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Looking for some artsy cat names for the new member of the family?

We’ve got you covered!

We came up with 100 ideas below, with 50 each for males and females.

Let’s check them out!

50 Artsy Cat Names for Females

cat painting

From names inspired by famous artists to beautiful colors, we came up with some brilliant, artsy cat names for your new girl! Take a look!

  1. Alice Neel: an American artist name.
  2. Alma: roots of Latin and defined as who lifts the soul. 
  3. Amaranth– a beautiful pink color.
  4. Amber: a rich orange shade.
  5. Artista– Catalaan for “artist.”
  6. Berthe: it means fair and popular. 
  7. Billie: the name inspired by a singer, “Billie Eilish.” 
  8. Bleu: a cute way to spell Blue, a popular color.
  9. Catarina: a beautiful artsy name!
  10. Cecilia: for the painter Cecilia Beaux
  11. Diamond: an innovative and original is a must in terms of art.
  12. Eala: from the word “ealaíontóir,” which is Irish for “artist”
  13. Elmina– after the artist nun Marie-Elmina Anger 
  14. Ester– for Swedish painter Ester Almqvist.
  15. Florence: it means to bloom. 
  16. Frida: after Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.
  17. Hale: after Hale Asaf, the Turkish artist.
  18. Harmony: because all art is harmonious.
  19. Hatice: after Turkish artist Hatice Güleryüz.
  20. Hanneke: for Dutch artist Hanneke Beaumont
  21. Indigo: a color name with a shade of blue.
  22. Georgia: for Georgia O’Keefe, of course.
  23. Giovana: an author-inspired name.
  24. Illusion: a trick played on minds using art. 
  25. Janet: for Janet Fish, an American expert in painting.
  26. Lavender: a shade of purple. 
  27. Leela: it is defined as a red color. 
  28. Leyla: after Leyla Gediz, a contemporary artist from Lisbon.
  29. Louise– after Louise Abbéma, a 20th-century artist.
  30. Mandala: an artwork of circle drawings. 
  31. Margo: the word margolari means “painter” in Basque.
  32. Maya: after Maya Lin
  33. Matilda– for Matilda Browne an American painter
  34. Melody: it denotes a song, a cute artsy music cat name.
  35. Molly: for Molly Kramer, the artist.
  36. Mona: who hasn’t seen the painting of the famous Mona Lisa?
  37. Muse: because every artist needs one, and maybe your cat can be yours!
  38. Nellie: after Nellie Charlie, a basket weaver.
  39. Nevin: for Turskish artist Nevin Çokay 
  40. Ramona: it means a defender.
  41. Sienna: a beautiful color name for an orange-red cat.
  42. Sandy: the origin of Greek and means almighty is powerful.
  43. Sapphy: for the color Sapphire.
  44. Sofonisba: after the painter Sofonisba Anguissola
  45. Sierra: a Spanish word that means a glimpse.
  46. Sylvia: a soul of wood and roots from Latin.
  47. Selina: a Greek origin name which means moon.
  48. Sepia: a dark reddish-brown color it is. 
  49. Scarlet: a shade of red color. 
  50. Tamara: a fashion designer, also makes art out of garbage.

50 Artsy Cat Names for Males

artsy cat

For you handsome boy, here are some great art names!

  1. Abstract: an idea of creating something. 
  2. Alex Keetz: another American artist name. 
  3. Ambrose: this elegant aesthetic cat name means eternal.
  4. Alberti: an Italian writer, how encouraging is that? 
  5. Banksy: an anonymous artist who played many roles in real life.
  6. Baroque: for the art style.
  7. Cezanne: name her after a famous painter called Paul Cezanne. 
  8. Charcoal: dark black color burnt wood. 
  9. Clay: a substance to create mind-blowing pieces of vases or many things. 
  10. Contour: although it’s a thing of cosmetic but how it gives a body an edge is amazing. 
  11. Batik: a dyeing process of clothes. 
  12. Dada: for the art form.
  13. Darcy: it means a darker shade.
  14. DaVinci: after Leonardo.  
  15. Diego Rivera: one of the Mexican famous artist’s name
  16. Easel: a supporting role it plays for the canvas of a painter. 
  17. Kunstner– Norwegian word for “artist”
  18. Graffiti: after the street art form.
  19. Jade: a green stone that looks great.
  20. Jasper Johns: an American painter’s name.
  21. Mondrian: a prominent painter “Pieter Cornelis Mondrian”.
  22. Monet: roots of French origin and it means to be noted.
  23. Picasso: a legendary painter name.
  24. Jackson: for Jackson Polluck, of course.
  25. Vincent: after Van Gogh. 
  26. Sketch: a precise name for a male cat artist.
  27. Neo: for Neoclassical art. 
  28. Edward: this name brings prosperity. 
  29. Jazz: this musical name represents pop culture. 
  30. Jimmy: a name that brings trust and benevolence. 
  31. Orchid: the beauty of earth embraved into a flower
  32. Jenner: Famous Hollywood artist’s surname. 
  33. Maestro: a person who has experience in artistic work. 
  34. Theo: an angelic meaning it holds. 
  35. Indigo: a color name with a shade blue.
  36. Ochre: a unique name for brown color.
  37. Façade: it means the outlook of something. 
  38. Illusion: a trick played on minds using art. 
  39. Origami: a skill of making tremendous things out of paper 
  40. Mosaic: it’s an art of patterns. 
  41. Shade: one of the monotonous art-themed cat names
  42. Satire: a type of literature and arts
  43. Turquoise: a greenish-blue color
  44. Ukiyo-e: a form of art.
  45. Winslow: this is one of the unique pet names. 
  46. Pastel: after the beautiful light color palette.
  47. Renny: short for the renaissance art form.
  48. Ruzen: for Ruzen Atakan the Turkish-Cypriot painter
  49. Manon: after Manon de Boer.
  50. Umelec: a unique name, it means “Artist” in Slovak.

I’ll make it simple! I will choose “Lavender” just because I love purple. How about you?


As you choose an artsy name, let the spirit of artistic expression infuse your bond, transforming each moment into a masterpiece of love and joy.

Embrace the wonder of artistic inspiration, and watch as your artsy cat shines with a charm unlike any other, leaving a trail of artful fascination wherever they roam.

Let their name be a tribute to their spirit, turning every day into an extraordinary exhibition of their captivating presence.

What are your favorite artsy cat names? Please comment down below!

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