If you’re looking for the best cat trees that hang on a door, I have some bad news.

There aren’t really a whole lot to choose from.

In fact, you’d have much better luck with wall-mounted cat trees.

That said, I did find a couple that I would consider good enough to actually mention, so let’s take a look!

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Best Cat Trees That Hang on a Door

Like I said, the options are pretty limited here. For the most part, doors aren’t the best place to put a cat tree.

Just think about it- they’re constantly swinging and slamming!

However, maybe you have an unused (or little used) door that doesn’t see so much action!

In that case, a door-mounted cat tree is a great way to give kitty his own space without taking up your entire living room.

Now, the hard part- finding one! Let me give you a hand. I rounded up the best of the meager offerings for you below.

1. K&H Pet Products Hangin’ Cat Condo 

K&H Pet Products Hangin' Cat Condo  cat trees that hang on a door

Okay, so this one doesn’t really fit the “doesn’t look like a shoe rack” criteria, but don’t let that scare you away.

It really is one of the best cat trees that hang on a door overall!

Features & benefits

  • Quickly and easily mounts on just about any door
  • Includes seven fun little peep holes for your kitty
  • Cats can access all levels from inside
  • Made with strong waterproof fabric
  • Folds down and easily stores away in a closet when not in use.
  • Well-made and sturdy, according to customers
  • Two different sizes


  • Kind of pricey for what it is
  • Only comes in one color, and it’s kind of blah.
  • While it folds up when not in use, it’s too clunky to leave on your door
  • A few complaints that it has a “chemical” odor


As far as cat trees that hang on a door go, this one is definitely among the highest rated among users.

K&H as a whole makes great pet products, so I feel confident recommending them.

However, the cons are kind of concerning.

First, the price is a bit steep for what, to me, looks a lot like the thing I hang on my closet to hold my purses.

Second, as some customers explain, you have to have just the right type of door in order to be able to fold it up and leave it hanging.

In other words, if your doors don’t open at 90-degree angles, they’ll be hard to open with this on it, even folded up.

That said, it’s still a great option for those who have that random closet door that sees no action and the budget to pay for it.

We used to have a creepy “as seen in horror movies” door in our hall that lead to the attic.

I never opened it because the attic was even spookier than the door! This would have been perfect for that!

K&H PET PRODUCTS Hangin' Cat Condo Door Mounted Cat Furniture Cat Tree Tan Large 23 X 16 X 65 Inches
  • 5 STORY: Cat furniture with 5 levels of cat play yet this cat tree takes up zero floor space
  • SMALL SPACES: Space-saving cat furniture cat tree that mounts on virtually any door
  • DURABLE: Heavy denier waterproof fabric for durability that lasts and has a plush lounging spot on the top
  • MULTI-LEVEL ACCESS: Complete interior access through all levels; kitties can play easily through each level
  • VIEWS: Multi-level with multiple peepholes for multi-level cat tower views and play; Large measures 23 X 16 X 65 Inches
  • BRAND YOU TRUST: Designed by K&H with OVER 20 years of experience in creating safe, innovative, quality products for pets

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2. Penn Plax Cat Walk Contemporary 2-in-1 Jungle Gym

Penn Plax Cat Walk Contemporary 2-in-1 Jungle Gym

It may not look like much, and the price is even higher than the first option, but the Penn Plex actually has some really nice features that make it worthwhile.

Features & benefits

  • Three shelves with alternating access holes, so kitty can climb or lounge.
  • Each shelf has carpeting for traction and comfort.
  • Easy for cats of all ages to climb from shelf to shelf
  • Strong metal brackets keep it in place.
  • Beautiful polished espresso finish makes it stylish.


  • Only one size and color
  • 35lbs, which is a bit heavy for a cat tree that hangs on a door.
  • Pricey
  • Not easy to store


While it is pricey for a door-hanging cat tree, the extra cost is justified by the fact that it’s a super sturdy structure.

Unlike the more common fabric options, this one won’t tear or fall apart.

However, all that durability comes at another price. The weight is pretty darn heavy, especially for a door that you actually use often.

