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While summer may seem a long way away, one can surely dream of warmer days of bright sunlight and clear skies.

If you are planning to bring home a new feline addition to your home around that time, then it’s a great idea to start searching for names now.

Not only will your cat brighten up your days, but they may quite literally bring the sun with them as well as you welcome them during the summer months.

We drew inspiration for all the wonderful things the season has to offer!

Below, you’ll find 60 “brilliant like the sun” ideas, with plenty each for males and females.

Summer Cat Names For Males

These 30 male summer cat names will definitely give you all the warm and fuzzy feels! Check them out and find your new kitten's perfect moniker!

Check out some beautiful names for both male kitties inspired by everything the season has to offer.

We even included some neat names based on summer words in other languages!

  1. August – A cooler summer month that may bring the beginnings of a cool breeze.
  2. Azul – A name for the blue sea
  3. Azur – A word to describe clear blue skies.
  4. Aqua – Summertime is when most people go on vacation to tropical places with water the color of aqua.
  5. Anchor – For the anchoring force in your life. Summer also brings yacht parties and sailing!
  6. Blake – It means “fair” as in complexion, which would be suitable for blonde cats.
  7. Bahama – Don’t we all wish we could afford a vacation in the Bahamas? Naming your cat this may bring you one step closer.
  8. Blue – What the sea under the sun would look like on a fine beach day.
  9. Coconut – There is no better summer fruit with the more refreshing juices.
  10. Captain – Who is the driving force in your life? Your cat is the captain!
  11. Catfish – If you have an exceptional cat who also likes to swim.
  12. Cruz – Get a real feeling of vacation every time you utter your cat’s name.
  13. Dom – Portuguese for “sun”
  14. Flip – A part of the word flip-flop, a go-to summer shoe for many.
  15. Harbor – A great place to take a stroll, and we’re sure your cat harbors a lot of affection for you.
  16. Leto – Czech for “summertime.”
  17. Ore – What is used to steer a boat, much like how your cat steers and influences your life.
  18. Pelican – Quite a pesky bird if you ask us.
  19. Pier – A little like the French name Pierre (Peter), but actually meaning something different in English.
  20. Pirate – Rulers of the Seven Seas, you also hardly see them plundering in places with a colder climate.
  21. Sand – For sandy colored cats and ones who love the beach.
  22. Shark – Baby Shark Do Do Do Do Do Do, who sang this to their cat and their baby?
  23. Skye or Sky – Summer brings the nicest skies with the best sunsets!
  24. Shore – Relaxed and coastal feline spirit.
  25. Sol – Means “sun” in numerous languages, including Danish and Norwegian.
  26. Sunset – Summertime presents the best sunsets.
  27. Suvi – A gender-neutral name, it’s how the Estonians say “summer.”
  28. Tywod – Welsh for “sand.”
  29. Watermelon – We spoke too soon. A watermelon could perhaps provide the most satisfying thirst quencher.
  30. Zomer – Dutch word for “summer”

When we think of summer, we think of beach bums and lazing around and getting your tan on. That’s why most of our above names are beach and vacation-inspired.

Summer Cat Names For Females

These 30 female summer cat names will definitely give you all the warm and fuzzy feels! Check them out and find your new kitten's perfect moniker!

Along with sweet treats and summer destinations, for the girls, we also turned to the season’s most brilliant flowers for inspiration.

As with the boys, we’ve also included some neat summer words in different languages that sound beautiful.

  1. Aloha Hawaii doesn’t see the change of seasons, and is among the most popular vacation spots in the summer.
  2. Bikini – Wear your bikini to show off your summer bod, and hopefully have one that matches your cat.
  3. Catalina – The name of a famous ship, and it’s clever because it also has the word “cat”.
  4. Catmint – A summer flower that coincidentally as the word “cat”.
  5. Corona – Having a beer on a hot summer’s day is quite refreshing.
  6. Daisy – A name fit for a beautiful cat that will grace your home in the summer.
  7. Dahlia – A flower that blooms in the summer and in multiple colors.
  8. Dawn – Just as the sun hits the sky and lights up your day.
  9. Hoku – For the star of your life.
  10. Honeybee – Without this cute little bug, how would all the flowers get pollinated and bring such lovely flowers?
  11. Isle – Calm and tranquil feline presence, evoking the serenity of summer islands.
  12. Kaia – Meaning “the sea” in Hawaiian.
  13. Lavender – It’s a gorgeous purple flower that also has calming effects. This is a great choice if you have a calm and peaceful cat.
  14. Lily (Lily Pad for cuteness) – A summer flower.
  15. MaraIrish for “marine.”
  16. Marina – Summertime strolls at the marina and ice cream are among the best childhood memories.
  17. Marigold – Another flower that blooms in the warmer months.
  18. Ocean – Where else would you want to have fun in the summer?
  19. Petunia – Another summer flower.
  20. Poppy – Energetic and vibrant feline companion, reminiscent of summer flowers in full bloom.
  21. Praia – Galician for “beach.”
  22. Pushime – Albanian for “vacation.”
  23. Sunrise – If a guy is sunset, then a female would be sunrise.
  24. Soleil – “Sun” in French.
  25. Summer – Lively and sunny cat name capturing the essence of the warmest season.
  26. Sunflower – Radiant and cheerful feline friend, symbolizing the beauty and brightness of summer days.
  27. Tequila – Sipping on tequila at a beach bar is also the perfect image of summer.
  28. Uda – The Basque word for summer! It has a beautiful ring to it, doesn’t it?
  29. Verë – Albanian for “summer”
  30. Villa – Where we love to stay on vacations.

Lots of flowers bloom in the summertime and are a great choice for cats born in those warmer months of the year.

In terms of male summer cat names, we really enjoy Pier, Azur and Anchor.

As for females, we love all the flower names. Did we miss a summer flower you wish we put on the list?


Choosing a summer-inspired name for your cat adds a touch of warmth and vibrancy to their identity.

From tranquil island vibes to lively blooms and sunny days, these names capture the essence of the summer season.

Embrace the spirit of summer and give your feline companion a name that reflects the sunny days and happy moments you share together.

Let their name be a reminder of the warmth and happiness they bring to your life throughout the year.

Tell us your favorite summer cat names in the comments below!


These 60 summer cat names will definitely give you all the warm and fuzzy feels! Check them out and find your new kitten's perfect moniker!
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