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If you’re looking for some beautiful cloud names for cats, stick around!

We came up with 150 amazing ideas that are as ethereal as your new kitty.

Start with our top picks on the table below. Then read on for plenty more for both boys and girls!

Cloud Names for Male CatsCloud Names for Female Cats

75 Female Cloud names for Cats

tiger cat with beautiful background of the sea and clouds

From actual cloud names to weather patterns that come from them to just plain ethereal ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect idea for your female below.

  1. Rainbow: you can’t find one without a few clouds in the sky!
  2. Cloud: a precise word for your white kitten.
  3. Drizzle: for your drooling pal.
  4. Dusty: for your little dust cloud!
  5. Hurricane: perfect for active cats, right?
  6. Lightning: for your electrifying kitty.
  7. Sunny: a full of sunlight name.
  8. Leo: a zodiac sign name that signifies lion.
  9. Monsoon: weather that is loved by all at all times.
  10. Rainy: the season where your cats dance and feel jolly.
  11. Sky: an exhilarating and pacifying shade of blue.
  12. Stormy: a bit dangerous weather, but trust me, everyone enjoys it.
  13. Crystal: for the one who shines like a crystal.
  14. Sunshine: the light of a sun that is beautifully reflected.
  15. Rumbles: if your cat is too loud.
  16. Mist: this foggy weather is actually from a cloud.
  17. Fog: another form of mist, except deeper.
  18. Ash: the color of a storm cloud.
  19. Artemis: actually the name of a cloud server, but it counts!
  20. Cami: for the one who aids others.
  21. Beauty: gray cat names to elevate the natural quality of someone.
  22. Champagne: French name inspired by the color of clouds.
  23. Cinza: it stands for grey.
  24. Gemma: like a gemstone!
  25. Jewel: if you love your cat, just like how much you love your jewelry.
  26. Dolphin: a fishy name for a grey cat.
  27. Karma: a fate that is predestined.
  28. Stratus: a name for a cloud
  29. Lady Stardust: a music-influenced cat name.
  30. Mystic: one of those magical names for cats.
  31. Foggy: it means decent and alluring.
  32. Eclipse: a time when the moon’s shadow implants on the sun.
  33. Shady: for a cat who is always mysterious.
  34. Smoky: this title means smog.
  35. Luna: a Latin cat name for the moon.
  36. Hazy: a light wind that blows off at the starting of a storm.
  37. Andromeda: if your cat is a hero in its own eyes, then name them.
  38. Lyra: another shape of stars in the sky.
  39. Nova: best for a cat that is naughty and fair in color.
  40. Phase: if your cat changes moods too frequently.
  41. Solstice: a unique cat name.
  42. Umbra: for a cat who has dark spots on her body.
  43. Alaska: a Native American City name.
  44. Cotton: an exact name for your white cat.
  45. Diamond: expensive yet the most beautiful jewel on earth.
  46. Pearl: a white-colored bead that has an appealing look.
  47. Cinder: burnt particles that are left by the fire.
  48. Graycie: a sweet name for your grey cat.
  49. Shadow: a part of you that goes with you all the time.
  50. Ember: to gleam like a star.
  51. Shimmer: a shiny name that glows at different places at one time.
  52. Twinkle: a starry night that glows like a sparkle.
  53. Alizeh: a beautiful and appealing name for your cat.
  54. Anemone: comes from Greek mythology, and it signifies wind.
  55. Aureole: it is described as airy weather.
  56. Amaya: a Philippine show-inspired name.
  57. Wendy: an amusing name because it means the direction of the wind.
  58. Audra: a Lithuanian name that is defined as a storm.
  59. Breeze: a serene cat name!
  60. Noelani: an ethereal title.
  61. Iris: a postman of almighty.
  62. Thora: the queen of storms.
  63. Indra: a Sanskrit name that denotes controlling rain.
  64. Aella: a cute name for your amazing cat.
  65. Makani: a Hawaiian name, and this means blue.
  66. Summer: weather name because it has the perfect moments of a cloudy sky.
  67. Coro: a Native American name that signifies breeze.
  68. Varsha: a Hindu religion and Sankrit word name.
  69. Talia: a mystical title that represents a drizzle from heaven.
  70. Alya: an Arabic name that means sky.
  71. Azure: a color name that is sky blue or Russian blue.
  72. Iris: an alluring flowery name for a kitten.
  73. Aria: a Game of Thrones motivated name.
  74. Ilma: a Mother nature influenced title and stands for wind.
  75. Miku: a pretty sky is soothing and denotes peace.

