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When it comes to cat breeds having the most appealing and beautiful colors, Siamese cats top the list.

Siamese kitties have a wide range of colors, including soft cinnamon shades and apricot hues.

Coupled with their different colors and unique personalities, it has made them the perfect pick for a lovely furry friend.

The following explores more about Siamese cat colors.

16 Beautiful Siamese Colors And Patterns

adorable Siamese with Siamese Cat Colors

Siamese cat color variations range from:

  • Seal points with intense seal-brown points,
  • Chocolate points with light shade, milk-chocolate points,
  • Blue points with distinct slate gray and blue points,
  • Lilac points with pink-hued and pale frosty gray and also known as Frost points.

The following are the different color Siamese cats you can find.

#1 Seal Point

super cute young Siamese cat with plain brown background

The seal point is the most common Siamese color that cat lovers are familiar with. During the earlier days, only this color was accepted as the color for Siamese cats.

The seal points are a beautiful dark chocolate color which shades of black color. The paw pads and nose leather of seal-point Siamese cats are usually deep dark brown.

#2 Chocolate Point

Chocolate-Point Siamese kitten lying on the floor

Chocolate point Siamese cats possess points with the shade of light milk chocolate, which gives a beautiful contrasting appearance with the rest of the white color fur.

The paw pads and noses are usually light brownish with a tinge of pink. Technically, this chocolate shade is a lighter version of the much darker colors of seal point.

#3 Blue Point

light-colored Siamese cat

Bluepoint Siamese cats have a beautiful, silvery gray, excellent color. As Blue pointed Siamese cats grow older, the color may darken slightly. The noses and paw pads are gray.

This is another beautiful type of the much darker seal point Siamese cat.

#4 Lilac Point

Lilac Point Siamese breed kitten

The lilac point Siamese cats have a striking gray color with slight hints of pink covering the coat pattern. Sometimes, lilac point Siamese cats are also known as frost points.

Compared to all the above three colors, the lilac point shade is less defined but has a striking contrast with the white cream body color. The nose and paw pads of lilac pointed Siamese cats are soft pink.

The lilac point is another lighter version of the chocolate-pointed shade.

Apart from all the colors mentioned above that we have covered, there are numerous other color variations of Siamese cats that you might see.

Usually, these variations are not acceptable by the usual breed standards used in different countries.

These color variations require cross-breeding between separate breeds to get a specific color and patterns on points.

#5 Red Point

Flame Point Siamese kitten

Red pointed variation of Siamese cats is also known as ‘Orange point’ and ‘Flame point.’

The red pointed Siamese cats have striking chestnut red points with paw pads and noses in pale pink color.

Siamese cats are crossed with red tabbies and tortoiseshells to develop this distinctive color gene variation.

#6 Cinnamon Point

Cinnamon brown pointed Siamese cats have a unique cinnamon tint across the points.

The face of this specific breed of Siamese cats is not wholly shaded as they have a warm brown-tinted area around the nose.

The base color of the body is of warm ivory shade along with pinkish color to pale brown paw pads and noses.

#7 Caramel Point

Caramel pointed Siamese cats have a beautiful warm gray-brown shade across the extremities.

Though the intensity of darkness can vary, the color is usually focused around the muzzle and nose and doesn’t extend around the whole head.

The nose and paw pads have a unique soft gray color pattern with an undertone of light pink.

#8 Cream Point

The cream-pointed Siamese cats are developed by crossing red Domestic Shorthair and Abyssinian cats with a red point Siamese cat.

Compared to other dramatic contrasts of most Siamese points, the cream-pointed Siamese cats have a pretty delicate cream point with a striking pale cream color pattern coat.

The paw pads and nose leather is of soft pink shade.

#9 Fawn Point

Fawn pointed Siamese cats have creamy white bodies and soft gray colored points.

Compared to color depth in seal pointed, blue pointed, and chocolate-colored Siamese cats, the color intensity in fawn told Siamese cats is lesser.

These cats’ nose leather and paw pads have a gray to pink color.

#10 Apricot Point

In a striking resemblance with the cream-pointed Siamese cats, the Apricot Tabby point Siamese has subtle hued points in lighter shades of orange.

