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I’m curious to know if there are any black cat breeds with blue eyes?

I don’t blame you; those sparkling peepers sure are a sight to behold!

We’ll check out the answer below, and explore other neat eye colors for our ebony kitties.

We have a lot to talk about, so let’s jump in!

Do They Exist?

Are there any black cat breeds with blue eyes? Read on to find out the answer, plus check out other epic eye colors for ebony kitties.

Cats with blue eyes are a sight to behold. The dazzling blue eyes often seem like they see through you.

That explains why many cat owners are attracted to them. But what causes blue eyes in cats?

All kittens have blue eyes from when they’re born until they are about six weeks old.

That’s because cats can only develop an eye pigmentation/melanin when they’re six weeks or older.

Now, some cats can remain with blue eyes because they possess a gene that inhibits coloration.

But this doesn’t often happen. In most cats, the eyes eventually change to green or yellow.

Pointed cat breeds with a recessive albinism gene will most likely have blue eyes.

But cats with a dominant albinism gene will have both blue eyes and a pale coat. White cats with blue eyes are also usually deaf.

Do Black Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Black cats are quite famous for their strikingly silky dark coats, resulting from their genetic makeup.

This makeup causes them to have a lot of melanin compared to other cats.

According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, currently, there are 22 black cat breeds.

But in all the 22 breeds, it’s unlikely to find a black cat with blue eyes.

This is because the gene that causes cats to have blue eyes is mostly found in lighter colored breeds.

Like in other cat breeds, black kittens will be born with blue eyes, but these colors will change once they’re older.

So you’ll most likely come across fluffy black cat breeds with green eyes and black cat breeds with yellow eyes.

Black Cats With Blue Eyes Breeds List

Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules cat breed

It’s a fairly new breed that first appeared in 1984 when kittens with intense blue-colored eyes were born to a female tortoiseshell cat.

While the eye color is often associated with the color of the cat’s fur/coat color in all other cats, that’s not the case with the Ojos Azules.

That’s why it’s possible to find an Ojos Azules cat with a black coat and blue eyes.

Breeders often cross Ojos Azules cats with other cats to produce blue-eyed cats.

However, they realized that the gene responsible for blue eyes should be heterozygous to ensure healthy kittens.

The lack of pigmentation in Ojos Azules cats is different from that in the Siamese and other cats, but the blue eyes are sometimes similar.

Himalayan Cats

himalayan cat breed

Himalayan cats are one of the few cat breeds that commonly have black fur with blue eyes. Even though Himalayan cats do have different fur and eye colors, the black ones with piercing blue eyes are stunning.

These cats are a perfect blend of Siamese and Persian cats but are a recognized cat breed. Himalayan cats have beautiful fluffy and long fur that typically has black tips or is entirely black.

Even though fully black Himalayan cats are a little rarer than the ones with black tips throughout their fur, they’re one cat breed that always has blue eyes.

So, those who are dying to have a cat with blue eyes, you’ll never find a Himalayan without those pretty blue eyes. Unlike the Ojos Azules cats, Himalayan cats with blue eyes might have more green or yellow hues in their eyes.

While it’s still blue, it’s not nearly as pure blue as Ojos Azules.

Balinese Cats

Balinese Cat Names: 100 Beautiful Ideas for This Stunning Breed

At first glance, the Balinese cat looks eerily similar to the Siamese cat. That’s because they’re technically just long-haired Siamese.

Even though they’re a version of the Siamese cat, Balinese cats are still purebred. Balinese cats are super friendly and are known to form strong bonds with the people they live with.

These beautiful long-haired cats have dark black markings and piercing blue eyes, making them some of the most sought-after cats. Like Siamese cats, they have a seal point color but longer fur and often black fur.

They have black fur around their face, ears, entire tail, and paws, which almost look like booties.

Even though they’re not entirely black, many people still consider them black cats with blue eyes.

While some cats with blue eyes have more of a green tint to them, Balinese cats are some of the purest blue eyes. The color is similar to Ojos Azules cats.

Birman Cats

birman cat

Birman cats are considered the Sacred Cat of Burma and have some of the prettiest blue eyes. These cats have silky fur that’s pretty long, and they have pointed features.

Birmans are known to be larger than the average domestic cat. They tend to be very gentle and friendly and, like most cats, are naturally curious.

Something to note about Birman cats is how rare they are. If you’re hunting for a purebred Birman cat, your work is cut out for you.

Even though you can probably find mixes or cats that look similar, true purebred Birmans are rare to come by.

Birman cats aren’t entirely black, but many still consider them black cats with blue eyes. Their blue eyes are stunning and range from deep blue to light blue, almost like the water in the Bahamas.

Since these cats can have a variety of fur colors, finding ones with black is even rarer than the breed in general.

Seal Point Siamese Cats

seal point siamese cat breed

Seal Point Siamese cats are some of the most common types of Siamese cats (there are four types total). These stunning cats have shorter hair than Balinese cats but have similar markings and fur colors.

These cats are beautiful and initially from Thailand, but they have become popular in many countries. They’re actually one of the oldest recognized cat breeds.

While every cat has its own personality, Seal Point Siamese cats are generally known to be intelligent, social, active, and loving to their owners.

Like the other cats on our list, Seal Point Siamese cats aren’t 100% black with blue eyes.

They still have the piercing blue eyes that many people want in a cat, but their fur is predominantly silver/gray with black areas around their face, tail, and paws.

Depending on the cat you get, they might have more black coloring in these areas.

Ragdoll Cats

No matter the situation, here you have a list of the most beautiful Ragdoll cat names for you adorable fur ball. The Ragdoll breed is really precious!

Ragdolls are an interesting cat breed for several reasons. While they’re considered an official breed by many associations, when a Ragdoll cat is black, they’re not considered a purebred Ragdoll.

Why? We’re not really sure because they still look like the Ragdolls you know and love!

These cats are pretty large compared to other domestic cats, but they’re still smaller than a Maine Coon. They are friendly, docile, and great with other animals and kids.

Ragdoll cats almost always have bright blue eyes. It’s one of the main characteristics of the breed.

But, when a Ragdoll is entirely black, they tend to have more yellow or green eyes.

That doesn’t mean they can’t have bright blue eyes. Whether they’re entirely black with blue eyes or have black markings, people consider some Ragdolls to be black cats with blue eyes.

What does it mean to see a black cat with green eyes?

While green eyes in black cats show some amount of melanin, they have another meaning in other cultures.

For instance, several cultures believe that black cats with green or golden eyes may bring prosperity, power, or abundance.

Black cats also appear in symbolism and psychic worlds as a symbol for a “personal form of magic.”

But if you’re not into all of that, green eyes are just a result of genetics, that’s all.


As a result of their genetic makeup and higher amounts of melanin, black cats rarely have blue eyes, except for the Ojos Azules breed.

Most black cats often have yellow or green eyes.

It’s also important to note that there’s a disease that causes a yellow coloration in most cat’s eyes, regardless of their coat color.

This disease is known as Jaundice. It’s caused by a wide range of medical issues, including heartworms, blood parasites, cancers, etc.

So the treatment may differ depending on the cause.

If your cat’s eyes change to yellow, and they’re accompanied by fever, diarrhea, a rough coat, vomiting, failure to groom, and other related symptoms, you need to rush him/her to the vet for diagnosis and treatment.


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