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Are you searching for some stunning and superb Siberian cat names for your kitten?

We’ve got you covered!

We chose 100 ideas, evenly split for boys and girls, inspired by the frosty-cold region.

Read further for the whole list of names.

50 Siberian Cat Names for Males

siberian male cat names

Curious about how we came up with our favorite Siberian cat names?

First, we looked at some popular names in the region.

Then, we took a virtual trip to Siberia to look at some neat places that make great names!

Below is the result of all of our research, so let’s get started.

  1. Aleksandr – A Siberian name for the defender of mankind.
  2. Anatoly – this name means “sunrise.”
  3. Andrei Russian name meaning “manly.”
  4. Altai– after the mountain range.
  5. Baikal– after the famously deep Siberian lake
  6. Artem – this Siberian name refers to a healthy person. 
  7. Boris – Russian name meaning “fighter.”
  8. Chinook – this name means “wind.”
  9. Cody – English name meaning “helper.”
  10. Cyril – A Siberian name for a proud one.
  11. Ezra – Siberian name meaning “salvation.”Feliks – Russian name meaning “lucky.”
  12. FelixLatin name for a lucky survivor.
  13. Flurry – this name means “king.”
  14. Future – perfect name for a Siberian survivor.
  15. Fyodor – Siberian name meaning “God’s servant.”
  16. Gary – great name for a very brave cat. 
  17. Gideon – this name means “mighty warrior.”
  18. Grigory – for the one who’s always watching.
  19. Hunter – for the perfect tundra dweller.
  20. Igor – this name means “warrior of peace.”
  21. Irtysh– a river in Siberia.
  22. Ivan – Russian name meaning “God is gracious.”
  23. Jagger – Siberian cat name meaning “team player.”
  24. Jett – a perfect name for a stealthy Siberian cat.
  25. Joseph – this name refers to a mighty one. 
  26. Justin – great Siberian cat name for a calm one. 
  27. Kavik – Russian name meaning “wolverine.”
  28. Keanu – this name refers to a cold mountain. 
  29. Kevin – perfect name for a cool Siberian cat.
  30. Khamar -a mountain range in Siberia.
  31. Kodiak – Russian name for a fluffy cat.
  32. Konstantin – Russian name for a content one.
  33. Lucky – this one is pretty straightforward. 
  34. Luigi – perfect name for a true fighter. 
  35. Luka – Russian name meaning “light.”
  36. Maverick – Siberian name for the one who hides.
  37. Misha – this is the Russian form of Michael. 
  38. Murphy – Siberian cat name meaning “warrior.”
  39. Nanuk – this name means “polar bear.”
  40. Nikita – Russian name for an unconquered territory. 
  41. Nikolai – Siberian name meaning “victorious.” 
  42. Oleg – this name means “holy.”
  43. Pushkin – perfect name for a very fluffy cat. 
  44. Pyotr – A siberian name for “rock.”
  45. Sayan – another Siberian mountain range.
  46. Tomsk – a district in Siberia, perfect for a tom cat!
  47. Ural – for the mountains and the region.
  48. Tatuk – Siberian name meaning “morning.”
  49. Yenisey – The 5th longest river system in the world.

I always have a hard time picking my favorite names, don’t you?

If I had to, though, I really love Yenisey or Baikal!

50 Siberian Cat Names for Females

siberian female cat names
  1. Adelaida – Siberian name meaning “noble.”
  2. Akira – this name means “intelligent.”
  3. Alazeya– after the Siberian river.
  4. Aleandra – this Siberian cat name refers to the “defender of mankind.”
  5. Alina – Slavic name meaning “bright.”
  6. Anadyr– after the Anadyr Highlands in Siberia.
  7. Asha – Siberian name for a hopeful one.
  8. Astra – for the one born from the stars. 
  9. Calina – this name refers to a tree full of snowballs. 
  10. Catherine – Siberian cat name meaning “pure.”
  11. Charlotte – Slavic name for a free one. 
  12. Chloe – this name means “blooming.”
  13. Chukotka-Siberian mountains.
  14. Della – this name means “kindness.”
  15. Doroteya – meaning a “gift from God.”
  16. Ellie – this name means “bright like a star.”
  17. Erica – Norse name meaning “eternal ruler.”
  18. Evgenia – Russian name meaning “noble.”
  19. Galina – for a calm cat out there. 
  20. Jenna – this name means “white.”
  21. Kami – Siberian name for a loving kitten.
  22. Katerina – Russian name meaning “ruler.”
  23. Kira – Siberian name for a leader.
  24. Kolyma– another Siberian river.
  25. Lada – after the Slavic Goddess of beauty.
  26. Lena – Siberian name meaning “temptress.”
  27. Lidia – Russian name for a tundra dweller.
  28. Manya – Russian name meaning “bitter.”
  29. Margosha – this Siberian name means “pearl.”
  30. Miki – for a small and adorable kitten.
  31. Miska – this name means “bear.”
  32. Nadia – for a generous kitten.
  33. Nova – this name means “fierce.”
  34. Olga – Siberian name meaning “holy.”
  35. Onyx – Siberian cat name meaning “spotted.”
  36. Sadie – this name means “princess.”
  37. Sakari – this name means “sweet.”
  38. Shadow – for a grey and stealthy cat.
  39. Silla – after the God of the sky.
  40. Sonia – this is the Russian form of Sophia.
  41. Sparky – for the one who’s always active.
  42. Siku – this name means “ice.”
  43. Suki – this name means “beloved.”
  44. Svetlana – for a very bright one.
  45. Tannu– Or, the mountains’ full name, Tannu-Ola!
  46. Tanya – Russian name for the one who is praised.
  47. Thunder – for the fastest tundra kitten.
  48. Ulva – this name means “wolf.”
  49. Yelena – Russian name meaning “shining light.”
  50. Yuka – Siberian name meaning “bright star.”

From the girl names for Siberian cats, I am particularly fond of Suki. Maybe because it reminds me of one of my favorite shows!


Our exploration of Siberian cat names unveils a captivating array of choices inspired by the majestic beauty and rich cultural heritage of Siberia.

From names that exude strength and power to those that evoke the enchanting landscapes of this vast region, each selection holds the potential to become a cherished symbol of your feline friend’s unique personality.

Let the enchantment of Siberia infuse your cat’s identity and add a touch of magic to every purr, turning your shared journey into an unforgettable tale of friendship and love.

Your turn! What are your favorite Siberian cat names? Share below!

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