Many times the pale tabby stripes cover farther areas of the body. These cats can also have freckled skin around lips and nose. The paw pads and nose are of orangey-pink shade.

#11 Foreign White

Foreign White cat breed

The foreign white cats are often considered a different breed, but many feline lovers consider them as white Siamese cats.

As the name reflects, these cats are just like other Siamese cats, with the only difference being that they have a completely white coat.

These beautiful white Siamese cats are developed by crossing white British Shorthairs with Siamese cats.

In other words, a dominating white gene can be introduced into the genome through cross-breeding. This dominating gene masks the other points otherwise present in other Siamese cats.

#12 Tabby Point

According to the cat experts, the distinct Tabby point Siamese cats were first developed by Scottish breeders during the 1940s.

This breed is called lynx point or shadow point. The Tabby pointed Siamese cats have unique and beautiful tabby stripes that fade in the pale color body.

One will find the sign “M” tabby mark on their foreheads if the point color is dark enough to show the pattern.

Several breed organizations in different countries don’t accept the Tabby point as a specific Siamese color.

To achieve this particular shade, it is necessary to cross the other Tabby-colored breeds with Siamese cars. Tabby pointed Siamese cats come in different colors.

The color variations are all the ones listed above, along with the tabby stripes.

#13 Tortie Point

Tortie point Siamese cat breed

As the name suggests, the Tortie pointed Siamese cats have their points in striking tortoiseshell color.

These cats are developed by crossing a Tortoiseshell cat of a different breed with a Siamese cat.

There are many variations of Tortie pointed Siamese cats.

#14 Cinnamon Tortie Point

The classic tortoiseshell Siamese cat comes in black and orange shades, and the cinnamon Tortie pointed Siamese cats also have cream shaded fur on their entire body.

#15 Fawn Tortie Point

The fawn Tortie pointed Siamese cats have pale orange and soft gray marking across their points.

The body of these cats has pale cream fur further fading into ends.

#16 Caramel Tortie Point

The points of a caramel Tortie pointed cat is a softly blended light apricot orange and warm shades of gray and brown. The body fur is soft cream.

How to Know If My Furry Friend is A Siamese Cat?

a big, fluffy Siamese cat sitting on the couch

We have understood a lot about color points, their variation, and a color point cat. It is essential to understand that not all the color point cats are Siamese cats, but all the Siamese cats are color points.

You would be wondering how to differentiate between a color point cat and a Siamese cat and what sets them apart from each other?

The term color point is just another feature of a cat, while the ‘Siamese’ term is referred to those cats where the color point pattern of variation is the major characteristic.

Thus, if you own a color point cat, it doesn’t mean that this one is a Siamese. A Siamese cat has to have a pedigree from one of the renowned associations.

Apart from this, Siamese cats also have peculiar physiques such as an angular head, a long nose, big ears, and a skinny body.

Many cat lovers call the traditional Siamese cats Thai cats and consider this one a different breed.

Other than Siamese cats, there are two different breeds known for their color points: the Ragdoll and the Birman.

Though this information might not seem important, understanding what makes a cat a Siamese cat is helpful when buying one.

How to Take Care of My Siamese Cat?

Siamese cat eating healthy food

Similar to other cats, Siamese cats like to keep themselves clean. These cats have short, fine hair coats. Brushing the coat once a week is enough to keep it healthy and shiny.

The weekly combing routine removes the dead hair and any pests while evenly distributing the skin oil.

For any cat, grooming is an essential part of its health care regime as the cat fur serves sensory purposes also.

Including Omega 3 in your cat’s diet helps build cell membranes and keep the heart in good condition, both vital in keeping the coat healthy.

You can give your cat a protein-rich diet as hair strands are nothing but 90% proteins. Once your cat has a diet of proteins, fatty acids, and Omega-3, you will notice a change in the shine of your feline friend’s coat.


That said, Siamese cats are beautiful partners with outgoing and talkative personalities. They can be dramatic and attention-craving furry friends who love their family too much.

If you have children at home or are a proud parent of other pets, you don’t have to worry about getting a Siamese cat as they gel up quite nicely with kids and other cats and dogs.

What do you think of Siamese cat colors? Let us know below!


cat with gorgeous siamese cat colors

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