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If you are looking for cat names that start with J, you’re in the right place!

My list below contains names that are popular all around the world, as well as some unique ones you may not know about.

So start browsing and pick the right one for your kitty!

male cat with black bow tie

When you have a male cat at home that constantly impresses you with his personality, you should certainly give him a name that will be equally impressive.

This list includes popular boy kitten names, as well as rare and unique boy cat names – and you’ll certainly find something that might suit your handsome boy perfectly!

  1. Jabba
  2. Jabbar
  3. Jabberwocky
  4. Jackfruit
  5. Jackie
  6. Jackiechan
  7. Jackpot
  8. Jaffa
  9. Jaffa Cake
  10. Jaime
  11. Jake
  12. Jalapeno
  13. Jam
  14. Jamal
  15. Jambalaya
  16. Jambo
  17. Jambon
  18. Jameson
  19. Jamil
  20. Jan
  21. Jarrahdale
  22. Jasper
  23. Jat
  24. Java
  25. Jawbreaker
  26. Jax
  27. Jaxy
  28. Jaxon
  29. Jay
  30. Jayesh
  31. Jazy
  32. Jazz
  33. Jazzie
  34. Jean-Claude
  35. Jedda
  36. Jedi
  37. Jeeves
  38. Jekyll
  39. Jello
  40. Jelly Baby
  41. Jelly Belly
  42. Jelly Donut
  43. Jellybean
  44. Jerky
  45. Jerry
  46. Jeruk
  47. Jesse
  48. Jessie
  49. Jester
  50. Jet
  51. Jethro
  52. Jey
  53. Jicama
  54. Jiffy Muffin
  55. Jigger
  56. Jigglypuff
  57. Jiji
  58. Jill
  59. Jimmy
  60. Jinx
  61. Jinxy
  62. Jiro
  63. Jitterbug
  64. Joan
  65. Joey
  66. Jofi
  67. Johnny
  68. Jojo
  69. Jolly Pop
  70. Jolly Rancher
  71. Jonah
  72. Jonam
  73. Jonas
  74. Jonathan
  75. Jones
  76. Jordan
  77. Jorge
  78. Jose
  79. Josef
  80. Josh
  81. Joyce
  82. Judas
  83. Jude
  84. Judge
  85. JuJu
  86. Jujyfruit
  87. Jukebox
  88. Julep
  89. Jules
  90. Jumper
  91. Junior
  92. Junior Mints
  93. Juniper
  94. Juniper Berry
  95. Jupiter
  96. Jurgen
  97. Justin
  98. Justus
cat with a name that starts with j

Your gorgeous furry girl cat is quite the stunner, right? Why not give her a name that suits the attitude and beauty of the little enchantress?

Today, we have curated a list of girl kitten names that you will fall in love with! We hope that you will find some amazing cat name ideas from our list.

So check out these cute, beautiful, and badass cat names!

  1. Jaccina
  2. Jacey
  3. Jacinda
  4. Jacqueline
  5. Jacques
  6. Jael
  7. Jalena
  8. Jalyn
  9. Jam
  10. Jamaica
  11. Jamaya
  12. Jamie
  13. Jamila
  14. Jamilyn
  15. Jamina
  16. Jammy
  17. Jana
  18. Janah
  19. Janelle
  20. Janessa
  21. Janhvi
  22. Janki
  23. January
  24. Jarmila
  25. Jasleen
  26. Jaya
  27. Jayla
  28. Jayleen
  29. Jazlyn
  30. Jazz
  31. Jearl
  32. Jemina
  33. Jemma
  34. Jenna
  35. Jenner
  36. Jennifer
  37. Jenny
  38. Jersey
  39. Jessel
  40. Jetta
  41. Jewels
  42. Jezebel
  43. Jezel
  44. Jia
  45. Jianna
  46. Jigisha
  47. Jillian
  48. Joani
  49. Jobina
  50. Jocelyn
  51. Johana
  52. Jojoba
  53. Jolie
  54. Joneva
  55. Jonita
  56. Josefina
  57. Jovie
  58. Joyful
  59. Jozette
  60. Juana
  61. Jubilee
  62. Judas
  63. Judita
  64. Judith
  65. Judo
  66. Juhi
  67. Juicy
  68. Juli
  69. Julia
  70. Juliette
  71. Julisa
  72. July
  73. June
  74. Juniath
  75. Jyoti

41 Pop Culture Cat Names That Start with J

a fluffy grey cat sitting beside the window

Cats make everything better, which is why they are everywhere, from Harry Potter books to the Avengers movie.

