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Looking for some beautiful crystal cat names for your magical new furbaby? We’ve got you covered!

The 100 ideas below are either directly derived from or inspired by nature’s most precious stones.

After all, your kitten is just as precious to you! We’ve divided the list into female and male names for your precious little gem.

Crystal Cat Names For Females

Need the perfect moniker for your magical new furbaby? Check out these 100 beautiful crystal kitten names inspired by precious gems!
  1. Agate – perfect for cats with swirling fur patterns!
  2. Akiko – Japanese name for a clear crystal.
  3. Allira – this name means “quartz crystal.”
  4. Amethyst – the most beautiful purple stone.
  5. Amber – after the precious amber.
  6. Andromeda – for the galaxy of crystals.
  7. Avyayas – for a faithful and precious kitten.
  8. Avyuktha – for the one with a crystal heart.
  9. Azure– after the gorgeous Azurite!
  10. Balluri – this means “crystalline.”
  11. Bijou – this means jewel in French.
  12. Bolorerdene – this name refers to a crystal treasure.
  13. Bolormaa – this is the name for a crystal mother.
  14. Bolour – for a crystal-like girl.
  15. Celest – after the Celestite crystal.
  16. Citrine– a great name for an orange fluffy cat!
  17. Coralie – beautiful name for a precious girl.
  18. Cristela Greek variant of crystal.
  19. Crystal – this one is pretty straightforward.
  20. Diamanda – for a diamond cat!
  21. Emerald – after the precious gem.
  22. Esmeralda – this one is inspired by “emerald.”
  23. Gemma – referring to “gem.”
  24. Giada – Italian name for a precious one.
  25. Goldie – for a golden kitten.
  26. Greta – this name means “pearl.”
  27. Gretchen – beautiful name for a “little pearl.”
  28. Hematite – perfect for a grey cat breed!
  29. Hyacinth – after the beautiful gemstone.
  30. Iolite – this is a blue gemstone.
  31. Ivory – for a white and pure kitten.
  32. Jaida – after the green gem.
  33. Jewel – because she is a jewel!
  34. Kristol – for the one that’s made of diamonds.
  35. Larique – popular French gem cut.
  36. Maisie – this name means “pearl.”
  37. Margaid – Greek name for “pearl.”
  38. Meissa – for a bright and glittery one.
  39. Mina Persian name for the one who is like crystals.
  40. Mohaddisa – for a shining one.
  41. Neve – this refers to crystals raining down.
  42. Pearl – this one is pretty straightforward.
  43. Penina – this name refers to a pearl.
  44. Ratana – for a crystal-like lady.
  45. Ratna – this name refers to an elegant lady.
  46. Ruby – after the red gemstone.
  47. Sapphire – after the precious gemstone. 
  48. Soraya –  Arabic name meaning “jewel.”
  49. Tourmaline – this is one of the most colorful crystals.
  50. Ula – meaning “a sea’s gemstone.”

I love so many of these names, I can’t even begin to choose a favorite.

I do love Amethyst, though! It’s among my favorite crystals. Neve and Ratana are also up there on my list of top picks!

Crystal Cat Names For Males

Need the perfect moniker for your magical new furbaby? Check out these 100 beautiful crystal kitten names inspired by precious gems!
  1. Abalone – although it’s a shell, it’s still used in crystal work!
  2. Adam – after the Adamant crystal.
  3. Adi – this name refers to the first.
  4. Alexander – there is gem called “Alexander.”
  5. Amararaja – after the precious gem.
  6. Amazon – after Amazonite.
  7. Amethyst – after the purple gem.
  8. Anatase – after the indigo or yellow gem.
  9. Angel – after the purple Angelite.
  10. Apophy – for the Apophyllite crystal.
  11. Aqua – after Aquamarine.
  12. Aragon – for the crystal Aragonite
  13. Azurite – after the turquoise gem.
  14. Bai – for the one with a pure heart.
  15. Bay – after Bayldonite.
  16. Beryll – after the precious mineral. 
  17. Bhasura – this refers to a shining God.
  18. Bor – after Bornite.
  19. Branzi – after Brazilianite.
  20. Bronzite – a deep bronze crystal.
  21. Bruce – after Brucite.
  22. Carnelian – after the bright red gem.
  23. Chrome – after Chromite.
  24. Chrys – after Chrysoberyl.
  25. Coral – after the precious material.
  26. Cryo – after Cryolite.
  27. Dumor– after Dumortierite.
  28. Fatik – for the one who is like a crystal.
  29. Flint – for the best mineral.
  30. Jaden – after the green gem.
  31. Jasper – this is a beautiful ornamental stone.
  32. Jeshan – this name refers to the one clean like a crystal.
  33. Jett – this is a black mineral.
  34. Jing Chinese name meaning crystal.
  35. Kambab – after the Kambaba stone.
  36. Kunzite – after the beautiful, purple gem.
  37. Lepido – for the Lepidolite crystal.
  38. Lazuli – after the blue gem.
  39. Malachi – for the gorgeous Malachite stone.
  40. Moon – after the Moonstone.
  41. Nevada – referring to white crystals.
  42. Ravid – this refers to a precious ornament.
  43. Red – after the red Bloodstone.
  44. Sapphire – this is one of the most beautiful gemstones.
  45. Spinel – after the bright purple gem.
  46. Sun – after the Sunstone.
  47. Topaz – this is a wonderful gem.
  48. Turquoise – after the bright blue gem.
  49. Wang – this name means “crystal king.”
  50. Zircon – after dark red gem.

Out of the boy names, our favorite is definitely Malachi, for the Malachite crystal!

We love it, especially for a cat with sparkling green eyes. Jasper is also super cute! Oh, they’re all just adorable; we can’t decide!


Crystal cat names are a great way to express your love and admiration for your feline companion.

They reflect the beauty, elegance, and personality of your cat, as well as your own style and taste.

Whether you choose a name based on the color, shape, or meaning of a crystal, you can be sure that your cat will appreciate it.

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of 100 crystal cat names and that you have found the perfect one for your precious gem.

Your turn! What are your favorite crystal kitten names? Share below!

100 Crystal Cat Names: Best Magical Options for Your Kitty
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