who resembles light and dark colors.
  3. Agave: a miniature name for a cat.
  4. Alvin: means ethical, but which cat is! 
  5. Bandit: who loves to play hide and seek.
  6. Bande: is the French word for “stripes”
  7. Bamboo: it appeals to growth and flexibility.
  8. Bodhi: an understanding cat is better than a furious one.
  9. Bumblebee: a resemblance of a bee’s striped body.
  10. Caspian: a name for dark-colored cats.
  11. Checkers: it means square patches.
  12. Chess: as the name suggests, black and white squares.
  13. Colobus– after the eastern black-and-white colobus.
  14. Coral: a cat who loves holiday
  15. Dexter: a name that allures excellence.
  16. Dot: roots from Greek origin, and it is defined as an offering of God.
  17. Domino: this is one of my favorite names for black and white cats!
  18. Garfield: this term means a field of three sides.
  19. Harlequin: best for a cat who always makes everything funny.
  20. King- not just because it’s a regal cat name, but for the striped kingsnake!
  21. Lil Bub: this title is given to a little one.
  22. Lucky: a fortunate name.
  23. Leopard: perfect for a kitty who looks like a wild cat!
  24. Mango: sour and sweet name.
  25. Marbles: a spotty name for a striped cat.
  26. Morris: the right name for a heavy-colored cat.
  27. Mackerel: a name after a cat’s food.
  28. Mars: a distinctive planet name, it is cool
  29. Patches: it can obviously be a name because it is distinct.
  30. Penguin-after the black and white striped bird!
  31. Pirate: best for a cat who loves to fight when in water.
  32. Skunk– another funny animal name for cats, especially stinky ones!
  33. Streak: a name for cats with lines or strokes.
  34. Stroke: one who makes little movements.
  35. Shadow: who follows you everywhere.
  36. Speckles: a literal name, but it is unique and means spots.
  37. Spot: a Californian name that means my present.
  38. Stripes: a name you were looking for all that time.
  39. Streep– if “Stripes” is too obvious, this word means the same in Dutch!
  40. Tobias: it means God is kind-hearted.
  41. Shirit: it’s the Albanian word for “stripe.”
  42. Sunny: a sparkling and shiny name for a cat.
  43. Tapir– after the striped Malayan creature.
  44. Tiger: brave and powerful.
  45. Thierry: it means protector of the humans.
  46. Winslow: a renowned name can never go wrong.
  47. Yucca: comes from a Caribbean place, and it’s a plant. 
  48. Venus: a planet name, how different that is! 
  49. Zebra: title for a white and black striped cat. 
  50. Zigzag: a cat who has a crisscross on its body.

50 striped cat names for Females

adult striped toyger cat
  1. Adelie– after the type of penguin.
  2. Agave: greek origin and represents integrity.
  3. Abby: a miniature name for a cat.
  4. Alexa: super cute name, although could confuse your Echo Dot!
  5. Amber: an emerald or gem.
  6. Apricot: a flower name is exciting.
  7. Beatrice: it brings delight and positivity.
  8. Buttercup: a stylish and sweet name.
  9. Calico: a colorful name for a cat.
  10. Celeste: it means divine.
  11. Cinder: a smokingly hot title.
  12. Chloe: roots of Greek, and it is defined as mature behavior.
  13. Crystal: a beautiful striped gemstone.
  14. Coco: a Disney-encouraged title. 
  15. Delores: a painful name but a fancy name.
  16. Dawn: a cat who is a morning bird.
  17. Dotty: a traditional name.
  18. Fairy: a mystical name for a cat who has magical properties.
  19. Fluffy: a name that represents a joyous character.
  20. Genevieve: a long but classy description.
  21. Honey: a syrupy name everyone would love to call.
  22. June: a cat who loves the hot season.
  23. Faith: a name that signifies trust.
  24. Hazel: what God discerns.
  25. Lola: a short name for Dolores
  26. Mocha: a perfect name for a brownish cat.
  27. Marra– means “stripe” in Basque.
  28. Mivatra– the word for “stripe” in Malagasy
  29. Pruga: it means “stripe” in Bosnian.
  30. Oreo: admired name after a biscuit.
  31. Pickles: a cat who has a mixture of behaviors. 
  32. Magpie– for the striped bird.
  33. Misty: a white cat named after the fog.
  34. Nutmeg: a nutty name for a cat.
  35. Pearl: to sparkle like a star.
  36. Raita– means “stripe” in Finnish.
  37. Rainbow: colorful yet sophisticated name.
  38. Raya: Spanish word for “stripe.”
  39. Sasa– Samoan for “stripe.”
  40. Shira: a Hebrew name that means a tune.
  41. Star: a constellation in the sky.
  42. Striscia: Corsican word for “stripe.”
  43. Speckles: a literal name, but it is unique and means spots.
  44. Tara: a star that signifies that one should always shine. 
  45. Tabitha: a name after a deer.
  46. Tigress: brave and powerful like a tiger, obviously a perfect tiger cat name.
  47. Tapestry: a handmade cloth woven with love.
  48. Tulip: a name inspired by a flower.
  49. Yasmin: roots of Persian and 
  50. Zebra: title for a white and black-striped cat.

I love all of these striped cat names, but I really adore the ones that are actually other animals. Skunk is hilarious, and Zebra so cute!

What Are your favorite striped cat names? Share with us below!

Striped orange cat sitting on dock by sea
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