Some kitties are so fearless that nothing but one of the best warrior cat name ideas will do for them!

If you’re struggling to choose the right one, keep reading for our favorites, along with the meanings!

We’ll check out 50 each for boys and girls with the heart of a lion!

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Looking for warrior cat name ideas for your kitty with a heart of a lion? Check out our favorites for both males and females!

Male Warrior Cat Name Ideas List

Let’s start with some epic warrior cat names with meaning for our little boy kitties!

  1. Ajamu – Nigerian name, meaning ‘he fights for his desires.’
  2. Alger – English name, meaning ‘clever warrior.’
  3. Aloysus – Germanic came, meaning ‘famous warrior.’
  4. Alphonse – French name, meaning ‘ready for battle.’
  5. Alvar – Greek name, meaning ‘noble fair.’
  6. Alvaro = Spanish name, meaning ‘cautious.’
  7. Anzac – name inspired from the Australian Corps.
  8. Armando = Spanish name, meaning ‘soldier.’
  9. Armin – Germanic name meaning ‘warrior.’
  10. Armani – popular Italian name, meaning ‘warrior.’
  11. Arrio = Iranian name, meaning ‘warrior.’
  12. Aryan – Irish name meaning ‘honorable warrior.’
  13. Berenger – Germanic name, meaning ‘warrior fighting with a spear.’
  14. Boris – Slavic name, meaning ‘to fight.’
  15. Cadman Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘warrior.’
  16. Cadoc – Welsh name, meaning ‘battle.’
  17. Cadogan – Welsh name meaning ‘honor in battle.’
  18. Cahir – Irish name, meaning ‘battle man.’
  19. Callan – this name means ‘battle.’
  20. Cathal – Irish name meaning ‘battle ruler.’
  21. Chad – English name meaning ‘battle warrior.’
  22. Chadwick – English name meaning ‘warrior.’
  23. Chevy – French name meaning ‘knight.’
  24. Donnahue – Irish name, meaning ‘dark fighter,’
  25. Duncan – Scottish name meaning ‘dark warrior.’
  26. Dustin – Norse for ‘brave warrior.’
  27. Einar – name meaning ‘bold warrior.’
  28. Evander – Scottish name meaning ‘bow warrior.’
  29. Garrick – this name means ‘mighty warrior.’
  30. Gautier – French name meaning ‘ruler of an army.’
  31. German – Germanic name meaning ‘warrior.’
  32. Gunnar – Scandinavian name meaning ‘bold warrior.’
  33. Gunther – Germanic name meaning ‘battle warrior.’
  34. Harbin – Germanic name meaning ‘little bright warrior.’
  35. Harold – Scandinavian name meaning ‘army ruler.’
  36. Harv – strong name meaning ‘battle worthy.’
  37. Herman – Germanic name meaning ‘warrior.’
  38. Humbert – Germanic name meaning ‘renowned warrior.’
  39. Igor – Russian name meaning ‘warrior.’
  40. Kavan – Breton name meaning ‘warrior.’
  41. Koa – beautiful name meaning ‘warrior.’
  42. Levent – Turkish name meaning ‘naval soldier.’
  43. Lothar – Germanic name meaning ‘famous army.’
  44. Ludovic – Scottish name meaning ‘famous warrior.’
  45. Marceau – French name meaning ‘little warrior.’
  46. Marco – Italian name meaning ‘war-like.’
  47. Mark – Latin name meaning ‘warrior.’
  48. Mordecai – Hebrew name meaning ‘follower of Marduk.’
  49. Ragnar – famous Norse name meaning ‘warrior of judgement.’
  50. Rainer – Germanic name meaning ‘wise army.’
Looking for warrior cat name ideas for your kitty with a heart of a lion? Check out our favorites for both males and females!

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Warrior Cat Names for Females

  1. Alessia = Italian name meaning ‘defending warrior.’
  2. Aloisa = Germanic name meaning ‘renowned warrior.’
  3. Aloisia – Germanic name meaning ‘famous fighter.’
  4. Andromache – powerful name meaning ‘battle of men.’
  5. Armantine – French name meaning ‘army man.’
  6. Armina – Italian name meaning ‘army man.’
  7. Bathilda – Germanic name meaning ‘battle.’
  8. Bellatrix – Latin name meaning ‘female warrior.’
  9. Brunhild – Norse name meaning ‘armed for battle.’
  10. Casey – Irish name meaning ‘brave in battle.’
  11. Clancy – Irish name meaning ‘red-haired warrior.’
  12. Clothilde – strong name meaning ‘famous in battle.’
  13. Clotilda – Germanic name meaning ‘famous warrior.’
  14. Clotille – Germanic name meaning ‘battle maiden.’
  15. Connery – great name meaning ‘warrior lord.’
  16. Edvige – French name meaning ‘warrior.’
  17. Griselda – Germanic name, meaning ‘grey battle.’
  18. Gudrun – Scandinavian name meaning ‘battle.’
  19. Grunhilda – Norse name meaning ‘battle maiden.’
  20. Gunilla – Sweedish name meaning ‘battle maiden.’
  21. Hedwig – Germanic name meaning ‘warrior.’
  22. Hereswith – this name means ‘strength of the army.’
  23. Hilda – Germanic name meaning ‘battle woman.’
  24. Imelda – Italian name meaning ‘all-consuming fight.’
  25. Kelly – Irish name meaning ‘warrior.’
  26. Louisa – Latin name meaning ‘renowned warrior.’
  27. Louise – Frech name meaning ‘renowned female warrior.’
  28. Lulu – Arabic name meaning ‘pearl.’
  29. Malin – English name meaning ‘strong, little warrior.’
  30. Malou – beautiful name meaning ‘bitter warrior.’
  31. Marcella – Italian name meaning ‘warr-like.’
  32. Marcellina – Latin name meaning ‘warrior.’
  33. Marcia – Latin name meaning ‘battle maiden.’
  34. Marsha – strong name meaning ‘battler.’
  35. Martina – Spanish name meaning ‘warr-like.’
  36. Maude – Germanic name meaning ‘battle-mighty.’
  37. Myla – this name means ‘merciful soldier.’
  38. Odile – French name meaning ‘prosper in battle.’
  39. Ottoline – French name meaning ‘battle maiden.’
  40. Othild – Germanic name meaning ‘prosper in battle.’
  41. Onisa – Japanese name meaning ‘renowned warrior.’
  42. Sacha – French name meaning ‘defending warrior.’
  43. Sena – Arabic name meaning ‘ready for battle.’
  44. Shamara = Arabic name meaning ‘world’s beauty.’
  45. Tilly – Germanic name meaning ‘battle-mighty.’
  46. Valda – Germanic name meaning ‘battle heroine.’
  47. Veerle – name for the one who travels to battle.
  48. Viga – Scandinavian name meaning ‘battle.’
  49. Xena – the name of the warrior princess.
  50. Zelda – famous ‘fighting maid.’

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Looking for warrior cat name ideas for your kitty with a heart of a lion? Check out our favorites for both males and females!

I hope you found the perfect idea from our warrior cat name guide! It’s hard to choose a favorite, isn’t it?

Tell us below, which warrior cat name ideas do you love the most?

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