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Looking for some truly spectacular Sphynx cat names?

Well, how would you like 100 of them?

We took inspiration from the gorgeous hairless cat’s origins to come up with 50 male and 50 female ideas you’ll love.

Let’s check them out!

Male Sphynx Cat Names

sphynx with wide eyes and ears
  1. Abydos – after one of Egypt’s oldest cities.
  2. Adofo – Egyptian name meaning  “fighter.”
  3. Aker – after the guardian of the dead.
  4. Amenhotep – used to be an Egyptian pharaoh.
  5. Ammon – Egyptian name meaning “mystery.”
  6. Amun –  after the chief of Gods.
  7. Anhur – after the Egyptian God of war.
  8. Anubis – after the one who rules the afterlife.
  9. Aten – this Egyptian name means “sun.”
  10. Azibo – Egyptian name meaning “earth.”
  11. Azizi – for a most precious one.
  12. Bomani – this name means warrior.
  13. Cairo – after the capital of Egypt.
  14. Darius – used to be an Egyptian pharaoh.
  15. Geb – after the God of Earth.
  16. Hapi – after the God of the Nile.
  17. Hatshepsut – after the second female pharaoh.
  18. Horus – this is the God of the Sun.
  19. Jabari – an Egyptian cat name meaning “brave.”
  20. Kahotep – for a peaceful one.
  21. Kek – after the God of darkness.
  22. Khalid – for the one who’s immortal.
  23. Khons – after the God of the moon.
  24. Kosey – Egyptian name meaning “lion.”
  25. Kufu – after an Egyptian pharaoh.
  26. Lateef – for the one with a gentle touch.
  27. Luxor – after the Egyptian city and temple.
  28. Mekal – for a fierce Sphynx cat.
  29. Menes – after the founder of the First Dynasty.
  30. Mihos – this is the son of Bastet.
  31. Mkhai – for a true fighter.
  32. Mosi – for the firstborn.
  33. Musa – for the one born of water.
  34. Nefertum – after the God of the Lotus.
  35. Nephi – this name means “good son.”
  36. Nile – after the famous Egyptian river.
  37. Nomti – for a very strong one.
  38. Oba – this name means “king.”
  39. Odion – referring to a yellow flower.
  40. Omari – for a high born son.
  41. Osiris – after the Lord of the Underworld.
  42. Pepi – after an Egyptian ruler.
  43. Pharaoh – the classic name for a Sphynx cat.
  44. Ra – after the God of the Sun.
  45. Ramses – one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs.
  46. Sefu – Egyptian name meaning “sword.”
  47. Seth – this is Osiris’ brother.
  48. Seti – after the ruler of the 19th dynasty.
  49. Sobek – after the crocodile god.
  50. Sphinx – perfect name for a Sphynx cat.

If you’re having a hard time picking one, go with one of my favorites!

I love the name Seth! For something with a bit more mystique, though, Osiris is amazing.

Female Sphynx Cat Names

black sphynx
  1. Akila – Egyptian name meaning “intelligent.”
  2. Alexandria – this is the second largest city in Egypt.
  3. Amenti – after the Goddess of the land.
  4. Amunet – this is the Goddess of mystery.
  5. Annipe – for a daughter of the Nile.
  6. Anukis – after the Goddess of the Nile.
  7. Aziza – for a most precious onel.
  8. Bastet – after the Egyptian Goddess of motherhood.
  9. Chione – Egyptian name meaning “daughter.”
  10. Cleopatra – after the famous Egyptian ruler.
  11. Dalila – for the sweetest cat out there,
  12. Damietta – after the Nile Delta port.
  13. Femi – this name means “lover.”
  14. Gezira – after the Nile island.
  15. Giza – this is the most famous Egyptian city.
  16. Hasina – Egyptian name meaning “good.”
  17. Hebony – this name means “black.”
  18. Isis – after the biggest Egyptian Goddess.
  19. Jamila – this name means “beautiful.”
  20. Kamilah – Egyptian name meaning “perfect.”
  21. Kanika – beautiful name for a black one.
  22. Keket – after the Goddess of darkness.
  23. Khepri – this name means “morning sun.”
  24. Kissa – for the sister of twins.
  25. Kiwu – for a chubby Sphynx cat.
  26. Kosey – Egyptian word for “lion.”
  27. Lapis – after the blue and precious jewel.
  28. Layla – for the one born into the night.
  29. Lotus – after the beautiful flower.
  30. Maat – after the Goddess of harmony.
  31. Maat – after the Egyptian Goddess of order and justice.
  32. Mafdet – after the Goddess wearing a cat skin.
  33. Mau – after the Egyptian divine feline.
  34. Maye – after the one Amun loves.
  35. Menhit – after the Egyptian Goddess of war.
  36. Merneith – after an old ruler of Egypt.
  37. Monifa – this name means “lucky.”
  38. Mut – after the Egyptian mother of Gods.
  39. Nailah – Egyptian name meaning “successful.”
  40. Nebit – for the one who’s like a leopard.
  41. Neema – for the one born in wealth.
  42. Nefertiti – after the Queen of Egypt.
  43. Net – this name means “divine mother.”
  44. Nuru – for the one born during the day.
  45. Oni – Egyptian name meaning wanted.
  46. Pakhet – after the lion Goddess of war.
  47. Phoenix – after the mythological bird.
  48. Renenutet – this is the Cobra Goddess.
  49. Rosetta – after the port on the Nile Delta.
  50. Sabola – referring to a female prophet.

From the girl’s list, I have always loved Isis. It embodies the very nature of the beautiful Sphynx cat.

If that’s a bit too mythological for you, though, Alexandria is a classic idea.


Choosing the perfect name for your Sphynx cat can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Whether you’re inspired by their unique appearance or their playful personality, there are plenty of options to choose from.

From names inspired by Egyptian mythology to quirky and unusual names, the possibilities are endless.

Remember, your cat’s name is an important part of their identity, so take your time and choose a name that you and your furry friend both love.

Whether you opt for a classic name or something more unique, your Sphynx cat is sure to appreciate a name that reflects their individuality and charm.

Your turn! What is your favorite Sphynx cat name? Share below!

gorgeous sphynx cat with clothes on

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