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Get ready for some of the most darling cat names that start with D!

We finally came across a fun letter that has a bunch of really clever and original cat names we can think of right off the top of our heads.

From movie and book characters to famous historical figures to geography to plain cool words, we found inspiration all over the world for these D-cat names!

We’ve rounded up 50 each for males and female cats (or dames and dudes, if you prefer!). Now, without further ado, let us dive right in!

Cat Names that Start with D For Males

Get ready for some of the most darling cat names that start with D! We rounded up 50 of our favorites for male kitties. Check them out!
  1. Daddy – You can add tons of nouns or adjectives after this word.
  2. Daffy – For the duck but also for the crazy kitties.
  3. Daegan – Means “black haired,” so it’s a great black cat name!
  4. Dagwood – A bright wood or a very delicious towering sandwich.
  5. Dallas
  6. Dalmatian – If your cat has spots like the canine Dalmatian.
  7. Damien – Not after the Omen kid. It actually means “one who tames.”
  8. Dandy Lion – A happy big feline a play on the dandelion weed.
  9. Dane
  10. Darth – Vader, Maul, you decide, a great Star Wars name!
  11. Danny Boy – Have you seen The Shining and the lastest Doctor Sleep?
  12. Daredevil – Some cats can leap from daring heights, making then the Evil Kineval of the cat world.
  13. Dark Knight (Night) – Black cats that have the personality of Batman.
  14. Dart – Cats can run fast too. Sometimes they speed by you just like a little dart.
  15. Data – For Star Trek fans (or computer geniuses).
  16. Dat Cat – That cat!
  17. Debonair – A confident and stylin’ guy.
  18. Decimal – This is cute for cats that have a little dot somewhere on their body.
  19. December – If you got your cat around this time of the year.
  20. Demetrius– The male version of Demeter.
  21. Dennis (the Menace)
  22. Dempsey – For Grey’s Anatomy fans
  23. Dexter – A skillful killer. Great for cats who are very adept at catching mice.
  24. Denzel – The coolest cat in Hollywood.
  25. Destroyer – We’re willing to bet your cat is the ultimate destroyer of tissues.
  26. Devil/De Ville
  27. Dew – A cute and short name for cats who like to lick the morning dew.
  28. Diego – The sabretooth in Ice Age. He was tough but became a big softie.
  29. Dionysus – The God of Harvest and Wine.
  30. Dirtball – This is funny because cats are naturally clean creatures.
  31. Dizzy – Although they don’t like to chase their own tails, they can sure make us feel dizzy with all their running around.
  32. Dodger – The Artful Dodger.
  33. Dollar (Bill) – We can always use more dollar bills, just like we can use more of our cat.
  34. Doolittle – As in “Doctor,” but also a funny name for a lazy cat!
  35. Don Juan – For that romantic little Tomcat!
  36. Doraemon – A Japanese cartoon character that can pull out almost anything from his little pouch.
  37. Dorian Gray – The handsome fellow who never ages.
  38. Dracula – For black cats that look like they have sharp fangs.
  39. Dragon
  40. Drake – Means “dragon,” so a good alternative if you like the idea but not the name “dragon.”
  41. Dream – Getting a cat was your dream.
  42. Dreamboat – For the handsome cats that get all the ladies.
  43. Dude – Because the Big Lebowski has nothing on your cool cat!
  44. Dumpling – This is a cute nickname if not a name for your cat.
  45. Dusty – For grey cats.
  46. Dusk – For the dark grey ashy cats.
  47. Dutch
  48. Dwarf – A cute name for a Munchkin cat!
  49. Dylan – As in Bob Dylan, of course.
  50. Dynamite – For the cool cats that are dynamite!

What were the names you initially thought of for boys? Were any of them on our list?

We bet some of them were! Now let’s head over to our list for little girls and see how many match up.

Cat Names that Start with D For Females

Get ready for some of the most darling cat names that start with D! We rounded up 50 of our favorites for female felines. Check them out!
  1. Dakota – A great unisex name, by I like it for a girl.
  2. Daffodil – Another pretty flower.
  3. Daisy
  4. Dairy Queen (Princess)
  5. Damsel – We’re going to take a chance and say your cat is an unmarried woman.
  6. Dancer – After a reindeer but also great for cats that jump like a ballerina.
  7. Dandelion – The yellow weed that goes well with yellow cats.
  8. Daquiri – A delicious drink.
  9. Dame
  10. Dandini  – The name of Prince Charming’s best friend in Cinderella.
  11. Danu – Celtic goddess of Earth
  12. Darling/Darlin’ – Because that’s what you will be calling your cat.
  13. Darlene
  14. Dasha For a fast cat that makes a dash for the door or window every time you open it.
  15. Dawn – For the cat who likes to wake up early and meow for their food.
  16. Davina
  17. Daytona – For Florida lovers.
  18. Dazzle – If your cat does nothing but dazzle you with her charm.
  19. Dear A loving name for your loving cat.
  20. Debutante – For the elegant and graceful little lady.
  21. Delight(ful) Cats have the knack to always put a smile on your face and fill you with delight.
  22. Delilah
  23. Deka – Means “pleasing” in Somali.
  24. Delaney
  25. Demeter – The Greek Goddess of Agriculture.
  26. Demi Meaning half, if your cat is a mix or has heterochromia.
  27. Desert Have you ever been licked by a cat? Their tongue is as dry and sandy as the desert.
  28. Desiree It goes well with Desert.
  29. Destiny – Because we both know that getting your cat was your destiny.
  30. Dewdrop – A cuter take on the name Dew. If you got two cats, naming them both would be cute!
  31. Dhalia You can add “black’ in front if you have a black cat (but it’s kind of morbid). On a sunnier note, the dahlia is a beautiful flower that comes in many vibrant colors.
  32. Dharma – The nature of reality.
  33. Diamond – We find this especially fitting for cats with crystal blue eyes.
  34. Dilemma – Sometimes you just don’t know what to do with your cat.
  35. Dinah – The name of the cat from Alice in Wonderland.
  36. Ding Ding – The sound the bell on her collar makes.
  37. Diva – Some cats just have a lot of attitude.
  38. Divine – Some cats are just absolutely divine!
  39. Dixie
  40. Dolce – Pronounced Dol-Chay, it means sweet and soft, great for the more timid cats.
  41. Doremi – Doh, Ray, Mee, the first three notes. This is great if our cat is a prominent meower.
  42. Dolly – Great for Ragdolls.
  43. Dora – If your cat likes to explore.
  44. Dory – For that forgetful yet lovable kitty.
  45. Dottie – For spotted Merle cats.
  46. Dreamer
  47. Dryad – Forest nymphs
  48. Duchess – A regal and elegant name.
  49. Duci – Means “wealthy gift.”
  50. Dysis – A goddess associated with sunset, great for an orange cat.


Think of your favorite characters, whether it be from TV shows, movies or books, and come up with a few D cat names to share with us below.

Did we overlap any of the names you thought of? Which ones were your favorite? Could you guess which one was ours?

Tell us your favorite cats names that start with D in the comments!

Get ready for some of the most darling cat names that start with D! We rounded up 100 of our favorites, with 50 each for boys and girls. Take a look!
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