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Are you struggling to choose a self-cleaning cat litter box and want to compare Litter-Robot vs Petsafe vs CatGenie? 

A self-cleaning litter box can be the ideal solution when you’re too busy to scoop the toilet box or you want to reduce tracking around the house.

However, choosing the best self-cleaning cat litter box is a challenge.

So, keep reading to find out the difference between Litter-Robot, Petsafe ScoopFree, and CatGenuie.

Litter-Robot vs CatGenie vs PetSafe Compared

Litter-Robot vs CatGenie vs Petsafe: Which is the Best?

It is almost always a process to get a cat used to an automatic litter box. But picking the right automatic toilet box to suit your cat’s preferences can make all the difference.

So, what’s the best self-cleaning cat toilet box between Litter-Robot 3, Petsafe ScoopFree, and CatGenie? Let’s find out! And don’t forget to check out our comparison table!

1. Size and Weight

In terms of size, Litter-Robot 3 has the largest footprint, measuring 29.5″ x 24.25″ x 27″ with a weight of 24 pounds.

It has a large, globe-like shape with a raised entryway and is suitable for cats at least 5 pounds in weight.

CatGenuie measures 19.25″ x 24.5″ x 21″ and it looks like a miniature cat toilet, while ScoopFree is 27-5/8″ x 19-1/8″ x 6-3/8″ with a rectangular shape, resembling a traditional toilet box. 

But the CatGenie is a bit heavier—25 pounds—and you can’t move it around once it is installed. ScoopFree is relatively light, with a weight of 22 pounds, and it resembles a traditional litter box.

Box size can have an effect on some cats’ toileting habits.

DVM 360 states that after they did a simple, quick study, they found the “trend was that the cats preferred the large boxes to the medium and small boxes based on the number of deposits and total weight of excrement.”

2. Type of Litter and Litter Usage

The first major difference between these three automatic cat litter boxes is the type of litter they use.

  • Litter-Robot 3 works with clumping litter as long as it forms hard clumps. It requires around 20 pounds of litter per month for a single cat.
  • PetSafe ScoopFree uses crystal litter with one disposable tray pre-filled with PetSafe cat litter lasting 20–30 days for a single cat.
  • CatGenie works with washable granules, and you can’t use any other types of litter because you risk clogging your pipes. One box lasts about 3–5 months, depending on the cat’s bathroom habits. 

So, comparing PetSafe, Litter-Robot, and CatGenie, the Litter-Robot has the upper hand since it doesn’t require any special litter. 

Moreover, crystals and washable granules are more expensive than clumping clay, so these types of litter cost more per month.

3. How They Work

These three automatic litter boxes have different cleaning mechanisms to ensure your cat has fresh litter and doesn’t get hurt when using the box:

  • PetSafe ScoopFree uses automatic rakes that move along the disposable litter bed and push the clumps and waste into a covered waste trap. The metal rake then returns to its original position. 
  • Litter-Robot features a rotating mechanism that rotates the globe to sift your cat’s solid waste into a discreet waste receptacle with a carbon filter. 
  • CatGenie’s unique cleaning cycle drains liquid waste and scoops solid waste. Afterward, it liquefies all waste and flushes it down your drain. 

So, comparing Litter-Robot vs PetSafe vs CatGenie, the Genie is a clear winner because you never have to touch the dirty litter. 

Moreover, it’s the only automatic cat litter box that washes after each use, providing a clean litter box for your cat for each bathroom visit.

4. Cleaning Cycle

catgenie automatic litter box

Let’s compare how the cycling cycle works in each of these automatic, self-cleaning litter boxes. 

  • The PetSafe ScoopFree Original activates the rakes 20 minutes after your cat exits the toilet. However, ScoopFree Ultra has an adjustable rake timer that you can set for 5, 10, or 20 minutes. 
  • Litter-Robot 3 Connect has an adjustable cycle timer you can set at 3, 7, or 15 minutes. You can also start a manual cycle. 
  • CatGenie A.L. offers several clean modes: cat-activated, manual, time-activated, and delayed start. But the cleaning and drying take up to 40 minutes, and it’s very loud!

5. Features

Litter-Robot 3 Connect allows you to remotely control your automatic toilet box through the Litter-Robot Connect App and gives cat owners a monthly analysis of their cat litter box usage.

