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Are you searching for some incredible Irish cat names for your favorite new feline?

You’re in luck because they happen to be some of my favorite names in the entire world.

Check out 100 ideas inspired by the stunning and epic Emerald Isle.

50 Irish Cat Names for Males

cat with irish cat name

Let’s start with our sweet lads, shall we?

From popular names & places in Ireland to folklore and beyond, we just love these 50 ideas.

  1. Aidan – Irish name meaning “little fire.”
  2. Belfast – after one of Ireland’s largest cities.
  3. Blarney – after the city holding the Blarney Castle.
  4. Buckley – Irish name meaning “boy.”
  5. Carney – this name means “victorious.”
  6. Cashel – this name is inspired after the Rock of Cashel.
  7. Celt – after the Celtic people who lived in Ireland.  
  8. Cillian – this Irish name means “little church.”
  9. Conan – Irish name meaning “wolf.”
  10. Cork – after the famous southwestern Irish city.
  11. Cormac – this name means “son.”
  12. Darcy – Irish name meaning “dark.”
  13. Dillon – this name means “lightning.”
  14. Donovan – for a little and dark prince.
  15. Doyle – perfect name for a black kitten.
  16. Dubh – this name means “black” and it’s pronounced as “dove.”
  17. Dublin – this is the capital city of Ireland.
  18. Eamon – Irish name meaning “guardian.”
  19. Finley – perfect name for a hero.
  20. Finnegan – perfect Irish name for a white cat.
  21. Finn – this name means “blonde soldier.”
  22. Fionn – Irish cat name meaning “white.”
  23. Flannery – this name refers to someone with red skin.
  24. Gallagher – Irish name meaning “helpful foreigner.”
  25. Galway – this is a wonderful Irish city.
  26. Gorm – perfect Irish named for cats with blue eyes.
  27. Guinness – one of the fanciest beers in the world.
  28. Haley – Irish cat name meaning “smart.”
  29. Jameson – after the famous Irish Whiskey.
  30. Kieran – this name means “little dark one.”
  31. Kirby – old Irish name for the man who lives near the church.
  32. Leprechaun – after Ireland’s famous legends.
  33. Liam – for a true warrior.
  34. Limerick – this is an ancient city in Ireland.
  35. Mahon– after the river.
  36. Mal – Irish name meaning “chief.”
  37. Morgan – for a fighter of the seas.
  38. Mosach – Irish name for the one with a lot of hair.
  39. Murphy – this name means “sea warrior.”
  40. Niall – Irish name meaning “champion.”
  41. Patrick – after the famous Irish holiday.
  42. Quigley – this is a classic Irish name.
  43. Quinn – for a very wise cat.
  44. Ronan – Irish name meaning “little seal.”
  45. Rory – perfect name for a tabby, as it means “red king.”
  46. Rys – for the cat with a lot of enthusiasm.
  47. Shamrock – this is the national symbol of Ireland.
  48. Shane – this name means “God is gracious.”
  49. Smithwick – after the Irish red ale.
  50. Tierney – this name means “lord.”

Like I said, Irish names are among my all-time favorites, so I really can’t pick just one that I love the most.

That said, Niall really pops out at me for a cat!

I also think that Rory is beautiful for a reddish tabby!

50 Irish Cat Names for Females

irish cat names
  1. Aghy – Irish name for a friend of the horses.
  2. Ailbe – this Irish name means “white.”
  3. Alma – for the cat who’s always good.
  4. Anlon – this Irish name means “champion.”
  5. Aoife – Irish name meaning “beautiful.”
  6. Bailey – after the classic Irish liquor.
  7. Bidelia – for a very strong one.
  8. Blarney – after the small Irish town.
  9. Boxty – a traditional Irish dessert.
  10. Breana – this name refers to an honorable warrior.
  11. Bree – Irish name meaning “strong.”
  12. Brigid – Irish name meaning “power.”
  13. Cabbage – considered to be an important Irish symbol. 
  14. Cadie – this Irish cat name means “pure.”
  15. Carbry – for the one who drives the chariot.
  16. Cashel – after the town holding Rock of Cashel.
  17. Celt – this is how Ireland was referred to back in 500 B.C.
  18. Charm – this name refers to good luck.
  19. Ciara – for the one with dark hair.
  20. Clover – after the four-leaf clover.
  21. Connemara – after the famous Irish whiskey.
  22. Covey – meaning “a hound in the plains.”
  23. Dagda – after the God of life and death. 
  24. Darby – Irish name meaning “liberty.”
  25. Deirdre – this name means “woman.”
  26. Emerald – the green gem associated with Ireland.
  27. Erin – this name means “abundance.”
  28. Fiona – Irish name, perfect for a white cat.
  29. Gael – this is an old Irish name. 
  30. Glenda – for a very good kitten.
  31. Goldy – because Ireland is renowned for its gold at the end of the rainbow. 
  32. Iona – this Irish name means “purple jewel.”
  33. Kilkenny – this is a popular Irish city.
  34. Kira – Irish name meaning “black.”
  35. Lia – perfect name for the “bearer of good news.”
  36. Liffey – after the river flowing through the center of Dublin.
  37. Lucky – because luck is common in the Irish culture.
  38. Macushla – this Irish name means “darling.”
  39. Meara – for the cat who’s always happy.
  40. Muriel – perfect name for a cat with light hair.
  41. Orla – this name means “golden princess.”
  42. Paddy – this is a very popular Irish name.
  43. Puca – after the popular folklore character.
  44. Pusheen – this name refers to a cat.
  45. Quinn – Irish name meaning “wisdom.”
  46. Rainbow – because you want to reach the end of the rainbow.
  47. Rain – because Ireland is pretty rainy after all.
  48. Rosalyn – for the most beautiful rose in the world.
  49. Saoirse – this Irish name means “freedom.”
  50. Sheena – Irish name meaning “God is gracious.”

From the girl’s list, I’d probably choose Puca, because they’re one of my favorite faerie beings.

I also really love Aoife. I’m reading a book right now where one of the characters has that name.


Irish cat names offer a unique and charming way to honor your cat’s heritage or simply add a touch of Celtic culture to your household.

From traditional names to more modern choices, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you have an Irish cat breed like the Siamese or just want to celebrate your love of Ireland, an Irish cat name can be a fun and meaningful way to do so.

So why not consider one of these names for your feline friend and add a touch of the Emerald Isle to your home?

Your turn! What are your favorite Irish cat names? Share below!

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