It’s also not something that you can easily remove and store away when not in use.

So, while I like it overall, I’d definitely only recommend it for a door that you never use.

Penn-Plax Hanging Cat Tree Contemporary Cat Walk – 2 Different Setups: Free Standing or Door Hanging
  • SPACE SAVING: The Cat Walk Contemporary 2-in-1 Jungle Gym is perfect for homes with small rooms, where there’s only a little amount you can utilize for your cat’s comfort. Our unique design allows for two mounting positions: Over the door or free standing.
  • FOR CLIMBERS & LOUNGERS: Does your cat love to climb, hang around, or even silently judge everything around it? If the answer is yes to any of these, then surely your feline friend will love our Contemporary 2-in-1 Jungle Gym. Your pet can easily climb from shelf to shelf, and choose the vantage point that best suits them.
  • SAFE & SECURE: Our Contemporary 2-in-1 Jungle Gym is designed for quick and easy attachment to most household doors. Durable metal brackets are included, keeping the unit in place when mounted to a door. Each shelf is carpeted for added traction and durability, which provide scratching and resting spaces for your pet.
  • DESIGNED FOR MODERN HOMES: The polished Espresso finish gives this stylish piece a touch of class. The Contemporary 2-in-1 Jungle Gym features a sleek and modern design that blends seamlessly with existing home décor.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Overall: 46.75” (H) x 27.5” (W) x 20”; Shelves: 11” (H) x 27.5” (W) x 13”

3. One for Pets 4-Storey All in One Portable Cat Activity Tower

One for Pets 4-Storey All in One Portable Cat Activity Tower

Last on our super short list, we have this one by One for Pets. It’s actually my favorite of the trio. Let’s see why.

Features & benefits

  • Easy to set up in minutes, no tools necessary.
  • Hangs on a door OR mounts on the wall.
  • Each compartment is large enough for most cats, measuring 23×16″ (and standing at 70″)
  • Compartment dividers can be removed to accommodate even the largest kitties.
  • Made with super strong heavy-duty nylon and canvas mesh.
  • Strong metal frame supports the entire structure.
  • Every level has a removable machine-washable plush mat
  • Three color choices


  • It’s big, so not really a good fit for a tiny closet door.
  • A few minor complaints about crooked stitching at the bottom
  • A tad pricey


Even though it costs more than the first one, I do feel like this option gives you a bit more for the money, so it’s worth it.

One confusing thing, the description says it weighs 158lbs!

That sounded a bit off, so I dug around. Turns out, it weighs closer to about 20 lbs. Phew! Much more manageable, right?

Overall, as long as you have a spare unused door for it, I would definitely make this my first choice.

One for Pets 4-Storey All in One Portable Cat Activity Tower – Cat Furniture
  • Deluxe Cat Tower - Easy set up in minutes; Hang on a door or mount on the wall spacious compartments; endless hours of fun and games for your pet on this kitty climbing tower
  • Multi-Level Cat Tree - Each compartment is 23" W x 16" Deep strong and sturdy made with heavy-duty nylon canvas mesh and metal frame
  • Cat Condos - Compartment dividers can be taken out to make bigger area depending on the size of the pets, comfortable and fun cat condos
  • Each storey of the pet tree has a removable plush mat for great comfort, plush mat is machine washable
  • Size: 23" X 16" X 69"; Total Height is 70"; Four storey round activity tower weighs 158lbs

Final Recommendation

Like I said, there really aren’t many options when it comes to cat trees that hang on a door.

While there are a couple of others out there, none managed to score more than 3 stars.

As always, I’d rather give you a short list of good choices than a long padded list of junk.

Personally, I love #3 the best, just because it has the most features that my cat would actually use.

If none of them appeal to you, though, you could always mount shelves on the back of a sturdy door.

One for Pets 4-Storey All in One Portable Cat Activity Tower
If you're looking for the best cat trees that hang on a door, sadly there aren't many options. That said, I found three that I think are great! Take a look!

Your turn! Do you know of any other cat trees that hang on a door that are worth mentioning? Share below!

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