A Flame point Siamese cat is the most uncommon of all the Siamese cats.

This makes them the subject of interest, of many cat animal lovers and cat parents.

Below, I covered all you need to know about this breed!

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Flame Point Siamese Cat Breed History

flame point siamese cat lying on the carpet

The Siamese cat originates from Thailand. But its popularity started growing worldwide in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


In 1930 cat breeders in England, crossed between an orange or red American shorthair and a seal point Siamese cat, in the hopes of creating a new sub-breed of the Siamese.

To their surprise a flame point Siamese cat was born. Back then, this new hybrid was called “redpoint longhair cats” and was one of the popular breeds of Siamese.

Although the first flame point Siamese was born in 1930, it was still a very rare type of cat. It took consistent selective breeding over a few generations to have the color consistently.

This red and white hybrid Siamese cat gained demand because of its limited number and unique color.

Even though by the 1970s this cat had become a house pet to many families worldwide, it was given the status of a distinct cat breed only in the year 1972.

To date, a Flame point cat is rare compared to other Siamese cats, and still not registered as a separate breed in some parts of the world.

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Flame Point Siamese Cat Physical Characteristic

Redpoint Siamese have similar slender bodies and strong legs like the modern Siamese, just with different color markings.

Most of its body is either white or cream with ginger markings on its face, ears paws, and ginger ringed tail.

Almost 80% of these cats are males that’s because the males need only one X chromosome to have the orange color whereas females need two X chromosomes to be flame.

Flame point Siamese Kittens with red-point fathers are all red points. However, if only the mother is a redpoint, then only the male kittens will be born flame point.

An adult red point Siamese cat is as tall as 16- 21 inches. Males are bigger than females and these cats weigh up to 9-14 pounds. Their average lifespan is 15-20 years.


Flame Point Siamese Cat Temperament and Personality

flame point siamese kitten lying on the carpet

Friendly, talkative, playful, active, and extremely lovable red point Siamese cats share a lot of personality traits with their sister breeds. As most of these cats are males, they are more laid back than the females.


Flame point Siamese owners claim that these cats are weird and are famous for their antics. They get along just fine with other pets. As they long for playmates and rejoice when they get one, no matter who.

They love to spend time with their humans and play around with the kids as well. They display a lot of tabby cat behavior and an outgoing personality, as they possess the tabby gene.

If you are on the lookout for a goofy but adorable pet get yourself a red point Siamese cat!

Flame Point Siamese Cats Health and Care

If you are a parent to a flame point Siamese or if you plan on adopting one soon, the tips below will help!

Flame Point Siamese Health Issues

Flame point Siamese not only have the physical features of a Traditional Siamese but some of the hereditary diseases too.

Some of the common health disorders diagnosed in Flame point Siamese are:


Being overactive and forever energetic has its drawbacks. Flame point Siamese often experience joint pain. If you see your cat limping. Reluctant to perform all the physical activities, it would be eager to do otherwise, it may be a sign of arthritis.

Hip dysplasia

This health issue is another drawback of being hyperactive. This disorder is common in Siamese when the thigh bone does not fit perfectly in the socket of the hip joint. Symptoms are limpness, trouble in jumping, muscle loss in limbs, lethargy.


This is a comparative bazaar disease. In this, the cat constantly licks or even eats fabrics or other such unedible things. Symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, oral ulcers, or redness.

Retinal atrophy

As the Flame point Siamese age, cells of their eyes start to degenerate. This is a progressive disorder and needs quick treatment. Symptoms are reduced vision or blurry vision. If you see your cat stumbling or finding it hard to figure out its way, visit a Vet!

Flame point Siamese also face urinary issues and dental problems. It’s best to visit the Vet regularly for full health checkups of your beloved kitty. As many of these health issues can be avoided or controlled with the help of meds and regular treatment.

Flame Point Siamese Cats Grooming

These cats are low maintenance compared to other cat breeds. Being short-haired these cats do not need regular brushing, once a week is fine.

