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If you’re looking for Mexican cat names for your new feline friend, we’ve got you covered!

Below, we’re checking out 100 magnificent ideas, split evenly between males and females.

They’re perfect for all breeds, but especially appropriate for the Mexican hairless cat!

Let’s dive in and check them out!

50 Mexican Cat Names for Females

mexican female cat
  1. Adoncia – Mexican name meaning “sweet.”
  2. Alita – for a noble cat.
  3. Beatriz – this Mexican name means “traveler.”
  4. Bebe – for the adorable baby you have.
  5. Bella – Mexican name meaning “beautiful.”
  6. Blanca – perfect name for a white cat.
  7. Bonita – for the prettiest cat out there.
  8. Carina – for the cat you love so much.
  9. Carissa – great name for a gentle cat.
  10. Carmen – this Mexican name means “garden.”
  11. Catalina – for a cat with a pure soul.
  12. Charo – this Mexican name refers to roses.
  13. Chica – popular name meaning “girl.”
  14. Chiquis – for a very small cat.
  15. Chiquita – Mexican name meaning “small.”
  16. Cielo – for a heavenly cat.
  17. Consuela – popular Mexican name meaning “solace.”
  18. Coraima – perfect name for a white cat.
  19. Corazon – this Mexican name means “heart.”
  20. Cornelia – for a very powerful lady.
  21. Damita – great name for a true princess.
  22. Damita – Mexican name for a noble kitten.
  23. Delores – this name means “sorrow.”
  24. Drina – for the one who defends you all.
  25. Dulcinea – beautiful name meaning “sweet.”
  26. Eldora – for the one who’s covered in gold.
  27. Elena – this Mexican name is perfect for a mischievous cat.
  28. Elsa – Mexican name meaning “truth.”
  29. Emelda – for the one who always wins.
  30. Esmeralda – this name means “emerald.”
  31. Estefany – perfect name for a queen.
  32. Estrella – Mexican name meaning “star.”
  33. Eva – this name means “life.”
  34. Felicia – for a very lucky kitten.
  35. Fuensanta – Mexican name meaning “holy.”
  36. Gitana – this cat name means gypsy.
  37. Gordita – for a very chubby cat.
  38. Hermelinda – great name for the cat who never gets into trouble.
  39. Ines – beautiful name meaning “gentle.”
  40. Kayla – this Mexican name means “crown.”
  41. Kesare – perfect name for a cat with long hair.
  42. Laya – Mexican cat name meaning “calm.”
  43. Linda – for the prettiest out there!
  44. Luna – if your cat is as beautiful as the moon.
  45. Melosa – this name means “gentle.”
  46. Neva – amazing name for a white cat.
  47. Odessa – for the one who traveled a long distance.
  48. Paloma – Mexican name meaning “dove.”
  49. Querida – for the one you’ll always love.
  50. Rosa – this name means “rose.”

50 Mexican Cat Names for Males

mexican male cat
  1. Abejundio – beautiful name for a striped cat.
  2. Alejandro – for the defender of your household.
  3. Alonzo – great name for a noble cat.
  4. Amato – Mexican name meaning “beloved.”
  5. Antonio – for the one you can only praise.
  6. Armando – this name means “soldier.”
  7. Belen – referring to Bethlehem.
  8. Benito – Mexican cat name meaning “blessed.”
  9. Bernardo – for a very brave one.
  10. Burrito – classic Mexican name – everyone loves it!
  11. Carlo – this Mexican name means “free man.”
  12. Castel – for the one living in a castle.
  13. Chico – this Mexican name means “boy.”
  14. Cirooyvts – for a truly royal kitten.
  15. Consuelo – beautiful name meaning “solace.”
  16. Cortez – for a triumphant cat.
  17. Dante – this name is perfect for a strong cat.
  18. Dario – Mexican name meaning “well.”
  19. Devante – for the one who fights for the truth.
  20. Diablo – great name for a mischievous cat.
  21. Domingo – this Mexican name means “lord.”
  22. Donato – for the cat with a great destiny.
  23. Don – for the gentleman who rules the world.
  24. Eduardo – this name translates to “rich guardian.”
  25. Emilio – perfect name for a real winner.
  26. Enrique – for the ruler of your house.
  27. Esteban – this name is suitable for a king.
  28. Federico – for a very peaceful cat.
  29. Ferdinand – Mexican name meaning “peaceful.”
  30. Fidel – the popular name for a faithful.
  31. Galeno – one of the cutest white male cat names.
  32. Gizmo – adorable name for a very smart cat.
  33. Hector – for the defender of your household.
  34. Juan – Mexican name meaning “God is gracious.”
  35. Julio – perfect name for the cat with the softest hair.
  36. Kapitan – this name is suitable for a captain.
  37. Lobo – Mexican name meaning “wolf.”
  38. Luccas – for a pure white cat.
  39. Manuel – beautiful name meaning “God is with us.”
  40. Noe – for the cat who likes to live in peace.
  41. Pablo – for the smallest of the pack.
  42. Quiero – perfect name for the one you can’t live without.
  43. Quinto – for the fifth-born.
  44. Rico – this name is perfect for a noble ruler.
  45. Senon – referring to the descendant of Zeus.
  46. Tajo – Mexican name meaning “day.”
  47. Tequila – after the famous Mexican alcohol, of course.
  48. Ulrich – this name means “leader.”
  49. Umberto – one of the cutest brown cat names for a brown cat.
  50. Vicente – Mexican cat name meaning “victorious.”


There you have it! A huge list of Mexico-inspired cat names for your new feline friend.

I like “Odessa” for a girl and “Noe” for a boy. Quite unique, right?

How about you? What are your favorite Mexican cat names? Share below!


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