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If you’re looking for the best black and white cat names, you’re in the right place!

Getting a new cat for your house is probably going to be one of the best decisions.

Whether it’s your first cat or not, choosing a name can be a really hard job.

For that, we came up with some great black and white cat names you can choose from!

Black and White Cat Names For Males

a tuxedo cat with white marking on the chest and paws. he is perfect to get black and white cat names

If you’re looking for cute black and white kitten names for your new male, this is where you should be.

The ones we chose are really the cutest and suitable for any furball. Take a look at these names for your tom!

  1. Bow Tie – do you know how some cats have a cute bow tie pattern?
  2. Charlie – after Charlie Chaplin, of course! It’s classy and suitable for any elegant cat!
  3. Felix – the most famous cat of all time and definitely one of the cutest!
  4. James – introducing your cat as ‘Bond. James Bond’ may be the coolest thing you ever did.
  5. Mickey – even though it may be a little ironic, Mickey is still a great name!
  6. Snoopy – probably the most famous name for a black and white pet ever.
  7. Spot – patterns are different, and yours may just have the perfect one for this name.
  8. Sylvester – the famous Looney Tunes black and white cat may be a very inspired choice for a very active cat.
  9. Tux – if you want to keep it short and classy, Tux is the perfect name!
  10. Zorro – can you imagine your cat carefully sword-fighting another cat?

Black and White Cat Names For Females

tuxedo cat sleeping on the couch

You know we never forget the ladies, so we also came up with the perfect names for your adorable kittens.

Whether you’re looking for cute black and white kitten names for females or just a famous names, you’re in the right place.

  1. Betty looking for a famous black and white pop cat name for your new kitten? Then Betty Boop is one of the first you should consider.
  2. Cookie – what is a cookie? It’s probably the sweetest thing you can think of and it surely matches your best kitten.
  3. Dotty – it actually comes from ‘Dorothy’ and means ‘The Gift of’God’—and it’s completely melting our hearts.
  4. Ladybug – ladybugs are sweet, fragile, and very elegant. They actually inspire the best image of a cat.
  5. Perdita – or the famous mother of the 101 Dalmatians, is probably the best animal mother figure we can think of.
  6. Marble – It does give a strong and beautiful image, and you’ll be proud to call your little furball ‘Marble’.
  7. Marilyn – named after the famous actress, is a very classy name for any black and white cat female.
  8. Minnie – how great would it be to have a pair of black and white kittens and name them Minnie and Mickey? Name a more famous duo!
  9. Orca – this name doesn’t refer to a chubby cat but to a very free and happy kitten, willing to explore everything.
  10. Panda – the pandas are probably some of the laziest creatures, but they are still incredibly lovable. Just like some of the cats we know.

Unique Black and White Cat Names

tuxedo cat growling behind the wall

Of course, who wouldn’t want a very cool name for their black and white cat?

Well, I can name some people, but that’s not the point.

If you want your cat to join you in the next Battle for Azeroth or maybe explore the undying world of Skyrim, then you should choose appropriate warrior cat names.

