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Despite their bad reputation, black cats are gorgeous, particularly those with yellow eyes.

The gene that produces cats and panthers with black fur is dominant; however, both parents must carry the gene to make kittens with black fur.

Ironically, the gene responsible for black fur cats, which occurs in the same protein family, is thought to bring black cats luck because it is responsible for warding off disease.

So, it is believed among researchers that black cats have better immune systems than cats of other colors.

Do All Black Cats Have Yellow Eyes?

Eye color is another aspect of a black cat’s appearance determined by genetics. Since they are rich in melanin, black cats usually have yellow or golden eyes.

Even though colors such as hazel, green and yellow are common with black cats, other colors like copper and different variations of color are still possible.

Consequently, although common, not all black cats will have yellow or golden eyes.

Below, you’ll see the most common black cat breeds likely to have golden or yellow eyes:


Bombay Cat Yellow Eyes
Image source: Shutterstock

Bombay is perhaps the most popular breed of black cat with yellow eyes. Also, it is the only cat whose standard does not allow any other coat color to be considered.

The Bombay is entirely backward from head to tail and has no marks or spots to speak of.

Their glowing eyes can be anywhere from gold to copper. This black cat breed has a muscular and thin body with a tight and short coat, resembling a bite-sized black panther.

Bombay is easy to live with. It easily adapts to houses or apartments, and they enjoy the company of their owners, children, and other animals. However, they don’t talk very much.

The Korn Ja

Kornja Cat is one of the cat species with yellow eyes
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The Korn Ja cat breed is native to Thailand and is notably small. They have variations of monochromatic coat colors, which include black with bright yellow eyes.

This cat has been popularized among Thai people because they believe they are lucky. The Korn Ja is a cordial breed that loves having the company of humans regularly.

These cats are intelligent, affectionate, and curious. They are perfect for indoor living and can easily adapt to small apartment living.

The Chantilly

Chantilly Cat With Yellow Eyes
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The Chantilly is a beautiful black cat breed with golden, amber, or dark yellow eyes. These loyal and affectionate cats like to follow their owners for hours on end.

The Chantilly black cat breed is very social, and they have a difficult time being alone for long periods; therefore, they are not a good choice for owners who are often out of the home.

The English Burmese

Yellow eyes on English Burmese cat
Image source: Seregraff /Shutterstock

The English Burmese is a breed of cat that has yellow eyes. They are cats with very dark brown fur that appears black.

They can have varying fur colors. Their eyes can range from amber to yellow, with people desiring gold most often.

The Burmese are extroverted and vocal cats. It’s playful and affectionate. It’s another cat that needs its owners around regularly.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat with Black Fur
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You can find the Norwegian Forest Cat with various coat colors, such as amber, chocolate, fawn, and even black.

Though they can get as heavy as 12 pounds, these lovely cats are gentle and relaxed.

You’ll often see them pick a spot to hang out and watch people pass by. They have adorable, bright yellow-green eyes.


Black Manx cat with yellow eyes
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The Manx is among the oldest cat breeds. These British natives are quick-witted, loving, and fun to be around.

One of their most notable attributes is that they’re excellent hunters, and they jump exceedingly high.

The other thing that a Manx is known for is not having a tail. Instead, these black beauties are known for their bright gold eyes.

Cornish Rex

Black Cornish Rex
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The Cornish Rex has curly, short hair that resembles a lamb’s coat, huge yellow eyes, large, high-set ears, and curved bodies.

They have black fur, but you can also find them in other colors. When they have dark fur, they also usually have dark noses and paws.

The Cornish Rex is a surprisingly affectionate breed that loves being around others and even likes to chase things and play fetch occasionally.


Black Shorthair Cat with yellow eyes
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Shorthairs are a distinguishable category of cats known for having broad faces, stocky bodies, and thick, dense fur coats.

They come in many colors, but here are the most prominent black shorthair breeds with yellow eyes.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is fluffy and laid-back, and they play well with other animals.

These exotic cat breeds seem to thrive in various environments, do well around children, and enjoy the company and non-stop attention of their human family members.

You’ll see some Exotic Shorthairs with yellow to golden-colored eyes that are so cute and welcoming.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is the original breed and follows the same pattern of being easy-going and fun.

You’ll mostly find this breed in gray, but some appear almost jet-black, and they have stunning gold eyes. 

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair has a slightly flatter face than the other two types of Shorthairs.

Most people have given them the moniker ideal house cat. They can adapt to different types of settings, they love attention, and they’re super cuddly.

Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

One of the most unfortunate superstitions about black cats is that they’re bad luck.

Though this isn’t how they’re perceived in all countries worldwide, they’ve gotten a bad rap and been deemed spooky and ominous over the years.

However, despite all the negative associations, pet experts say they don’t have any worse temperaments than lighter-colored cats. On the contrary, they’re just as lovable and make fantastic pets.


Black cats are majestic creatures with hazel, blue, green, and amber eyes.

Most black cats, but not all, have some form of yellow eye that ranges from yellow-green to bright yellow to golden.

Any of the delightful breeds on the list would be excellent additions to your family.

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