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Finding cute hippie cat names for your little furball can seem like a hard job.

When it comes to choosing a name for your feline friend, the options are endless. From classic names to trendy ones, there’s something out there for every cat lover.

But if you’re looking for a name that exudes a laid-back and groovy vibe, then why not consider a hippie cat name?

These names capture the spirit of the 60s and 70s counterculture movement and are perfect for cats that embody a free-spirited and peaceful nature.

We will explore some delightful hippie cat names that are sure to make your feline companion stand out from the crowd.

We came up with 150 ideas that are perfect for your furry flower child. Take a look!

Hippie Cat Names For Females

female cat with hippie cat name
  1. Arlo – this name means ‘known throughout the land.’
  2. Autumn – a beautiful and very nostalgic cat name.
  3. Azalea – after the beautiful flowers.
  4. Cloud – a cute hippie cat name inspired by the nature.
  5. Cypress – after the beautiful and unique tree.
  6. Dahlia – dahlias are some of the most beautiful flowers.
  7. Daisy – a simple, yet cheerful cat name.
  8. Dawn – for a hippie cat that loves you a lot!
  9. Dream – because your hippie cat makes every day a dream!
  10. Echo – a name to be remembered!
  11. Feather – a perfect name for a hippie white cat.
  12. Gardenia – a sweet name inspiring happiness.
  13. Gracious – for a thankful hippie cat.
  14. Gratitude – to show her how much she means to you.
  15. Harmony – because your cat brings harmony everywhere.
  16. Heather – a lovely name after a beautiful purple flower.
  17. Honest – because she honestly loves you.
  18. Honor – for the hippie cat with a badge of honor!
  19. Hope – because she brings you hope.
  20. Juniper – a very popular name, inspired from the Juniper berries.
  21. Kai Hawaiian name meaning ‘sea.’
  22. Leaf – after one of the purest parts of nature.
  23. Love – beautiful name after the purest emotion.
  24. Marley – after the famous singer.
  25. Meadow – beautiful name reminding of the simple things.
  26. Moon – after one of Nature’s best creations.
  27. Moonbeam – for the cutie that lights up all your days and nights.
  28. Ocean – perfect name for a hippie cat with blue eyes.
  29. Patience – because patience is the biggest gift.
  30. Peace – because it’s important to be peaceful.
  31. Petal – because she gives you all her love!
  32. Petunia – after some of the loveliest flowers.
  33. Promise – because she is constantly bringing you happiness.
  34. Radiance – for the light that shines in your life.
  35. Rain – because your cat brings you the purest feelings!
  36. Rainbow – for the one bringing color to your life.
  37. Rebel – a hippie name with a powerful sense of pride.
  38. Robin – named after the loveliest bird.
  39. Saffron – perfect name for a ginger cat.
  40. Sage – if your cat brings you a sense of calmness.
  41. Serenity – for the one bringing peace everywhere she goes.
  42. Shine – beautiful name for a happy hippie cat.
  43. Sierra – the perfect name for a free spirited cat.
  44. Skye – amazing hippie name for your cat.
  45. Storm – for a fierce, yet peaceful hippie cat.
  46. Summer – after the season representing a new beginning.
  47. Tulip – because tulips are some of the most versatile flowers.
  48. Venus – after the Roman Goddess!
  49. Willow – a hippie name for the one that’s one with nature.
  50. True – for the most important virtue.

I don’t know about you, but I really love Willow, and Dahlia is also great option if you prefer a flower cat names.

