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Looking for some of the most beautiful and meaningful Chinese cat names for male and female kittens?

Perhaps you just adopted a Chinese Li Hua and want to honor his heritage.

Or maybe you really want to pay homage to your own ancestors through your kitty moniker?

Either way, below, you’ll find fabulous ideas inspired by popular Chinese names and words.

Check out the top ten most popular Chinese cat names! If you don’t find one you love here, then keep reading.

  1. Zhen – precious
  2. Mao – Chinese word for cat
  3. Xiong – ambitious
  4. Ming – shining, bright, clear
  5. Nuo – graceful
  6. Mulan – magnolia blossom
  7. Bai Ze – a fictious creature who holds the list of all demons
  8. Toshiko – clever child
  9. Guang  – light
  10. Xiāo – mountain demon 

Personally, I adore Nuo. After all, cats are definitely graceful! Then again, every kitty has a little demon streak, so Xiāo is definitely one of the best funny Chinese cat names!

Like I said, if you don’t love any of those, we have a TON of different choices for you below, starting with ideas for your boy cat!

Male Chinese Cat Names

Looking for some of the most beautiful and meaningful Chinese cat name for male & female kittens? Check out 100 that we love for boys and girls!
  1. Cheng‐Gong – success
  2. Chi – an energetic cat
  3. Chiang – a strong cat
  4. Da – a short and sweet name for a big cat
  5. De – virtuous; a name for a peace-loving cat
  6. Fai – “brilliant light”; a cute name for a white cat
  7. Feng – speedy like “the wind”
  8. Fu – fortunate
  9. Maneki-neko – it’s the Chinese lucky cat name!
  10. Heng – eternal companion
  11. Huli jing – the spirit fox
  12. Jingwei – a mythical bird
  13. Howin – “loyal swallow”; a unique name for a loyal cat
  14. Hui – intelligent or wise
  15. Joe – heroic; a charming name for brave and courageous cats
  16. Jun – a handsome cat
  17. Jiaolong – sea dragon
  18. Rui Shi – guardian lions
  19. Keung – the universe
  20. Kong – a nice name for cats with bright and lovely eyes
  21. Huan – always happy
  22. Hundun – chaos
  23. Liang – good or bright; a good name for a fine-looking cat
  24. Lol – joy
  25. Long – dragon; for a fierce and respectable cat
  26. Cheung – good luck
  27. Chin – a musical instrument; a nice name for your cat if you love music
  28. Dilong – earth dragon
  29. Yinglong – water dragon
  30. Manchu – innocent and pure-looking cat
  31. On – piece; the perfect name for a quiet cat
  32. Huo – fire
  33. Ying Yue – reflection of the moon
  34. Jiufeng  – a bird with nine heads
  35. Shun – obedient
  36. Fucanglong – treasure dragon
  37. Na – graceful
  38. Fenghuang – the Chinese equivalent of the Phoenix
  39. Wan – “scholar”; a name for a smart cat
  40. Shu – a well-behaved cat
  41. Wang Shu – the name of a god who drives a carriage to the moon
  42. Ying –  a brave and “heroic” cat
  43. Zhi – a cat that thinks he is a lion or a human
  44. Zhulong – celestial torch dragon
  45. Mo Chou – free of sadness
  46. Wonton– definitely one of the funniest Chinese food names for cats
  47. Yaling – graceful or refined
  48. Qing Niao – mythical bird
  49. Bao – treasure
  50. Yuncloud; great for a fluffy cat

While there are too many great male Chinese cat names to choose a single favorite, I really like Rui Shi! My cats are like my tiny guardian lions!

Bao is another wonderful pick because all of our kitties are treasures to us. Fenghuang would be a neat pick for a rescue cat who metaphorically rose from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Now, even though some of the names above would fit well for a female kitty, we do have another batch just for girly girl cats!

Female Chinese Cat Names

Looking for some of the most beautiful and meaningful Chinese cat name for male & female kittens? Check out 100 that we love for boys and girls!
  1. Ai – love
  2. An – peace/quiet
  3. Bai – white/pure; perfect for pure white cats
  4. Bik – jade; a perfect name for a cat with jade green eyes
  5. Zhulong – torch dragon
  6. Feng – maple; from the brown and red-like maple leaves
  7. Rika – true fragrance
  8. Heng – a persistent cat
  9. Hua – a splendid cat
  10. Huan – happiness
  11. Shika – deer
  12. Shizuko – quiet child
  13. Jia Li – good and beautiful
  14. Jiahao – home or family
  15. Li Hua – pear blossom; a name for a pretty cat
  16. Li Mei – pretty rose; a pretty name for any female cat
  17. Riko – child of truth
  18. Yijun – joy/harmony
  19. Li Ming – pretty and bright; perfect for female kittens
  20. Lian – lotus; a cat with a lotus-like beauty
  21. Ling – dawn
  22. Sora – sky
  23. Jing – quiet or gentle
  24. Kuan Yin – refers to the Buddhist deity of mercy
  25. Huang – a perfect name for a yellow or orange cat
  26. Jia – a beautiful cat
  27. Natsuki – summer hope
  28. Lan – a cute name for your elegant cat
  29. Lixue  “pretty snow”; a pretty name for all-white cats
  30. Ryoko – refreshing child
  31. Mei – beauty
  32. Natsumi – beautiful summer
  33. Xinyi – happy or joyous
  34. Xiulan – luxurious or elegant
  35. Ning – calm/serene
  36. Shang-Yang – a rain bird
  37. Yu Yan – beautiful smile
  38. Naomi – honest beautiful
  39. Yue – moon; perfect for cats with faces as round as the moon
  40. Tianlong – the celestial dragon
  41. Niu – girl
  42. Qi – fine jade
  43. Masumi – true clarity
  44. Qing – perfect name for cats with clear blue or green eyes
  45. Shenlong – rain dragon
  46. Xiang Liu – nine-headed monster
  47. Xiuying – luxurious or elegant
  48. Xue – snow; perfect name for cats with snow-white fur
  49. Teng – the flying dragon
  50. Ya – graceful/refined
  51. Ying flower; flower-like beauty
  52. Masa – just or true

Again, it’s just too hard to choose a favorite! Masa is gorgeous, and cats are true in so many ways (true friends, true loves, truly wonderful, you get the idea).

Xue is one of the most wonderful white cat names and a lot more unique than just calling her Snowball! Qing would be perfect for my Russian Blue, as she has gorgeous green eyes!


Choosing a Chinese-inspired name for your feline companion can be a great way to pay homage to the rich culture and history of China.

From names inspired by Chinese mythology to names that simply sound beautiful, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you decide to name your cat after a famous Chinese historical figure or opt for a more modern name, there are plenty of options to suit every cat’s personality and appearance.

Remember, a name is a significant part of your cat’s identity, and it’s essential to choose one that you and your furry friend both love.

So take your time, do some research, and find the perfect Chinese-inspired name for your beloved feline companion!

Your turn! What are your favorite Chinese cat names? Share below!

Looking for some of the most beautiful and meaningful Chinese cat name for male & female kittens? Check out 100 that we love for boys and girls!

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

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