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Looking for a list of tiger cat names for your striped pal?

Tiger cat names offer a powerful and majestic way to capture the essence of these stunning felines.

Whether you’re drawn to names that evoke the wild and untamed nature of tigers or names that highlight their striking coat patterns, there are plenty of options to choose from.

We have gathered male and female ideas for the best kitten names you’ll love.

Let’s check them out!

50 Tiger Cat Names for Striped Males

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  1. Alvin – after the stripped chipmunk. 
  2. Angus – tiger cat name meaning “strength.”
  3. Aslan – after the lion in Narnia.
  4. Atlas – after the Greek God.
  5. Badger – perfect name for a cat with a tiger pattern.
  6. Bandit – for a mischievous cat.
  7. Beech – cute name for a proud cat.
  8. Butch – after the tabby “The Incredible Shrinking Man.”
  9. Classic – for a cat with a classic tiger pattern.
  10. Con Cop – the Vietnamese word for “tiger.”
  11. Damoo – after the famous tiger trainer in India.
  12. Dragon – after the gray tabby in Toy Story 4.
  13. Floyd – after the grey tabby who can see ghosts.
  14. Garfield – this is the most famous tabby in the world.
  15. General – for a very strong cat.
  16. Harimau – this is the Indonesian word for “tiger.”
  17. Hobbes – from the “Calvin and Hobbes” series.
  18. Holang-i – the Korean word for “tiger.”
  19. Jock – after Winston Churchill’s tabby.
  20. Jonesy – after the astronaut in Alien.
  21. Kaplan – the Turkish word for “tiger.”
  22. Koumal – one of the tiger cubs in “Two Brothers.”
  23. Louison – after the tiger in “Les Aventures du Capitaine Corcoran.”
  24. Macan – the Javanese word for “tiger.”
  25. Mackeral – for a stripped cat.
  26. Mantecore – after the toger in Roy Horn of Siegfried.
  27. Morris – great name for a cat with a tiger pattern.
  28. Mr. Bitey– this is the striped cat from “Kick-ass.”
  29. Namur – Arabic name meaning “tiger.”
  30. Orangey – after the tabby from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”
  31. Parker – this is the tiger in “ Life of Pi.”
  32. Rajah – from the Disney movie “Aladdin.”
  33. Seu – the Laotian name meaning “tiger.”
  34. Sher – Ursu name meaning “tiger.”
  35. Shere Khan – this is the tiger in “The Jungle Book.”
  36. Spotted – cute name for a cat with tiger patterns.
  37. Stubbs – after the mayor tabby of Alaska.
  38. Suzy – after the tiger of “Ringling Bros. Circus.”
  39. Taika – the Maori word for “tiger.”
  40. Ticked – for a cat with the cutest pattern.
  41. Tier – the Afrikaans name meaning “tiger.”
  42. Tigar – Croatian name meaning “tiger.”
  43. Tiger – for a real tiger cat!
  44. Tigger – this is Winnie The Pooh’s friend.
  45. Tigre – the Catalan name for “tiger.”
  46. Tigris – the Latin word for “tiger.”
  47. Tigru – this is the Romanian word for “tiger.”
  48. Tiikeri – this means “tiger” in Finnish.
  49. Tonto – after Tonto’s tabby.
  50. Tygr – the Czech word for “tiger.”

50 Tiger Cat Names for Striped Females

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  1. Abby – sweet name for a tabby cat.
  2. Agave – after the striped cactus.
  3. Amber – beautiful name for an orange tiger.
  4. Baag – the Hindi word for “tiger.”
  5. Bacio – the Italian word for “kiss.”
  6. Bagha – Nepali word meaning “tiger.”
  7. Beetle – for the cutest tiger cat out there.
  8. Blink – for the cat who sees everything.
  9. Boo – for a scary, yet loving cat.
  10. Briana – great name for the cat with amazing colors.
  11. Cinder – for a dark-colored tiger cat.
  12. Cinnamon – adorable name for an orange tabby.
  13. Cocoa – cute name for a brown tiger cat.
  14. Copper – perfect name for an orange cat.
  15. Crystal – beautiful name for the most beautiful eyes.
  16. Dela – for the cat everyone likes to be around.
  17. Demetria – after the Greek Goddess.
  18. Domino – a perfect name for a tiger cat.
  19. Dotty – perfect name for a dotted tiger cat.
  20. Duchess – perfect name for a royal tiger.
  21. Ember – for a bright orange cat.
  22. Emma – this name is perfect for a cool tiger.
  23. Em – after the “M” mark some tabbies have.
  24. Erica  – classy name for a mischievous cat.
  25. Fawn – great name for a yellow-colored tiger cat.
  26. Fiona  – after the red-headed princess in Shrek.
  27. Flabby – for a chubby tabby.
  28. Gina – this name means “queen.”
  29. Ginger – perfect name for an orange cat.
  30. Giselle – or you can name her after a tiger’s prey.
  31. Goldy – for a golden tiger-like cat.
  32. Harlequin – after the harlequin pattern.
  33. Honey – sweet name for a sweet tabby.
  34. – this is the Chinese word for “tiger.”
  35. Ingwe – after the Zulu word for “tiger.”
  36. Jaguarete – the Guarani word meaning “tiger.”
  37. Jasmine – after the Disney character who has a tiger.
  38. Lodaya – this is the Sudanese name meaning “tiger.”
  39. Maia – after the Greek Goddess of spring.
  40. Marbella – for a cat with a precious pattern.
  41. Meowthra – after Godzilla’s enemy.
  42. Mila – for a graceful tiger cat.
  43. Misty – for the most beautiful eyes.
  44. Onyx – beautiful name for a bold cat.
  45. Patches – for a cat with a unique pattern.
  46. Red – cool name for an orange tiger cat.
  47. Sable – strong name for a strong cat.
  48. Shadow – cool name for a tiger cat.
  49. Spot – the adorable name for a spotted cat.
  50. Stoney – this name is great for a gray tabby.

Tiger cats are indeed beautiful so they deserve beautiful names too!

I like Goddesses so Maia is my favorite!


Giving your striped cat a fitting name can add an extra touch of charisma to their already captivating presence.

So, unleash your creativity and find the perfect name that truly captures the essence of your tiger-like companion.

Roar-some adventures await!

Your turn! What is your favorite tiger cat name? Please share below!

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