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Looking for some neat Himalayan cat names for your new Himalayan cat?

No problem; we’ve got you covered!

We came up with 100 meaningful names, split evenly between male and female kittens.

Check the list below to find one!

50 Himalayan Cat Names for Males

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  1. Akio – refers to a “bright” one.
  2. Ayumu – for a truly dreamy cat.
  3. Dai – this name refers to a great one.
  4. Daiki – this name means “great noble.”
  5. Daisuke – for the best helper you have.
  6. Eiji – Himalayan name referring to “eternity.”
  7. Haru – this name means “spring.”
  8. Haruto – referring to a “flying sun.”
  9. Hayate – this name means “smooth.”
  10. Hibiki – Himalayan name meaning “sound.”
  11. Hideki – beautiful Himalayan name for a nature lover.
  12. Hideo – this name means “excellent.”
  13. Hinata – great name for a cat that’s beautiful as a flower.
  14. Hiraku – this name refers to a conqueror.
  15. Hiro – for a truly generous one.
  16. Hitoshi – referring to a highly motivated cat.
  17. Ichiro – this name is perfect for a firstborn.
  18. Itsuki – this name means “timber.”
  19. Junichi – for a very calm cat.
  20. Kaede – a beautiful name for a cat who likes climbing.
  21. Kaoru – for the cat with the best smell.
  22. Kenji – Himalayan name meaning “strong.” 
  23. Kenta – perfect name for a healthy cat.
  24. Kichiro – this name refers to a healthy son.
  25. Madoka – beautiful name for a cat with a round face.
  26. Makoto – for an honest cat.
  27. Masa – this name refers to an honest one.
  28. Masaki – perfect for a nature lover.
  29. Masaru – Himalayan cat name meaning “victory.”
  30. Masashi – this name means “righteous.”
  31. Masayoshi – for a truly honorable cat.
  32. Masumi – for the cat who sees everything.
  33. Mitsuo – perfect name for a hero.
  34. Mitsuru – this name means “happy.”
  35. Noboru – for the cat who never goes back.
  36. Norio – this name means “injustice.”
  37. Osamu – for a very disciplined cat.
  38. Rokuro – referring to the sixth born.
  39. Ryoichi – great name for an obedient cat.
  40. Ryota – Himalayan name for a free cat.
  41. Satoshi – this name refers to a wise one.
  42. Shouta – for a cat who really doesn’t like birds.
  43. Susumo – great name for a fighter.
  44. Taichi – this luxury cat name is great for a large tabby.
  45. Taiki – for the one who lights up your days.
  46. Takumi – a perfect name for a cat who’d do everything for treats.
  47. Tamotsu – this name means “protector.”
  48. Taro – for a very large cat.
  49. Toshio – this name means “hero.”
  50. Toshi – for the wisest cat there is.

50 Himalayan Cat Names for Females

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  1. Ai – Himalayan name meaning “love.”
  2. An Chinese name meaning “quiet.”
  3. Bai – for a pure and white cat.
  4. Bik – Himalayan name meaning “jade.”
  5. Feng – perfect name for a nature lover.
  6. Heng – Chinese name for a persistent cat.
  7. Hua – for the most beautiful cat.
  8. Huang – this Chinese name means “yellow.”
  9. Huan – for a cat who’s always happy.
  10. Jia – this name means “beautiful.”
  11. Jiahao – this name means “family.”
  12. Jia Li – for a very gracious cat.
  13. Jing – this Himalayan cat name means “calmness.”
  14. Lan – for the cutest cat out there.
  15. Lian – this name means “lotus.”
  16. Li Hua – a perfect name for a blossoming tree.
  17. Ling – Himalayan name meaning “down.”
  18. Li Mei – this name means “rose.”
  19. Li Ming – for the cat who brightens the room.
  20. Lixue – this name is great for a white cat.
  21. Masa – Chinese name meaning “honest.”
  22. Masumi – for the cat with great sight.
  23. Mei – this name refers to an extremely beautiful one.
  24. Naomi – Himalayan name meaning “beautiful.”
  25. Natsuki – for the one who loves summer.
  26. Natsumi – Chinese name meaning “beautiful summer.”
  27. Ning – for a very calm cat.
  28. Niu– this Himalayan name means “girl.”
  29. Qi – for a very fine type of Jade.
  30. Rika – for a cat with a beautiful smell.
  31. Riko – Chinese name meaning “truthful.”
  32. Ryoko – this name means “refreshing.”
  33. Shang-Yang – Himalayan name for a cat who loves water.
  34. Shenlong – this name means “rain dragon.”
  35. Shika – Chinese name meaning “deer.”
  36. Shizuko – this name means “quiet.”
  37. Sora – a perfect name for a cat with blue eyes.
  38. Teng – Chinese name meaning “flying dragon.”
  39. Tianlong – Himalayan name meaning “dragon.”
  40. Xiang Liu – after the Chinese mythological monster.
  41. Xinyi – this name means “happy.”
  42. Xiulan – Chinese name meaning “elegant.”
  43. Xiuying – for a cat who likes a luxurious life.
  44. Xue – great name for a white cat.
  45. Ya – this name means “graceful.”
  46. Yijun – for a very content cat.
  47. Ying – Chinese name meaning “flower.”
  48. Yue – Himalayan name meaning “moon.”
  49. Yu Yan – for the one with a beautiful smile.
  50. Zhulong – this name refers to a fire dragon.


I truly believe that every cat lights up our days especially when we are feeling down. Therefore, “Taiki” would be a perfect name!

Do you agree?

What are your favorite Himalayan cat names for male and female kittens? Share below!

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