Moreover, all Litter-Robot models feature an automatic night light, an 8-hour sleep mode, control panel lockout, and drawer full indication. 

PetSafe ScoopFree’s Ultra version also has a health counter track to alert you for any health issues, while PetSafe ScoopFree Smart has an app to remind you when to change the tray or order new ones.

CatGenie lacks a bit in additional features, but CatGenie A.L. is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can monitor your furry friend’s bathroom behaviors through the CatGenie app.

The application also gives you recommendations based on your cat’s bathroom usage, and you can adjust the settings for maximum performance. And you can order supplies with one click. 

So, all three automatic litter boxes offer plenty of benefits for multi-cat households and have excellent smart features.

6. Installation/Assembly

The Litter-Robot takes 10–15 minutes to assemble; the process is straightforward, and you just need an electric outlet to plug the box in.

PetSafe ScoopFree is easy to assemble, and you don’t need any special tools to put it together. You need less than 5 minutes to set up the box.

You’ll need to connect your CatGenie to the cold water from the washing machine, sink, or toilet.

While the manufacturer provides detailed instructions, it’s difficult compared to the others.

7. Supplies

Comparing Litter-Robot vs PetSafe, Litter-Robot offers you a better deal because you don’t need any branded supplies. Instead, you can line the waste receptacle with kitchen garbage bags.

However, PetSafe uses disposable litter trays. So, you either need to purchase a litter tray every month or pay extra for the reusable waste tray.

Still, PetSafe supplies cost less than CatGenuie, which requires SaniSolution 120 cartilages and CatGenuie maintenance cartilage to keep bacteria and odor from accumulating.

8. Number of Cats

three next and litter robot 3

CatGenuie works best for one or two cats, each up to 20 lbs in weight. The long, clean cycle also makes it better for single-cat households.

As one cat owner says, “Most of my cats like to use the box one after the other in the morning, and I don’t like the idea of them all having to wait.”

ScoopFree is also best for one or two cats, but Litter-Robot can handle up to four felines with no issues.

9. Odor Control

Comparing these three self-cleaning litter boxes, CatGenie seems to have the best odor control since it flushes the dirty litter down the drain and washes the box with an odor-neutralizing solution. 

However, as this reviewer explains, the CatGenie scooping mechanism misses chunks of cat waste, allowing them to build up over time and smell.

ScoopFree’s crystals also lock in smells, but they have a saturation threshold, so many owners notice a strong urine odor after a while.

So, Litter-Robot has enhanced odor control thanks to its waste drawer with a built-in carbon filter and the built-in litter catcher.

The sifting mechanism doesn’t allow dirty litter to accumulate inside the globe.

10. Maintenance

CatGenie has the easiest waste disposal system since it liquefies your cat’s waste, flushes it down the drain, and then cleans the surface. So, you don’t have to do any scooping or emptying trays. 

On the other hand, Litter-Robot sifts the litter clumps inside a waste compartment, which you have to empty weekly or when you see the blue light indicator.

It also needs deep cleaning at least twice a year, especially if your Litter-Robot smells

PetSafe ScoopFree is also easy to maintain because you replace the disposable litter bed when it gets smelly and empty the waste trap every couple of weeks. But the reusable tray is more work.

11. Tracking

Comparing PetSafe vs. Litter-Robot vs CatGenie, all automatic litter boxes show good results when it comes to tracking.

However, the best one would be Litter-Robot, especially if you pick the best litter for Litter-Robot with a larger granule size. Low-quality clay litter won’t show the same results.

ScoopFree’s litter crystals also don’t track much due to their size. 

12. Additional Accessories

petsafe automatic litter box

All three brands offer great additional accessories:

  • The best Litter-Robot accessories are the OdorTrap Pod for additional odor control, the waste drawer liners, the litter mat, the ramp, and the fence. Whisker’s also has the best litter for Litter-Robot
  • PetSafe ScoopFree has an optional privacy hood.
  • CatGenuie offers a dome for additional odor control and sidewalls.

13. Warranty

Comparing Litter-Robot vs PetSafe vs CatGenuie, Litter-Robot has the best warranty policy because you’ve got a 90-day-in-home-trail and one-year warranty that covers everything.

So, you’ve got three months to try this self-cleaning litter box and see if your feline friend likes it. And you can purchase an extended 3-year warranty.

