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Have you ever wondered what the dumbest cat breeds are?

While “stupid” might be an inappropriate name, cats do such goofy things that you’re bound to question their intelligence from time to time.

So, today we’re going to see six cat breeds that are considered “less intelligent” than others.

6 Dumbest Cat Breeds

First, let me just say that I abhor the term “dumbest cat.” How do you even measure feline intelligence?

That’s a hard question because cats are terrible test subjects. So, while some use trainability and sociability as markers of intelligence, there’s no way to tell how accurate they’re.

Most cats don’t care much for what humans want of them. That doesn’t mean that they’re stupid. They might have something better to do instead of acting like monkeys.

For all we know, they might consider us dumb, hairless cats that wouldn’t be able to survive on our own without them!

So, don’t underestimate your cat. She might appear dumb, but she’s probably planning world dominance.

With all that said, here are the breeds that are considered the “least intelligent” by human standards (although other cats probably think they’re brilliant for ignoring us!).

1. Persian

persian cat breed

Since Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds, it’s hard to imagine that people think this majestic, long-haired cat dumb.

What gives this impression is the Persian’s laid-back temperament, passiveness, and laziness.

Persians are happy to observe what’s going on in the household from afar and rarely take part in your activities.

Nothing seems to excite this fluffy kitty, and they prefer napping on the sofa to an adventure.

Some owners go as far as calling the Persian a fluffy piece of furniture. That’s how lazy these cats can be.

On the plus side, Persians are affectionate, sweet, and docile.

They won’t make a mess in the house because they will hardly move from their sleeping spot.

But you’ll have to encourage this gorgeous cat to be more active to keep them fit.

2. Exotic Shorthair

Orange Exotic Shorthair on Cat Tree

The Exotic Shorthair cats have a pushed-in face and huge eyes. As such, they don’t have the most intelligent expressions in a cat’s world.

When you combine it with their laziness and lack of curiosity, you understand why people consider them one of the dumbest cat breeds.

Since the Exotic Shorthairs are related to Persians, it’s not a surprise that they’re a lazy bunch.

However, these exotic breeds enjoy interactive toys, food puzzles, and fishing poles as much as the next cat.

So, they’re slightly more active than their Persian cousins.

Moreover, Exotic Shorthairs are calm, easygoing, and loving. They’re content to follow you around the house and rarely demand attention.

Moreover, they’re easier to groom than Persians and are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a companion cat.

3. Himalayan

himalayan cat breed

Do you know that the fluffy Himalayan is a mix of Persian and Siamese? It’d be hard to find two cat breeds so different from one another.

Siamese cats are often regarded as one of the most mischievous felines because of their uncanny ability to learn new tricks.

Persians, on the other hand, can learn tricks, but they’re too lazy and uninterested in doing them.

As a whole, Himalayans take after their Persian parents and are docile, calm, and affectionate.

They love to be admired, but they will never demand it. In fact, they’re so quiet that you might forget that you have a cat around the house.

Often, people assume that the Himalayans are dumb because they don’t do well with change. They aren’t fans of loud noises or large gatherings.

Himalayans bond closely with those who earn their trust and stay away from others.

4. Birman

birman cat

Do you want an affectionate cat that won’t hog all the attention? Then you’ll get along well with a Birman.

These cats are friendly, relaxed, docile, and one of the best cat breeds to own.

While Birmans look like Siamese, they don’t share their tendency to “talk” all day long.

Birmans follow you around the house but are happy to be mere observers of what you’re doing.

They won’t drive you crazy with their musical meow or demand attention when you’re busy.

Maybe one of the reasons people think Birman cats dumb is their tendency to get stuck in unimaginable places.

You’d want to keep tabs on where your Birman is all the time, or you’d end up with a missing cat.

5. American Shorthair

black American shorthair

The American Shorthair is one of the breeds you’ve likely encountered multiple times.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but the silver tabby is probably the most popular one.

The history of this breed is quite remarkable since they accompanied the colonists sailing to North America. They were renowned for their amazing hunting abilities and persistence.

So, why people think that the American Shorthair is a stupid cat? Well, these cats are easygoing, patient, and adaptable.

Nothing seems to break their cool, so people often assume they don’t know what’s going on around them.

In addition to this, American Shorthairs often have selective hearing and ignore commands and orders they don’t like. But that’s a typical cat problem.

On the plus side, these cats are one of the longest living breeds with a lifespan of 15-20 years.

6. Snowshoe

Snowshoe cat breed

Snowshoes have the distinctive markings of the Siamese and the tendency to vocalize their request in a melodic voice.

Just like the Siamese, they pick a favorite person and stick to their side as much as possible.

However, Snowshoes aren’t as mischievous or adventurous as the Siamese. They need attention and can get mean if you leave them alone for long.

So, if you work the whole day, you’d want them to have a company, or you won’t like what you find when you come home.

So, why is this beautiful cat considered one of the dumbest cat breeds?

While the Snowshoes are capable of learning tricks and can even walk on a leash, owners often call them “stubborn.”

A Snowshoe won’t lift their paws if you don’t convince them it’s in their interest to do so.

Truth is they’re very intelligent, which isn’t a surprise. After all, the Siamese is one of the most intelligent cat breeds on the planet.


Don’t think that your cat is stupid because she doesn’t do tricks or can’t figure out how to use a cat door.

Most cats feel that such actions are below their dignity and prefer to wait for their human servants to do the dirty jobs.

In addition to this, cats have seen how people have domesticated dogs. So, they might have decided it’s better to play dumb and nap all day.

What do you think about these 6 dumbest cat breeds? Do you agree or disagree with our list? Share below.

Curious about the dumbest cat breeds? While there are no stupid kitties, these breeds get a rap for being dimmer than their genius counterparts.
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