Hippie Cat Names For Males

These 100 hippie cat names are just perfect for your new furry flower child. We found 50 each for male and female kittens. Check them out!
  1. Alchemy – a mystical name for a hippie cat.
  2. Arrow – one of the most stylish hippie names.
  3. Atlas – a name that’s sure to grab attention.
  4. August – after the most popular month.
  5. Basil – a very cool name, inspiring forever happiness.
  6. Bear – after one of nature’s most popular animals.
  7. Benjamin – inspired by Dr. Benjamin Spock.
  8. Birch – a very graceful hippie name.
  9. Blue – amazing name for a blue eyed hippie cat.
  10. Bodhi – Sanskrit name meaning ‘awakened.’
  11. Buzz – a very popular hippie name.
  12. Cash – in Hebrew, this name means ‘hallow.’
  13. Cedar – after one of the most popular trees.
  14. Damien – perfect name for a ‘tamer.’
  15. Dharma – meaning ‘the one doing everything right.’
  16. Dusky – beautiful name after the time of the day.
  17. Elm – a name inspired from nature.
  18. Ezra – famous Jewish name meaning ‘help.’
  19. Fallon Irish name meaning ‘leader.’
  20. Harper – very popular name, meaning ‘harp player.’
  21. Hawk – English name, after the ‘bird of prey.’
  22. Huckleberry – English name meaning ‘humble.’
  23. Indigo – a beautiful hippie name.
  24. Indio – after California’s desert town.
  25. Joaquin – Hebrew name meaning ‘lifter by (God) Yahweh.’
  26. Karma – for the one meant to fulfill a destiny.
  27. Kobe – after the legendary player.
  28. Krishna – Indian name, meaning ‘to black.’
  29. Lake – a hippie name inspired by the serenity of a lake.
  30. Liberty – for a free-spirited hippie cat.
  31. Luca – hippie name for a very calm cat.
  32. Milo – Bohemian name, meaning ‘soldier.’
  33. Nirvana – this name speaks for itself.
  34. North – a name with a great inspiration.
  35. Orion – after the Mythological Greek hunter.
  36. Peaceful – for a hippie and free-spirited cat!
  37. Prairie – beautiful name evoking amazing memories.
  38. Quest – for the one who needs to find his path.
  39. Quinn – perfect name for a very intelligent cat.
  40. Reed – very popular hippie name meaning ‘red.’
  41. Rock – a very stylish, yet hippie cat name.
  42. Rowan – Celtic name for the protector.
  43. Sparrow – one of the best names out there.
  44. Spock – a hippie name for any Star Trek lover.
  45. Twig – a very beautiful and hippie name for your cat.
  46. Wolf – after one of the most spiritual animals.
  47. Xerxes – after the Greek ‘ruler of heroes.’
  48. Zappa – a very unique hippie name.
  49. Zen – this name represents a state of calm and mindfulness.
  50. Ziggy – a funky name that’s sure to grab the attention.

How cute is Ziggy for a name? I love so many on this list, actually. Milo is a great option if you’re more into bohemian cat names.

Unisex Hippie Names

cat with a flower cat name
  1. Alchemy – for a magical and hippie cat.
  2. Aspen – American name that means “quaking tree”.
  3. August – after the month of calmness.
  4. Blue – perfect hippie name for a blue-eyed cat.
  5. Bodhi – Indian name for the one who understands the true nature.
  6. Cedar – after the beautiful tree.
  7. Cloud – beautiful hippie name for a white or grey cat.
  8. Cyan – after the amazing color.
  9. Cypress – this is one of the most unique names out there.
  10. Dawn – for the hippie cat you have!
  11. Dharma – this name refers to the one who’s never wrong.
  12. Dream – for the best hippie cat out there!
  13. Dusky – beautiful name for a hippie cat!
  14. Echo – Greek name referring to the love that can’t be matched!
  15. Ezra – amazing name for your little helper.
  16. Genesis – Greek name meaning “beginning.”
  17. Honest – because this is the hippie nature!
  18. Honor – beautiful unisex hippie name.
  19. Infinity – for the cat with endless love.
  20. Journey – referring to your new spiritual adventure.
  21. Karma – because this is what rules the world.
  22. Leaf – because it’s all about the nature.
  23. Love – for the most loving cat out there.
  24. Marley – Old English name for a “pleasant personality.”
  25. Moon – because it’s the most beautiful thing!
  26. Neo – this name means “new gift.”
  27. Ocean – perfect name for a blue-eyed kitten.
  28. Ode – after a calm and beautiful poem.
  29. Patience – as there’s nothing without patience.
  30. Peace – because peace is everything we need.
  31. Phoenix – after the birth rebirth from its own ashes.
  32. Quinn – perfect name for a smart cat.
  33. Rain – for the one bringing wealth.
  34. Raven – perfect name for a wise cat.
  35. Rebel – beautiful hippie cat name for a proud one!
  36. River – after nature’s most beautiful element.
  37. Robin – for a loving cat!
  38. Saffron – great name for a red cat.
  39. Sage Latin name for a wise cat.
  40. Sasha – Greek name for the defender of peace.
  41. Skye – Old Norse name meaning “cloud.”
  42. Storm – for the cat who brings emotions.
  43. Teo – Greek name meaning “Gift from God.”
  44. Topaz – after the beautiful jewel.
  45. Tygo – Greek name meaning “luck.”
  46. Urban – Latin name meaning “from the city.”
  47. Win – Old English name for a joyful cat.
  48. Winter – Native American name meaning “renewal.”
  49. Zen – Japanese name meaning “meditation.”
  50. Zephyr – Greek name for a wild wind.


In a world where stress and chaos seem to be the norm, it’s refreshing to embrace the carefree and peaceful ideals of the hippie era.

Choosing a hippie-inspired name for your cat not only adds a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness but also reflects the relaxed and serene personality that cats often possess.

Whether you opt for a name that references nature, music, or the spirit of freedom, these hippie cat names are a fantastic way to honor the past while celebrating the joy and tranquility that our feline companions bring to our lives.

So go ahead, let your inner flower child shine, and give your cat a name that’s as groovy as they are.

What are your favorite hippie cat names? Share below!


These 100 hippie cat names are just perfect for your new furry flower child. We found 50 each for male and female kittens. Check them out!
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