Moreover, they shed just twice a year mostly in spring and fall. In shedding season it’s a must to brush their fur at least thrice a week, to help them shed dead fur.

These cats are experts at grooming and keeping themselves clean. You need not bathe them weekly, just when they get dirty or if there is a need to bathe them. Use a special cat shampoo to thoroughly clean their fur and prevent ticks and lies.

However, like other Siamese cats, these cats often forget to clean their butt after they are done with their business. In such cases to avoid a litter disaster in your house, wipe their buts with wet wipes.

Even though these cats are gentle and tolerant to some extent, they are extremely playful and hyper. Sometimes while paying they may accidentally scratch you. If you have kids around it’s necessary to clip their nails regularly.

flame point siamese looking at the camera

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Flame Point Siamese Cats Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in the life of a Flame point Siamese. As the majority of the health issues can be avoided with the right amount of proteins and fats in their diet.

These cats need to be fed with an adequate amount of dry and wet food to hydrate these playful felines. A mixture of both types of foods ensures the supply of essential vitamins is needed.

Dry food

Dry food is a great source of nutrients but is not always enough to fulfill your cat’s nutrition needs. It’s best to always keep your cat’s dry food bowl full. Cats tend to have small meals throughout the day, rather than have scheduled full meals.

So just keep their bowls full, it’s just a cat’s thing. Moreover, invest in a cat fountain as these felines are reluctant to drink water from a bowl. It’s one of the best ways to keep them constantly hydrated.

Wet food

Wet food is perishable so it cannot be carried while traveling. However, it’s the best source of water as cats do not naturally feel thirsty.

2-3 cups of wet food daily should be enough for your cats. Cats tend to experience urinary issues which can be effectively avoided by feeding your felines wet food regularly.

It’s best to purchase cat food as suggested by the Vet!

Flame Point Siamese Cats where to buy/adopt and price

Where to buy /adopt, HOW TO GET

If you are planning to buy or adopt a Flame point cat keep in mind that these felines are rare and exotic. So, it’s best to adopt them through proper pet shelters or certified reputable breeders.

Families having pure bread Flame point cats are also the best source to adopt these felines.

Flame point Siamese cat price

The price range of this scares breed of cat, varies drastically. The starting range is around $400 to $1000. But, depending upon the coloration sometimes the price can go as high as $2000.

These cats are one of the rarest and most expensive Siamese breeds.


FAQs About Flame Point Siamese

Do Flame point Siamese cats get on well with Persians?

No! Siamese and Persian cats do not get along well. That’s because Siamese is enthusiastic cats, that love to have company. On the other hand, a Persian cat is independent and prefers to be left alone. It’s not advised to pair cats with opposite temperaments, such as these.

Is it true that Flame point Siamese cats are highly intelligent?

cross-eyed flame point siamese cat

Yes! Flame point Siamese are not just rare and pretty, but also extremely intelligent. They can be trained and walked on a leash. Their extremely curious nature makes them try new things. They can sense their owner’s mood and act accordingly. Their personality aligns a lot with a modern Siamese cat personality traits.

Why do Flame point Siamese cats bite?

Not just Flame point Siamese, but other Siamese cats bite too, if threatened or troubled. Generally, these cats are tolerant and bear the antics of kids. But they are also extremely territorial and if they sense a threat to their territory (their things, their humans, etc.) They attack and bite. It’s best to have a slow and open approach while befriending this cat.

Do flame point Siamese cats love to cuddle?

Yes! Siamese cats are extroverted and love to display their affection in the form of purring or rubbing their head on you. The next step is often cuddling or laying down on or against you. These kitties are extremely loving, so once you establish that special bond with your pet flame point Siamese, they will often cuddle with you.


We know that by now you have fallen in love with this rare and extraordinary feline. If you are planning to adopt a flame point Siamese, we hope this article has offered enough information about this breed.

On a parting note, let us know which Siamese type is your favorite!


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adorable flame point siamese cat

What do you think of Flame Point Siamese cats? Aren’t they lovely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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