Choosing space cat names for you kitties may be the coolest choice of all, especially for astronomy and astrology buffs!

If you need help getting inspired, we’ve got you covered!

In this list you will find some very unique names for your little star (pun intended)!

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Astronomy and astrology buffs, take note! We’re sharing 98 of the coolest space <a href=cat names for your little boy or girl kitten. Take a look! ” class=”wp-image-7985″/>

Space Cat Names For Males

  1. Akash – the Sanskrit for ‘open sky.’
  2. Apollo – after the Greek God of prophecy and of course, the space program.
  3. Asteroid – being one of the best space cat names out there.
  4. Astro – referring to stars.
  5. Atlas – after the titan condemned to hold up the celestial heaven.
  6. Axiom – the spaceship from Wall-E.
  7. Boomer – from Battlestar Galactica.
  8. Ceres – this name refers to the stars.
  9. Cluster – after the incredible star clusters.
  10. Corvus – in Latin it means ‘raven.’
  11. Cosmo – after the big Cosmos.
  12. Equinox – when the day and night are balanced.
  13. Falcon – the famous Star Wars ship.
  14. Harlow – – after Harlow Shapely, the American astronomer.
  15. Hubble – after the Hubble Space Telescope.
  16. Jet – some of the fastest planes.
  17. Jupiter – after Milky Way’s biggest planet.
  18. Lani – the Hawaiian for ‘sky.’
  19. Lenith – a great name for an independent cat.
  20. Leo – because he’s your little space lion!
  21. Mars – a great planet AND a delicious snack.
  22. Mercury – after one of the best planets!
  23. Neptune – the farthest planet from the Sun right now.
  24. Neutron – one of the particles standing at the base of everything we know.
  25. Orion – one of the constellations visible from Earth.
  26. Pan – after Peter Pan.
  27. Pegasus – the mythical winged stallion.
  28. Perseus – one of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology.
  29. Phase – maybe your cat is just shifting from game to game.
  30. Phoenix – the legend says this bird was reborn from the Sun.
  31. Pluto – the one who used to be considered a planet.
  32. Quasar – a very bright galactic nucleus.
  33. Rigel – also known as β Orionis, the brightest star in the Orion constellation.
  34. Rocket – how else can you get to space?
  35. Rover – after the planetary surface exploration device.
  36. Saturn – can’t deny Saturn’s beautiful rings.
  37. Seren – Welsh for ‘star.’
  38. Shuttle – one of the best space travel stations.
  39. Sirius – the brightest star in the sky.
  40. Solo – after Han Solo.
  41. Spock – after Star Trek’s famous Captain.
  42. Sputnik – Earth’s 1st artificial satellite.
  43. Supernova– What’s happening when a star suddenly gets super bright.
  44. Titan – after the amazing Greek titans.
  45. Titus – after Captain Titus.
  46. Triton – Saturn’s largest natural moon.
  47. Twilight – after the incredible and soft light we get sometimes.
  48. UFO – for your unidentified ball of cuteness.
  49. Virgo – after the astrological sign.
Astronomy and astrology buffs, take note! We’re sharing 98 of the coolest space <a href=cat names for your little boy or girl kitten. Take a look! ” class=”wp-image-7983″/>

From this list for boys, I really love Phoenix for a rescue cat that has proverbially risen from the ashes and gotten a new lease on life!

Of course, maybe you want an astrology cat name for your little girl too.

Space Cat Names For Females

  1. Alya – the Arabic for ‘sky.’
  2. Amidala – from Star Wars’ best queen.
  3. Andromeda – after the galaxy.
  4. Ariel – after the European space mission.
  5. Aster – the Greek for ‘sky.’
  6. Astra – from the big, beautiful sky.
  7. Aurora – one of the most beautiful phenomenons we can see on earth.
  8. Belinda – from the Italian ‘bella,’ meaning ‘beautiful.’
  9. Callisto – second largest Jupiter’s moon.
  10. Calypso – the daughter of Titan Atlas.
  11. Carina – Spanish name meaning ‘loved one.’
  12. Cassiopeia – after the northern constellation.
  13. Celeste – the Latin for ‘of the sky.’
  14. Ceres – referring to the space.
  15. Comet – for a very mischievous cat.
  16. Danica – the Danish name meaning ‘morning star.’
  17. Dara – in Khmer it means ‘star.’
  18. Eclipse – maybe your cat is everything you want to see.
  19. Estrella – Spanish for ‘star.’
  20. Flare – because your cat brightens up your days!
  21. Galaxy – because she is your galaxy!
  22. Gamma – after the Gamma rays.
  23. Gravity – after the phenomenon that keeps us here.
  24. Halley – after the comet and astronomer.
  25. Helen – in Greek this name means ‘light.’
  26. Himalia – Jupiter’s natural satellite.
  27. Leia – Star Wars’ princess.
  28. Luna – the Latin for ‘moon.’
  29. Marsha – short for ‘martian.’
  30. Mir – after the space station.
  31. Nasa – for the national space agency.
  32. Nebula – after the beautiful clouds of space dust.
  33. Noya – Hebrew for ‘beauty of God.’
  34. Orbit – because your cat revolves around everything.
  35. Padme – from Star Wars.
  36. Phoebe – Greek name meaning ‘light.’
  37. Rhea – after the mother of Gods.
  38. Selene – the Greek for ‘moon.’
  39. Serenity – from the Firefly TV show.
  40. Sky – after the massive layer we can all see.
  41. Sora – in Japanese it means ‘sky.’
  42. Star – because she’s your little star!
  43. Stardust – great space cat name!
  44. Stella – beautiful name meaning ‘star.’
  45. Terra – after the planet we all live on.
  46. Umbra – meaning ‘shadow.’
  47. Ursa – after the most popular constellations.
  48. Venus – because your cat is the most beautiful!
  49. Zeta – after the Zeta Reticuli star system.
Astronomy and astrology buffs, take note! We’re sharing 98 of the coolest space cat names for your little boy or girl kitten. Take a look!

From the female space cat names, I really love Nebula! Maybe because I’m a Guardians of the Galaxy fan.

Phoebe is a cute idea, too, especially if you loved Charmed!

Now you have everything you need and you can choose of one these incredible astronomy cat names for your adorable cat!

What are your favorite space cat names? Share below!

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