For your darling kitty, you can choose names of cats that have made a mark in pop culture. You can also select the names of your favorite characters.

Take a look at our list of cat names with J, inspired by video games, books, comic books, cartoons, etc.

  1. Jack
  2. Jackson
  3. Jade
  4. Jacob
  5. Jake
  6. Jafar
  7. James
  8. Jane
  9. Janet
  10. Jar Jar
  11. Jason
  12. Jasmine
  13. Jedi
  14. Jean Grey
  15. Jeff
  16. Jeffery
  17. Jenko
  18. Jeremy
  19. Jerry
  20. Jessica Rabbit
  21. Jewel
  22. Jigsaw
  23. Jimny
  24. Jiva
  25. Jlo
  26. Jumpy
  27. Juno
  28. Joe
  29. John
  30. Joker
  31. Joliet
  32. Jon Snow
  33. Josie
  34. Joves
  35. Joseph
  36. Josiah
  37. Joy
  38. Judi
  39. Julius
  40. Juliet
  41. Juxian


You now have a wide selection of boy and girl cat names that start with the letter J. These names are common in various cultures in the world and are inspired by books, films, and more.

Do you have questions about cat names? Take a look at the answers that we have provided to some of the common queries that we get from cat parents!


If you want to find some cool names with J for your cat, you can consider some famous characters and celebrities.

Consider famous people like Jeff Bezos, Jimi Hendrix, JLo, Julie Andrews, etc. You can also consider characters like Johnny Bravo, Jack Sparrow, Jasmine, Jessica Rabbit, etc.


If you are looking for some badass names for your kitty, there are plenty of options available for you.

You can pick names like Jarek, Jaroslav, Jarmil, etc., for boys, and Jasira, Jerika, Jetje and others for girl cats. These names have powerful meanings and are ideal for badass cats!


If you are looking for some unique names starting with J for your cat, you can consider anything from exotic to funny names.

Names like Jabberwocky, Jackfruit, Jambalaya, Jojoba, Jezebel, Jyoti, Joe Cool, etc., inspired by everything from pop culture to food, can be perfect.


Everyone knows that cats are the most adorable creatures. If you are a cat parent, you must find a cute name for your feline friend.

Some of the cutest cat names with J are Juan, Joel, Julio, Jed, etc., for boys, and Jade, Jasmine, Josie, Julie, etc. for girls.


There are many wild cats known to us today. Of these, there are only a few species that start with the letter J.

These are Jaguar, Jaguarondi, and Jungle Cat. These species names can make wonderful cat names, too, especially Jaguar and Jaguarondi.


If you are looking for some cool and badass names for your cat, you can refer to superheroes.

If you are especially in search of cat names that start with J, you can consider Jack Frost, Jack of Hearts, Jackdaw, Jarella, Jazinda, Java, Javelin, Janet Fals, Jayna, and more.


Are you a “Disnerd” with a cat, looking for a name with J for your kitty, there are many fun options available for you.

For a male cat, you can consider names like Jafar, Jiminy, and Jack-Jack, while, for girls, you can pick Jasmine, Judy Hopps, and Jane Porter.

Final Words

So now you have a list of amazing cat names that start with the letter J. You may want to match your kitty’s name with yours or the name of someone special to you by picking this letter.

You will also have the opportunity to pick some well-known and unique cat names with J. Either way, you now have a ready list for male and female cats – which we hope will help you!

What are your favorite cat names that start with J? Please share with us below!

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