75 Male Cloud names for Cats

a black and white cat with green and yellow eyes staring at the camera
  1. Storm: a popular name indeed since it’s a powerful name.
  2. Rainy: a cute name for your cat as it’s the weather that no one hates.
  3. Alto: short for altostratus clouds.
  4. Bolt: a lightning strike that strikes under a storm.
  5. Sun: the piping hot energy source.
  6. Thunder: for the short-tempered one.
  7. Tornado: if your cat twirls too abruptly.
  8. Quake: a turbulent time when everything shakes just like your cat when it snaps.
  9. Asteroid: a star-like thing in the sky, an adorable space cat name.
  10. Ashes: a chic name for your black ash cat.
  11. Araceli: a chantry of the sky.
  12. Nimbo: for nimbostratus clouds.
  13. Aluminum: a metal name; no name could compete for this one.
  14. Comet: an astronomical event that glows brightly.
  15. Darth: for the stormy storm trooper leader.
  16. Charcoal: a literal name for your black cat.
  17. Dracula: for a cat who vanishes in a black cloud.
  18. Gray Gatsby: a gray cloud name with a literary twist!
  19. Everest: the highest mountain and its peak covered under clouds.
  20. Platinum: a rare name, just like the metal.
  21. Flash: just like how the full moon flashes light.
  22. Midnight: a time when everything looks so calming in the sky.
  23. Stardust: the name says it all, a starry name.
  24. Twilight: it’s a time between the sunset and the sunrise.
  25. Albedo: for the cat who shines whenever it’s bathed like glowy light.
  26. Draco: a sequence of stars in the sky.
  27. Nebula: a Latin name that stands for the cloud.
  28. Perseus: this name is accompanied by power and will to fight.
  29. Star: a twinkling name is kinda cool.
  30. Nimbus: another name of cloud.
  31. Winter: a season where beautiful clouds pour snow onto the earth.
  32. Cotton: cloud and cotton look almost the same.
  33. Marshmallow: a foodie name that also looks like a food cloud.
  34. Pewter: a weird name, but it’s not bad to call them with.
  35. Grayson: a subtle name for the cat who is grey.
  36. Thumper: it brings strength and personality.
  37. Scirocco: a hot wind when it blows.
  38. Summer: a season name is always in.
  39. Coro: a Native American title that symbolizes airy condition.
  40. Reva: a Hindu name that represents the God of Rati.
  41. Tempest: it signifies stormy weather.
  42. Mistral: a wind name that moves towards the northwest.
  43. Corentin: it stands for a typhoon.
  44. Cumulo: a type of cloud.
  45. Bayu: an Indonesian name that signifies a windy situation.
  46. Hanish: a warning name as it means who starts the storm.
  47. Rai: a bizarre white kitten name that also means thundery condition.
  48. Thor: a Marvel avengers character name, but in reality, it means a storm.
  49. Naseem: an airy name for a cute cat.
  50. Guthrie: do you know any breezy area, if not, then your cat can be one for you.
  51. Adad: an Akkadian name and stands for stormy weather.
  52. Tal: it denotes rain.
  53. Anil: a Hindu name that means air and glows.
  54. Skyler: as the name suggests and refers to only the sky.
  55. Gale: a title inspired by a popular book called “The Hunger Games.”
  56. Raiden: a combination of thunderclap and thunder stroke.
  57. Dalfon: having a unique name, and this term signifies droplets of rain.
  58. Neil: a cloudy name for a fluffy white or gray kitten; how adorable is that!
  59. Anvindr: a name that stands at odds with the wind.
  60. Ermir: an Albanian name that symbolizes a good blow.
  61. Govad: a quirky title and stands for a nice breeze.
  62. Freyr: means almighty of rainfall and sun.
  63. Zeru: another name that signifies sky.
  64. Hada: Syrian name that precisely means rumble.
  65. Harendra: it means one who takes along all the pains and sufferings.
  66. Lokni: an exceptional name since it means downpour.
  67. Yuki: a blizzard name is inevitably fascinating.
  68. Anan: the word is translated from the Hebrew tongue and stands for the cloud.
  69. Akash: a Hindu religion name that signifies firmament.
  70. Ramiel: a religious yet alarming title as it means roar of God.
  71. Corentin: a Breton name, and it denotes a typhoon.
  72. Enlil: this term means the creator of wind.
  73. Wayra: an American name which is defined as “breeze.”
  74. Zeus: a spiritual black cat name because it’s the name of a Greek god and means “sky.”
  75. Van: a Vietnamese name which is translated into “cloud.”


Finding the purrfect cloud-inspired name for your feline companion can add a touch of celestial charm to your bond.

Whether you choose Nimbus, Cirrus, or Stratus, may your cloud cat soar through life with endless fluffy adventures.

What are your favorite cloud names for cats? Share with us below!

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