On the other hand, PetSafe offers you a 45-day money-back guarantee and a one-year limited guarantee. CatGenie also has a great 2-year warranty policy and a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

14. Price

PetSafe ScoopFree Original is the cheapest automatic self-cleaning litter box, with a price of $169.99. ScoopFree Smart is a bit more expensive, at $269.99.

The Litter-Robot 3 Connect costs $549. If you opt for an extended 3-year warranty, you’ll have to pay $100 extra. 

CatGenie costs $439 for the standard package and $499 for the premium package (2 extra SaniSolution cartilages, a GenieDome, and sidewalls).

Which One To Choose and Why?

Comparing Litter-Robot vs PetSafe vs CatGenie, each has its strong sides and weaknesses. So, which automatic cat litter box to choose and why? 

Best for Multiple Cats: Litter-Robot

Litter Robot 3 vs 4: Which One Is Better?

If you have more than two cats, you should go for Litter-Robot. It has a short cleaning cycle, so your cats won’t have to wait in line to use the litter box.

Moreover, Litter-Robot has excellent odor control, thanks to the discreet waste compartment, quick cleaning cycle, and carbon filter. 

And unlike CatGenie and PetSafe, Litter-Robot has a relatively quiet cleaning cycle, making it less likely to scare shy cats.

And as this video reviewer says, the Litter-Robot is perfect for cats that like confined spaces, and it does an excellent job at containing smelly cat waste.

2. Best for Busy Cat Owners: CatGenie

CatGenie Cat Litter Box
  • Automatic cat box flushes waste away and washes itself clean
  • Uses litter-like Washable Granules not clay litter to satisfy cats...
  • Requires hookup to cold water and electrical outlet

CatGenie is the self-cleaning litter box to pick for your feline companion if you are too busy to scoop your cat’s toilet or don’t want to scrub litter from the bottom of the box.

Moreover, thanks to the smart feature, CatGenie analyzes your cat’s bathroom habits to optimize its performance without you lifting a finger.

3. Best for Tight Budgets: PetSafe ScoopFree

PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box
  • APP-CONNECTED LITTER BOX: This litter box is connected to the My...
  • AUTOMATICALLY CLEANS FOR WEEKS: The hands-free cleaning cycle runs 20...
  • TRACK YOUR CAT’S HEALTH: Real time usage data shows as an activity...

PetSafe ScoopFree is the right choice if you want a cheap self-cleaning cat litter box, especially if you switch to the reusable litter tray. 

However, as this Reddit pet owner explains, “The reusable trays required manual labor,” so you’ll spend more time scooping and cleaning them.

But it’s still an excellent choice for a single-cat household.

4. Best Investment: Litter-Robot

Litter-Robot 3 Connect
  • SELF-CLEANING LITTER BOX: Never scoop again with Litter-Robot 3...
  • REDUCES LITTER BOX ODORS & TRACKING: The automatic clean cycle and...
  • MONITOR + CONTROL VIA APP: Control this smart litter box straight from...

Not thinking about the upfront cost, Litter-Robot is the best investment in the long run. It doesn’t need any special supplies or litter, so you have plenty of options to use as bags for Litter-Robot

While CatGenie is a bit less expensive than Litter-Robot 3 Connect, you have to factor in hidden monthly costs, such as your water bill, sanitizing solution cartilage, and the cost of washable granules.

5. Best for Kittens: PetSafe ScoopFree

Most specialists recommend non-clumping litter or crystals for kittens under four months. So, since PetSafe ScoopFree is suitable for kittens at least 6 months old, it’s your best choice.

On the other hand, to use Litter-Robot 3, cats should weigh at least 5 pounds to trigger the sensor, so it’s not a good choice. CatGenie is also a bit high for a small kitten to enter.

Final Word

Comparing Litter-Robot vs PetSafe vs CatGenie, Litter-Robot scores the most points, thanks to its unique rotating mechanism, cat-friendly design, and extra features.

Most cats also quickly get used to this self-cleaning toilet box, and the smart features allow you to keep track of your cat’s bathroom habits no matter where you are.

To make the transition process easier, no matter which litter box you choose, remember to place a small piece of your cat’s waste in the automatic box to encourage them to use it.

What do you think about our comparison guide on Litter Robot vs PetSafe vs CatGenie? Have you ever tried these self-cleaning cat litter boxes? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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