Get ready to head way down Alphabet Lane and check out some terrific cat names that start with T!

Whether you’re whole family is filled with T names or you just love the letter, we’ve got you covered!

Below, you’ll find 100 thrilling ideas for both boys and girls!

Let’s check them out, starting with our sweet little guys!

Get ready to head way down Alphabet Lane and check out 100 terrific cat names that start with T! We've got 50 each for boys and girls!

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Male Cat Names that Start with T

From funny food names to famous felines, you’ll have no shortage of great options for your male cat when you turn to the letter t!

Check out our favorites!

Get ready to head way down Alphabet Lane and check out 100 terrific cat names that start with T! We've got 50 each for boys and girls!
  1. Taco – This is great if your cat is the spice of life.
  2. Tabasco – Food is always the easiest, and condiments can make cute cat names too!
  3. Tadpole – For the cute little baby that may grow up to be a prince.
  4. Tag – Have you seen Friends?
  5. Talisman – Your cat can bring you good luck.
  6. Tang – If you have a love of Asian culture and your cat gives your life a tang of flavor.
  7. Tank – Do you feel like your cat never seems to get hurt when he bumps his little head? This is for the cats built like tanks.
  8. Ten- Because on a scale of 1-10, your kitty is tops!
  9. Tangerine – For the ginger cats! (Garfield-looking ones).
  10. Tango – For those cats that always seem like they’re dancing.
  11. Teddy – For a cat so fluffy he may as well be a bear.
  12. Tarantula – If your cat often kills vermins and pests, you can add “killer” at the end of it.
  13. Tassle – For cats with a tassle-like tail.
  14. Teaser – More for you teasing your cat than him teasing you.
  15. Techno – For fans of the music.
  16. Tetris – This is a clever one for cats (all cats really) that can contort their bodies to fit into the tightest spaces.
  17. Terminator – For the vermin and pest killers.
  18. The Hulk/King, etc – Names beginning with “the” always made us feel it had more originality.
  19. Thimble – If your new kitten is really little.
  20. Taz- For that devilish kitty!
  21. Thorn – Their claws are sharp and can be a thorn in your side.
  22. Thunder Paw/Tail – Or Thunder whichever body part.
  23. Tiger – Quite an obvious one we couldn’t overlook.
  24. Tigger – For the tiger in Winnie the Pooh.
  25. Tilt – If your cat walks a little crooked.
  26. Tuke-From Brother Bear.
  27. Titanic – For the big boat of a cat.
  28. Toast – If your cat has French origin this would be a cute name.
  29. Toes – For the cats who like to go after toes.
  30. Toblerone – Food and treats are always the easiest.
  31. Toddler – If you hope your cat will forever be like a toddler.
  32. Toffee – For the toffee-colored kitties.
  33. Tombstone – To give your sweet kitty a more badass touch.
  34. Tookey
  35. Toodles
  36. Toonie – A $1 Canadian coin.
  37. Tempo- For your musically inclined kitty!
  38. Topaz – For cats with blue eyes.
  39. Taurus- Astrology symbol, perfect for stubborn cats.
  40. Tornado – Sometimes they can zoom so fast it’s as if they’re a blur.
  41. Torque – For the same reason as above. Sometimes they are just too fast for their own good.
  42. Tortellini
  43. Toto – Like Dorothy’s dog who went with her to Oz.
  44. Touche
  45. Tempus
  46. Tramp – Like Lady and the Tramp, even though yours is a cat.
  47. Talon
  48. Tarzan- Because he’s king of the jungle, too!
  49. Tattoo
  50. Trusty

With names like tornado and torque, you can really capture the inner speed demon that is your kitty.

Of course, you can always opt for the food options that can illustrate how sweet your cat is and maybe even his color!

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the coin and take a look at names for little girl cats.

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Female Cat Names That Start with T

Get ready to head way down Alphabet Lane and check out 100 terrific cat names that start with T! We've got 50 each for boys and girls!
  1. Tabby – Simple and easy for the tabby cats.
  2. Tarot- A fantastic magical cat name that starts with T!
  3. Taffy – For a boy or a girl.
  4. Tatami – The hard flat beds in Japan. For your cat who likes to sprawl out.
  5. Tajana- Means “to keep secret.”
  6. Tater tot – Let’s face it, your new cat will be like a tot.
  7. Thena- From the Thor comics by Marvel.
  8. Teaspoon – For the very small little cats.
  9. Tapioca
  10. Taffyta- After Taffyta Muttonfudge from Wreck it Ralph.
  11. Tizzy – Because we know a cat can throw you in a tizzy.
  12. Tipsy – Your cat may cause you to feel a bit tipsy from all the fun she will bring.
  13. Tiger Lily
  14. Tinkerbell – For those cats that are really small and dainty.
  15. Thumbelina – Another one for those small little ladies.
  16. Tinkle – This is a cute sound the bell on her collar could make.
  17. Tigress – If you have a tiger at home, Tigress would be a nice new addition.
  18. Tidbit – Small little bit of happiness.
  19. Tiara – For the ones who could be queen.
  20. Thalia
  21. Tequila
  22. Toodles
  23. Top – Because we know cats like to lie on top of us all the time.
  24. Trance – Cats can often look like this when they’re just resting.
  25. Toastie – Well for one thing, cats are toasty to cuddle with and also they look like a loaf of bread in their resting form.
  26. Treasure – Because this is what she is to you.
  27. Treat – Having a cat in your family is comparable to a treat.
  28. Tribble – For the Star Trek First Generation lovers out there.
  29. Trekkie – If you are a fan of Star Trek, you would know what this is.
  30. Trickster – A fan of Loki the Trickster?
  31. Trinity – Life, Love, Laughter, your cat will give you all three secrets to happiness.
  32. Trixie
  33. Trouble – Because cats can cause trouble from time to time.
  34. Tahlia
  35. Treble – For the cats who like to sing and meow to their heart’s content.
  36. Trixie
  37. Trout – After your cat’s favorite food if she likes trout.
  38. Tubbs – For the kitty cats on the heavier side.
  39. Tiny – Especially cute if your cat is very large.
  40. Tuesday – If you got your cat on a Tuesday.
  41. Thursday – We bet you saw this one coming.
  42. Tansy
  43. Tuffy – For the floofy cats.
  44. Tulip – Could be a clever name for cats with special markings.
  45. Tuna – A fish they love.
  46. Turandot – A princess.
  47. Tutt-Frutti
  48. Tabitha- Tabby for short
  49. Tacey- Means “be silent,” something we hope our kitties are in the middle of the night!
  50. Talula

And there you have it! Our top 80 names for kitty cats that begin with “T”.

We really like the ones named after food such as Taffy, Toffee, Tapioca and Tutti-Frutti.

What are your favorite cat names that start with T? Share below!

Jess Lin
Jess Lin