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When we say geography cat names, we’re talking about some of the most amazing places on earth.

From cities to seas to towering mountains, the planet is full of gorgeous places that also happen to make really cool names for cats.

Take a look at our top 100 favorites below!

We’ve divided them up evenly for boys and girls, but many of the names are gender-neutral, so be sure to read them all.

Geography Cat Names For Males

100 Gorgeous Geography Cat Names for Males & Females
  1. Abu Dhabi – the capital of United Arab Emirates.
  2. Aiken – a river in Antarctica.
  3. Amsterdam – after one of the best cities in the Netherlands.
  4. Austin – after the beautiful city in Texas.
  5. Bangui – capital of the Central African Republic.
  6. Beaufort – after the wonderful French fortress.
  7. Bengal – after the South Asian region.
  8. Berlin – for the German capital.
  9. Boston – after the famous city in Massachusetts!
  10. Cairo – after Egypt’s most famous city. 
  11. Cayman – after the famous Cayman Islands.
  12. Cameroon – both a country and a mountain in Africa.
  13. Chennai – after the city in India.
  14. Chesapeake – a bay and a region in Virginia.
  15. Chile – after the South American Republic.
  16. Chin – after the small state in western Myanmar.
  17. Cody – this is a city in Northwest Wyoming.
  18. Congo – after the famous republic.
  19. Cuba – after the Caribbean island. 
  20. Cyprus – island country in the Mediterranean.
  21. Dallas – another city in Texas.
  22. Denver – this initially referred to a green valley.
  23. Diego – does San Diego ring a bell?
  24. Dijon – after the fancy, French town.
  25. Dublin – after the English city. 
  26. Europe – after the great continent, AND the amazing band!
  27. Everest – after the hardest-to-reach peak.
  28. Fiji – after the South Pacific archipelago. 
  29. Fuji – after the volcano in Japan.  
  30. Gorda – after one of the British Virgin Islands.
  31. Heraklion – super cool name, after a Greek city.
  32. Hong – great name, especially if you adopt two kittens!
  33. Kong – match it with Hong, and you have the best duo!
  34. Lucerne – after the fancy town in Switzerland.
  35. Madrid – after Spain’s capital city.
  36. Nevis – this is an island in the Caribbean.
  37. Nice – after the French town. 
  38. Oasis – because he is perfect, just like water in the desert.
  39. Okhotsk – an incredibly old river in Russia.
  40. Ocean – for the happiest cat out there!
  41. Onyx – another river in Antarctica.
  42. Orlando – after one of Florida’s most popular cities.
  43. Orly – this is short for “Orlando.”
  44. Oslo – after the wonderful city. 
  45. Quito – this is Ecuador’s capital city.
  46. Rio – after the marvelous Rio de Janeiro!
  47. Barts –  French-speaking Caribbean island.
  48. Kitts – this is the actual informal name of the Saint Christopher Island.
  49. Sydney – an Australian cat name after the Australian city!
  50. Tallinn – after one of the most advanced cities in the world.

Geography Cat Names For Females

From cities to seas to towering mountains, the world is full of beautiful ideas for geography cat names. Check out 100 that we really love!
  1. Africa – how about the name of an entire continent?
  2. Agra – after the Indian city. 
  3. Alaska – this one of the most perfect white cats names.
  4. Alexandria – this was a wonderful city once. 
  5. Alpine – this is a great name for a cat who loves heights. 
  6. America – cool name, huh?
  7. Andorra – this is a small European country.
  8. Angel – this is referring to the city of angels!
  9. Antalya – after the Turskish vacation town.
  10. Arizona – after one of the coolest states to be in. 
  11. Asia – this one represents a whole continent.
  12. Aspen -wonderful town, and also very popular!
  13. Athens – after the Greek capital.
  14. Atlanta – could be after the American city or the Atlantic ocean!
  15. Barcelona – this is a majestic city in Spain. 
  16. Brittany – this is inspired by “Britain!”
  17. Brooklyn – a city in New York.
  18. California – after the famous American state. 
  19. Cartagena – this was a very important city in history, located in Colombia.
  20. Catalina – after the Catalan regions in Italy.
  21. Chelsea – after the famous South West London region. 
  22. Cheyenne – this one is inspired by the Native Americans!
  23. Chiba – this is a wonderful Japanese town!
  24. China – after the country.
  25. Cordoba – after the historical Spanish town. 
  26. Dakota – and you don’t need to decide what the best Dakota is.
  27. Doha – after the most beautiful Qatar city. 
  28. Florence – after the Italian city.
  29. Florida – after the sunniest state!
  30. Geneva – this is one of the most important cities in recent history.
  31. Georgia – there’s a state and country with this name!
  32. Havana – after the Cuban city!
  33. Hex– not just a cool black cat name, but a river in South America.
  34. Jemmi– a river in Antarctica
  35. London – everyone loves the UK capital, right?
  36. Miami – probably the most famous city in Florida.
  37. Milan – after the most fashionable city in the world. 
  38. Norway – this is one of the best countries to live in. 
  39. Odessa – after the Greek region. 
  40. Olympia – if Mount Olympus says something, then this is it!
  41. Osaka – this is a wonderful Japanese city. 
  42. Panama – this one was popularized by a few TV shows.
  43. Paris – the most romantic city in the world!
  44. Pattaya – after the wonderful city in Thailand.
  45. Persia – after the antique region. 
  46. Roma – this is how Italians say “Rome.”
  47. Valencia – this is the third biggest city in Spain.
  48. Vegas – did someone say “Vegas?”
  49. Venice – after the best city in Italy!
  50. Vienna – after Austria’s capital.


Geography-inspired cat names offer a unique and creative way to celebrate our feline friends while paying homage to the diverse and captivating world around us.

Whether you’re seeking a moniker for a male or female cat, the vast array of options available ensures that there’s a perfect fit for every feline fancy.

So, bid farewell to the common and ordinary “Kitty” and embrace the extraordinary world of geography cat names – an enticing and one-of-a-kind choice for your beloved furry companions.

What are your favorite geography cat names? Share below!

From cities to seas to towering mountains, the world is full of beautiful ideas for geography cat names. Check out 100 that we really love!
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