If you’re looking for some fantastic Alaskan cat names, get ready to be wowed!

We’ve rounded up 60 of the most beautiful ideas inspired by America’s coldest state!

With plenty for both girls and boys, I’m willing to bed you’ll find the perfect idea below.

Take a look!

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If you're looking for some fantastic Alaskan cat names, get ready to be wowed! We've rounded up 60 inspired by America's coldest state! Check them out!

Beautiful Alaskan Cat Names

Alaska, the frozen tundra where certain breeds of dogs and Native American tribes thrive.

It’s not really a place for cats, but if you are enthralled by the mystique of the barren ice fields, then you may want to name your cat after some Alaskan terms.

Today we have for you symbolism associated with Alaska, certain words and imagery as well as some good old fashioned adjectives to match his or her appearance.

Whatever you are looking for, we have something for you. Let’s dive right in and start with our name list for little boy cats.

Male Alaskan Cat Names

If you're looking for some fantastic Alaskan cat names, get ready to be wowed! We've rounded up 60 inspired by America's coldest state! Check them out!
  1. Alpine – Alpine trees can litter the mountains of barren tundras, especially in the cold.
  2. Aspen – The skiing heaven but also a beautiful species of tree with seemingly yellow leaves.
  3. Avalanche – A name that just craves a white-furred owner.
  4. Balto – Although he is a dog, his courage deserves recognition from all species.
  5. Blizzard – Get ready for every form of precipitation you can think of.
  6. Cedar – And every kind of evergreen tree.
  7. Chinook – A warm and dry wind, a very pleasing feeling in the cold of the Arctic.
  8. Denali – The highest mountain peak in North America. You can be sure it’s as cold as Alaska up there.
  9. Glacier – It would go well with cats that have blue eyes as cold as ice.
  10. Juneau – The capital of Alaska.
  11. Anchorage – A large city in Alaska.
  12. Klondike – A region near eastern Alaska.
  13. Mammoth -Does your cat have a poofy coat much like this extinct prehistoric animal.
  14. Midnight – A unisex name, many wondrous things happen at midnight in the cold of Alaska.
  15. Moose – The large animal that inhabits cold regions.
  16. Nome – The small city in Alaska which spawned the story of Togo, Balto and the SerumBear  Run.
  17. Bear – Why not name a cat Bear?
  18. Siku – Meaning “Ice”.
  19. Sitka – Another famous city in Alaska.
  20. Snow – Also another unisex name that can be utilized for a cat of a neutral color.
  21. Storm – For grey cats especially, Alaska has its fair share of storms.
  22. Summit – The tallest point of a mountain.
  23. Togo – A dog that carried an even heavier burden than Balto, Togo is a hero dog.
  24. Winter – Alaska is always in a perpetual state of winter.
  25. Yukon – A neighboring region to Alaska, and a territory of Canada.
  26. Frosty – Not the snowman, but your cat.
  27. Ice or Icicle – It also goes great with white cats that have piercing eyes.
  28. Snowball – What’re all these names linked to snow without this one?
  29. December – When the world is arguably at its coldest.
  30. Lune/Lunar – Cold Alaska has dark skies for most of the day, a perfect name fit for nocturnal animals such as the cat.
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Alaskan cat names are harder to find since winter/cold associated names are usually what dog owners of cold climate breeds look for.

We managed to scrounge some up and really like the list we came up with if we do say so ourselves!

Female Alaskan Cat Names

If you're looking for some fantastic Alaskan cat names, get ready to be wowed! We've rounded up 60 inspired by America's coldest state! Check them out!
  1. Aurora – The beautiful northern lights that can be seen from many countries in the Arctic.
  2. Alaska – It’s quite a beautiful name in its own right.
  3. Atna– One of Alaska’s many mountain peaks.
  4. Blanche – White like snow, the snow that covers Alaska.
  5. Crystal – For the cats with crystal blue eyes.
  6. January – A cold winter month that gives us all a taste of the weather in Alaska.
  7. Snow
  8. Beluga – Like the cold water whales that are pure white.
  9. Nova – A bright star, sort of like the Northern Star.
  10. Orca – Another cold water whale of black and white, also known as the killer whale.
  11. Tundra – Essentially what Alaska is, a frozen tundra.
  12. Skye
  13. Nanuq – It means “polar bear” in Inuit.
  14. Shila – “Flame” in Inuit, which keeps you warm in cold weather.
  15. Laika – The mixed-breed husky that is the first dog in space.
  16. Eska – A famous creek in Alaska.
  17. Nuka – A famous bay in Alaska.
  18. Akna – Meaning “rich”. Having your cat in your life makes you rich beyond your dreams.
  19. Aningan – For the angel in your life.
  20. Atka – Used for the one who counsels you, much like your cat, who is your confidante.
  21. Buniq – For your female cat who is your “sweet daughter”.
  22. Mauja – An Inuit word for soft and deep snow, the kind you experience in Alaska.
  23. Miki – Little. For your sweet little girl.
  24. Sakari – Sweet. Cats can be so sweet when they loaf up in your lap.
  25. Lumi – The Finnish word for “snow”.
  26. Snowflake – Sometimes the most basic is the best.
  27. Twinkle – Like the stars reflected in the snow at night.
  28. VIxen – Santa’s reindeer.
  29. Wren – A beautiful winter bird.
  30. Santa – Not totally in Alaska, but Santa lives close.

Which among our carefully vetted names is your favorite?

For males, we like Storm, Summit, Togo, and Winter among many others, and for females, we like Vixen, Sakari, Laika, and Aurora. Did you like the names we came up with? Which is your number 1?

Tell us your favorite Alaskan cat names in the comments below!


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