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If glitz and glamor are your thing, you’ll love these luxury cat names!

From things that bling to the hottest creators, we’ve included a little of everything.

So, let’s dive right into the world of all things posh and find your kitty the perfect moniker!

If glitz and glamor are your thing, you'll love these luxury cat names! Check them out and find your kitty's totally posh moniker!

Luxury Cat Names For Males

  1. Armani – after the most famous fashion house.
  2. Aston after Aston Martin.
  3. Bigly – for an extremely luxurious cat.
  4. Bulgari – after the famous brand.
  5. Burberry – after the famous brand.
  6. Calvin – after Calvin Klein.
  7. Cartier – one of the most luxurious brands.
  8. Christian – after Christian Louboutin
  9. Coach – this is one of the fanciest brands in the world.
  10. Collyer – after the famous Collyer brothers.
  11. Diamond – because there are few things more luxurious.
  12. Edur – the luxury name for a white cat.
  13. Franc – after Franc Fernandez, Lady Gaga’s favorite creator.
  14. Gieves – after the Gieves and Hawkes brand. Ideal for twins!
  15. Giorgio – after Giorgio Armani.
  16. Gold – this one is pretty straightforward.
  17. Grant – after Grand McDonald.
  18. Gucci – after the famous fashion house.
  19. Harry – after Harry Winston, the fine jewelry brand.
  20. Hawkes – after the Gieves and Hawkes brand.
  21. Hermès – after the luxury brand.
  22. Herve – after Herve Leger.
  23. Ian – after Canadian creator Ian H. Cooper.
  24. Jimmy – after Jimmy Choo.
  25. John – after John Varvatos.
  26. Karl – after the famous Karl Lagerfeld.
  27. Kenzō – after Kenzō Takada.
  28. Kors – after Michael Kors.
  29. Lock – after Lock and Co Hatters, the luxury hats brand.
  30. Louis – after the famous Lois Vuitton.
  31. Moinet – after the fine timepieces creator Louis Moinet.
  32. Manolo – after Manolo Blahnik.
  33. Marc – after the famous Marc Jacobs.
  34. McQueen – after the famous Alexander McQueen.
  35. Monarch – because monarchs usually have luxurious lives.
  36. Opal – after one of the most precious stones.
  37. Paco – after Paco Rabanne.
  38. Pierre – after Pierre Cardin.
  39. Ralph – after Ralph Lauren and Ralph Rucci.
  40. Roberto – after Roberto Cavalli.
  41. Rolex – after the luxury watch brand.
  42. Rolls – after the Rolls Royce.
  43. Steinway – after the famous piano brand Steinway&Sons.
  44. Stephane – after Stephane Rolland.
  45. Timothy – after Timothy Corrigan.
  46. Tom – after the famous Tom Ford.
  47. Tommy – after Tommy Hilfiger.
  48. Valentino – after Italian Valentino Garavani.
  49. Yohji – after Japanese creator Yohji Yamamoto.
  50. Yves – after Yves Saint Laurent.
If glitz and glamor are your thing, you'll love these luxury cat names! Check them out and find your kitty's totally posh moniker!

You can never go wrong with Armani when it comes to luxury cat names for males! Kenzo is a great name, too!

Luxury Cat Names For Females

  1. Abyaz – fancy name for a Persian, white cat.
  2. Alexandra – after Alexandra Mor.
  3. Amaretto – luxury name for a brown cat.
  4. Amaro – luxury cat name meaning “dark.”
  5. Ambrosia – after the God’s drink.
  6. Artemis – after the Greek Goddess.
  7. Betsey – after Betsey Johnson.
  8. Blanc – after the Montblanc brand.
  9. Bottega – after Bottega Veneta.
  10. Bruna – fancy name for a black cat.
  11. Carolina – after the famous Carolina Herrera.
  12. Carrera – after the Carrera Y Carrera brand.
  13. Cerin – fancy name for a black kitten.
  14. Champagne – because champagne should be luxurious.
  15. Chic – fancy name for a luxurious cat.
  16. Chloe – you know her, right?
  17. Cornelia – after the luxury accessories brand, Cornelia James.
  18. Crystal – for one of the most luxurious cats.
  19. Daphne – after the luxurious Daphne Guinness.
  20. Diane – after the famous Diane Von Furstenberg.
  21. Dior – after the fashion house.
  22. Donatella – after the famous Donatella Versace.
  23. Donna – after Donna Karan.
  24. Elizabeth – after the famous Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium
  25. Emilia – after Emilia Burano.
  26. Fendi – after the luxury brand.
  27. Floris – after fine fragrance creators, Floris London.
  28. Gabbana – after the famous brand.
  29. Isadora – after the luxurious self-care brand.
  30. Jewel – for she is a precious jewel.
  31. Kate – after Kate Spade.
  32. Miu Miu – after Prada’s fashion line.
  33. Miuccia – after Miuccia Prada.
  34. Opal – after one of the most luxurious gems.
  35. Ospina – after the famous Ospina Coffee.
  36. Paris – after the most luxurious city in the world.
  37. Pearl – after one of the most precious gems.
  38. Perla – after the Perla Lichi Luxury brand.
  39. Prada – after the famous brand.
  40. Queenie – after the famous Alexander McQueen.
  41. Ruby – one of the fanciest gems.
  42. Sandy – after Sandy Powell.
  43. Sapphire – after the precious stone.
  44. Sauda – this is a luxury name for black cats.
  45. Stella – after Stella McCartney.
  46. Tesla – after the most famous cars.
  47. Tiffany – after the Tiffany & Co. brand.
  48. Tory – after Tory Burch.
  49. Valentina – after the Ukrainian fashion creator
  50. Vera – after Vera Neumann.

I personally love Ruby, as it’s one of my favorite gemstones! Prada is about as posh as you can get, though, right?

If glitz and glamor are your thing, you'll love these luxury cat names! Check them out and find your kitty's totally posh moniker!

What are your favorite luxury cat names? Share below!

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