  1. Greystar – he’s going to save the world while, of course, taking 3-5 naps a day!
  2. Firepaw – it does sound like a Pokemon name, but if you want to collect them all, you need a worthy companion!
  3. Greystripe – he’s on his way to save the universe while fighting all the bees trying to get inside your house!
  4. Badgereyes – and this isn’t even a fantasy name! If he can see in the dark, that will make you one of the best justice fighters of all time!
  5. Blizzardclaw – if you’re taking your Orc Hunter and going to save Azeroth, you’ll need a great companion and Blizzardclaw may be it!
  6. Crowrunner – or the one that keeps your lawn free of those annoying birds!
  7. Ravenheart – disregarding the common beliefs, ravens are some of the best animals.
  8. Blackmask – for fighting crimes, directly from the bedroom!
  9. Darkrunner – some cats stay outside and explore everything they can. If yours often comes home in the morning, this can be the perfect name for him.
  10. Miststalk – the stalker, the one that will stay on the highest point in the house, attacking you and your family.
nerdy black and white cat
  1. Bender – from Futurama
  2. Bilbo – from The Hobbit
  3. Chewie – aka Chewbacca, from Star Wars
  4. Cyber
  5. Daredevil – from the Marvel Universe
  6. Einstein – after one of the most brilliant scientists ever
  7. Ender – from Ender’s Game
  8. Gandalf – from The Lord of the Rings
  9. Kirk – as in Captain Kirk, from Star Trek
  10. Kylo – after Kylo Ren, from the Star Wars franchise
  11. Legolas – Another great one from the LOTR series.
  12. Morpheus– From the Matrix
  13. Neo – Also from the Matrix franchise
  14. Ninja – cutest nerd cat names
  15. R2D2 – The adorable robot from the Star Wars franchise
  16. Yoda – Again, a great Star Wars name for your black and white cat
  1. Arya – From Game of Thrones
  2. Atari– a great old gaming system!
  3. Bug – as in “a bug in the machine”
  4. Daenerys – from GOT
  5. Ellie– from the first Jurassic Park movie
  6. Gamora – from Marvel
  7. Hera – after the Greek goddess
  8. Hermione – from the Harry Potter series
  9. Leia– from Star Wars
  10. Princess
  11. River– as in River Tam from Firefly
  12. Sansa– from Game of Thrones
  13. Siri– after the Apple AI
  14. Storm– after the X-Men superhero
  15. Trinity– from the Matrix
  16. Xena– after the Warrior Princess

There you have it.

Choosing a great name is always hard and it’s amazing if you have the proper inspiration!

But which one to choose? Keep reading for some key things to think about when naming your cat to help you narrow down your options.

Things to Consider when Naming your Cat

While naming your fur baby probably isn’t as difficult as naming a human baby, it’s also not as simple as just choosing an idea at random and running with it.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before you start engraving your kitty’s new name on everything.

#1 Pick a Name You Can Say in Public

Before settling on a name, ask yourself if you’d be proud or embarrassed to say it in public (for instance, at the vet’s office).

Better yet, ask yourself if your mom would have washed your mouth out with soap for saying it as a child!

On this same note, don’t choose a cruel name. Calling your cat degrading names like “Little Jerkface” or worse is just plain unkind.

#2 Choose something that’s easy to say

It’s not enough to pick something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to say in public.

You also want to choose a name that’s easy enough to say over and over and over.

Not only is it easier for your cat to learn, but do you really want to say “Sir Poppinton Von Schnuckershuster, get off the counter” 50 times a day?

On the same note, if you have children, make sure you choose something that they can say as well. 

#3 Consider your cat’s personality

While you may not have a full idea of your cat’s personality right away, you can use common traits from her breed to come up with some inspiration.

You can also wait a day or two and see what traits emerge once the kitty gets a bit more comfortable around you. 

#4 Get inspired by your cat’s appearance

While there’s no rule that says you can’t name a black cat Snowball or a white cat Ebony (see #5) if you’re struggling to come up with a clever name that you love, get inspired by your kitty’s overall appearance.

A long-haired cat, for example, could have a funny name like Fabio, or an orange cat may answer to Ginger or Peaches. 

#5 Feel free to be ironic & unexpected

Like I said above, there’s no rule that says you HAVE to stick with names that match your cat’s appearance.

If you want to name your Maine Coon “Tiny” or your Munchkin cat “Colossus,” go for it. Ironic names can be really clever and fun.

Final Words

Honestly, aside from avoiding nasty or crude and inappropriate names, all of these are just general things to consider and not hard rules.

Feel free to get creative and forget what anyone else thinks of your cat’s name. As long as you pick something that YOU love, it’s the perfect name, period.

What are your favorite black and white cat names? Share below!

Choosing a great name is always hard! Take a look at our black and white cat names list and find the best one for your little kitten.
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