As a cat owner, you know the love-hate relationship with cat trees.

You love them because they keep your cat entertained, happy, and away from your furniture.

At the same time, you hate cat trees because they take up space and aren’t exactly nice to look at!

If you are into modern living and modern decor, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of cat tree alternatives!

Gone are the days of a cat tower covered in carpet ruining your home’s decor.

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Don’t love the look of store-bought cat condos? Check out these 5 incredibly cool alternative cat trees!

Here are 10 cool alternatives to cat trees that are worth considering!

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10 Cool alternatives to cat trees

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When it comes to choosing cool alternatives to cat trees, you have two options.

  • Think outside the tree and repurpose another piece of furniture for your cats. Let’s call this “alternatives to cat trees.”
  • Stick with furniture that’s actually made for cats (basically, still a cat tree), but choose one that looks insanely cool! I call this one “alternative cat trees,” because like alternative, they’re still trees… just a little more punk rock!

Personally, I like option two just because I’m just not that crafty. Plus, I know it’s made specifically for cats, so it’s safe.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you some that will make you think “wow, that’s a cat tree????”

I’ve also used option 1 plenty of times, usually because my cats decide they love a book shelf or other piece of furniture, so it becomes theirs!

Let’s check out some great ideas from both options!

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Alternatives to Cat Trees

1. Bookshelf cat tower

Cube shelving is a modern way to display items on your walls.

The shelving can also be used as a cat tree replacement!

Making your own bookshelf cat tower is easy!

Just decide on a layout, then stack the cubes (make sure you get interlocking cubes or some other sort that will stay together)!

Be sure to avoid putting fragile items in the cubes! Otherwise, you risk having them knocked off.

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2.Standard bookshelves.

Similarly to cube shelves, standard bookshelves can also double as a cat tree!

You can build these bookshelves with a few pieces of plywood and drywall anchors!

Consider using half of the shelving for books and keep the other section empty for your cat.

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3. Corner shelves.

No one uses the corner of their rooms! If you have an empty corner, corner shelves are ideal for replacing a cat tree.

These shelves give your cat a place to play without ruining the theme of your room!

The best part? You can go simple with a single corner shelf or get super fancy (I LOVE the one above).

4. Old wooden ladder cat tree

Most ladders in today’s world are made of metal, but if you can get your hands on a wooden ladder, you have an awesome cat tree alternative!

A wooden ladder gives your cat a place to climb and a place to sleep!

To complete the look, you’ll want to add something soft for your cat to sleep on after a day of playing!

5. Create your own!

If you have a creative side, you can easily create a cat tree that fits your home perfectly.

While I’m in awe of the DIY cat tree in the video below, don’t worry, you don’t have to be that talented to put together a simpler tree.

Just grab some wood and get to work!

Need more guidance? Search “DIY cat tree plans” on your favorite search engine!




These are still technically cat trees at heart, but they look more like conversation pieces or sculptures.

I’m going to be honest with you, these options are a bit pricier than the alternatives to cat trees above.

Still, if you have the budget for them, you have to admit they are pretty neat!

6. Spiral Cat Staircase

This gorgeous cat staircase looks absolutely nothing like a cat tree, but it’s still full of fun places for kitty to lounge.

While it’s just perfect for a single cat, I love that it’s ideal for a multiple-cat family.

It features a stainless steel support to keep it sturdy, and birch wood steps for kitty to climb.

The jute wrapping is an optional feature, so if you feel like it makes it look too cat-tree-like, just skip it!

7. Curvynest Cat Tree

The Curvynest cat tree beautiful alternative that looks more like a sculpture than kitty furniture!

If you don’t love the orange, it also comes in a lime green color as well as a natural wood color.

The contours are designed to perfectly fit your cat’s body.

8. Handmade Whimsical Tree


I love the idea of supporting artisans with this handmade tree!

Choose between two different colors (brown and black), and five different sizes.

It’s made in the USA and does require some assembly, but all of the trees on this list do, so that’s not an issue.

9. A literal cat tree


If you want a really cool conversation piece, get a cat tree that is literally a tree!

Well, made to look like a real tree, anyway. Bonus: it doesn’t shed its leaves all over your house!

I love it because the shelves are tucked away behind the faux foliage.

Cats love it because it gives them that feeling of security that comes from being hidden.

10. Molly and Friends Cat Tree

Molly and Friends cat tree

While the Molly and Friends Premium Handmade Cat Tree looks the most like a traditional cat tree, I am still in love with it.

You have to admit, it’s not the average boring tower of carpet!

If you’re looking for an alternative cat tree with personality and have a good-sized budget, this is a great pick!

With these ten cool alternatives to cat trees (and alternative cat trees), you’ll find the perfect piece to complement your home decor.

Do you own a cat tree alternative? Would you use any of the ones on our list? Let’s talk about it!


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