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If you’re looking for small cat breeds, we’ve got a treat for you!

While large domestic cats rock, you might want a cat breed that stays small to cuddle them in your arms.

If that’s so, keep reading to discover the 7 tiniest cat breeds that will steal your heart.

Meet the Most Adorable Small Cat Breeds

Cats are remarkable creatures with their soft purring, silky fur, and mischievous personalities.

They fill your house and life with joy and make it easy to face the days when you have trouble getting out of bed.

Most cat breeds make excellent indoor pets, but you might be worried about a big cat running through your house or prefer a lap cat that doesn’t weigh 18 pounds.

Fortunately, cats come in all shapes and sizes, and you can easily find a breed that will fit your living situation or preferences.

Let’s see seven cat breeds that rarely weigh more than 10 pounds and tend to stay tiny.

1. Singapura

What is the smallest cat breed in the world? That would be the Singapura with a meager weight of four to seven pounds.

What is the smallest cat breed in the world? That would be the Singapura, with a meager weight of four to seven pounds.

While the Singapura is a tiny breed, these exotic cats have big eyes and ears that give them a unique appearance.

Their sepia-toned coat with bands of light and dark tippings is also one of a kind in the cat world.

Despite being the smallest cat breed, the Singapura has the personality of a large feline and much more energy than you’d expect.

They love climbing the drapes, chasing balls in the halls, and riding on your shoulders.

Moreover, the Singapura has an easy-to-groom coat and is among the breeds that don’t shed much.

So, there won’t be much cat hair on your clothes or furniture.

2. Munchkin

It’s not surprising that Munchkins are among the smallest cat breeds in the world.

It’s not surprising that Munchkins are among the smallest cat breeds in the world.

Thanks to a natural genetic mutation, Munchkins have shorter legs than your average cat and weigh no more than nine pounds.

Despite their short stature and tiny size, Munchkins are active, energetic cats that love to climb and need a suitable cat tree.

A Munchkin might not be able to leap as far as other cats, but they make up for it with their persistence.

Unlike other purebred cats, breeders cross Munchkins with regular-sized cats to produce short-legged kittens.

That’s because two Munchkin cats can pass the dominant mutated gene, in which case the kittens don’t survive.

3. Cornish Rex

Another small cat breed is the affectionate Cornish Rex

Another small cat breed is the affectionate Cornish Rex with its unique coat, cheerful personality, and large satellite-like ears.

With a weight of around eight pounds, the Cornish Rex doesn’t seem like a tiny cat breed.

That’s because the Cornish Rex has long legs, but you’ll feel how slender this cat is when you pick them up.

Despite their almost fragile appearance and egg-shaped head, the Cornish Rex is an athletic, people-oriented cat with high energy needs.

These shorthaired cats love to be the center of attention, have a great sense of humor, and enjoy being handled.

Interestingly, Cornish Rex can also open doors with ease thanks to their long toes and have a dog-like personality.

They aren’t laid-back or quiet cats and retain their kitten-like behavior well into their golden years.

4. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is one of the cutest big-eared cat breeds

Have you ever wanted a tiny cat that would sit on your shoulders and keep you company all day long?

Then all you need is a Devon Rex, the next in our list of the world’s smallest cat breeds.

People often describe the Devon Rex as elfin or alien-like in appearance due to their large ears, high cheekbones, and haunting eyes.

Their coat is curly and similar to that of the Cornish Rex. But the two breeds don’t share the same genetic makeup.

Most Devon Rex cats weigh from five to ten pounds, so don’t expect your Devon Rex to grow big.

They’re also moderately active, like to play without being too destructive, and seek the warmest place in the house to sleep.

Moreover, Devon Rex enjoys learning tricks and playing fetch.

They’re also likely to steal from your plate at dinner time and might put on weight if you’re not careful.

5. American Curl

black American curl cat

Look at these adorable curled ears! Don’t you want to scratch them all day long?

That would be the American Curl, one of the youngest cat breeds.

The distinctive curled ears of the American Curl are the result of a natural mutation in a dominant gene.

Breeders quickly fell in love with their unique appearance, and the Cat Fancier Association recognized the breed in 1993.

Besides being one of the smallest domestic cat breeds, people have lovingly nicknamed the American Curl “Peter Pan.”

No matter their age, these adorable cats love to “fly” around the house and amuse you with their antics.

The American Curl is also one of the most affectionate cats and loves to spend time with children, unlike other breeds.

Moreover, these curly cats aren’t overly demanding, bossy, or talkative. They’re happy to be in your company without asking for constant attention.

6. Balinese


A long-haired version of the Siamese, the Balinese is next on our list of the smallest domestic cats.

With a weight between five and ten pounds, the Balinese is the perfect lap cat and will gladly keep you company no matter what you do.

Since Balinese are related to Siamese, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that they’re intelligent, chatty, and clingy.

The Balinese also love to be underfoot, so you’ll have to watch your steps and learn to share your bed at night.

While the Balinese isn’t as talkative as the Siamese, they love to express their opinion with a soft meow and can be quite persistent when they want something.

They also enjoy puzzle games, teaser toys, and cat trees.

7. Dwelf

Grey Dwelf Cat, one of the tiniest cat breeds

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you cross elves with dwarfs?

All you have to do is look at the Dwelf cats with their elven features and dwarvish bodies to see the result.

The Dwelf isn’t among the official American Cat Association’s breeds because it’s a designer breed.

A Dwelf cat has the short legs of the Munchkin, the Sphinx’s hairless body, and the curly ears of the American Curl.

Most Dwelf cats are between four and nine pounds in weight and have a kitten-like body.

They keep their kitten behavior well into adulthood and won’t ever stop to amaze you with their dog-like personalities and mischief.

Moreover, the Dwelf is less likely to bother people with allergies because they don’t shed much.

However, the Dwelf’s coat requires a lot of care to keep it free of dirt and debris.


Before you consider adopting a tiny cat breed, you should keep something in mind.

Small doesn’t mean lazy or laid-back. Some tiny cats are much more energetic than their larger brethren.

Some of these tiny breeds are also predisposed to genetic diseases and problems due to their tiny size.

Always get your cat from respectable breeders, or better yet, adopt!

There are many small domestic cats with no breed or pedigree that will make excellent house pets.

What do you think of these 7 small cat breeds? Which one is your favorite tiny cat breed? Tell us in the comment section.

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