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It’s no surprise that most people are not aware of the weirdest cat breeds in the world.

They only know about domestic, common cat breeds.

But there are actually plenty of bizarre-looking felines with rare features.

Below, we have summed up a list of some of the weirdest cats in the world.

16 Weird And Strange-Looking Cat Breeds

From beautiful and elegant to absolutely unique, these weird cat breeds will capture your heart!

Let’s check them out!

1. Khao Manee

Khao Manee cat breed

The Khao Manee breed originated in Thailand; their most coveted trait is their odd-looking eyes with a pure white plush coat like diamonds.

These strange-looking cats are known to bring good luck to their natives. Although related breeds, Siamese and Burmese were brought to the West early on.

But these unique felines were a well-kept secret by the Thai royals and were only mentioned in Thai cat poems in the 14th century.

Later on, in 1999, they were imported to the US as interest grew in these royal cats.

They’re used to warm weather, have a muscular build, and would like to play a good game of fetch.

Aside from these exquisite curiosity-catching characteristics, Khao Manee is a fun-loving cat who greets anyone who comes into the house, like a welcoming guest.

2. Lykoi

Lykoi cat breed

From their first impression, Lykois are unusual-looking cats.

Their unusual appearance is the result of genetic mutations.

Also, the scraggly, partly gray fur makes them look like little old men!

These weird felines are hairless around their eyes, nose, and ears. That makes them look like werewolves.

That’s where they got the name Lacos, which is a Greek word that means Wolf.

Lykoi is an intelligent cat, and you’d notice that while they are playing. Meeting other pets alerts them at first, but they quickly adopts the environment.

They like to be with humans, but they can keep themselves busy with toys. They have problem-solving skills on their own and make a great family pet.

3. Savannah

Large Savannah cat

The Savannah is a domestic cat that was born to an African serval in 1986. These cats stand out with many traits.

This breed is the only domestic cat that was born to an African serval in 1986. These cats stand out with many traits.

They have a long body, long legs, and a medium-thick tail. Savannah has unique tall ears right on the top of their head with hooded eyes.

They have a slender body with dark spots all over. This elegant feline stands out as one of the most expensive domestic cat breeds.

As you can imagine, they do not have laid-back personalities. They are highly energetic, outgoing, and playful. So you should provide plenty of room and high perches to keep them busy.

Savannah is friendly to other pets and suits a family that is busy for most of the day.

4. Scottish Fold

a cute Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten

These are the cutest cat breeds and are believed to be the only kittens with folded ears in the litter.

Scottish Fold was first born in 1961 in Perthshire, Scotland.

Later on, they were bred to domestic cats for their folded ears to continue in the gene.

It takes luck and a long time, as they are hard to breed. Also, a Scottish Fold should not be mated to a folded ear cat because the result suffers from genetic cartilage disorders.

This genetic abnormality tends to keep the kittens from walking. Additionally, they end up having a stiff tail if not handled with care.

Besides that, they have a cute round face, unique tiny folded ears that lay flat to the front, and big rounded eyes. These are loyal cats for a loving household.

5. Norwegian Forest Cat

gorgeous Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cats have come a long way in history. These unusual cat breeds have a triangular head carried by a strong, muscular neck.

A water-resistant coat that adjusts to the weather naturally. Also, their wild fur requires very little grooming to keep it tangle-free. 

Hunters by nature, these cats tend to play a lot as they wish. Although high perches and tall cat trees with outside views suit them and would keep them busy.

Because of their magical traits, breeders in Norway developed their forest cat into a home breed that was accepted for the cat show back in WWII.

Norwegian forest cats appreciate the praise of their owners and adopt a family environment smoothly.

6. Sphynx

sphynx cat breed

The first Sphynx was born to a domestic pair in 1966 in Toronto, Canada. These wrinkly creatures have the feel of a suede hot water bottle when touched.

Though they are not always a totally hairless breed, you can expect them to have short and tiny hairs on their nose, tall ears, and long, pointy tails.

The main concern is the exposed skin to weather conditions. Even though they’re not hypoallergenic, they tend to get sunburns and have oily skin.

So they need to be bathed frequently. Additionally, Sphynx is a naturally clever cat. They find a corner to snuggle up in before it gets too chilly. But you can always find a tailored sweater for their body.

Despite their hairless bodies and pensive look—like, they don’t fool around—they are sweet little fellas who love human attention.

7. Exotic Shorthair

Orange Exotic Shorthair on Cat Tree

These flat face cat breeds carry the Persian gene. They have short heights and thick bones.

Their round faces, small ears, and wide, circular eyes make them look like owls.

Unlike a Persian, the Exotic shorthair cat doesn’t require much grooming apart from combing out the dead hair to keep its soft coat plush.

Although they have a quiet temperament and a pretty laid-back personality, this exotic cat breed needs a bit of care with their diet and nutrition to keep them in good shape.

Other than that, they are peaceful indoor cats who’d love to play with their parents.

8. Donskoy

donskoy cat

In 1987, a professor rescued a poor kitten in fear and pain in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. She named the kitten Varvara, which was later known as Don Sphynx.

Besides weird-looking cat breedstheir appearance is magically distinguished.

They have almond-shaped eyes, long ears, webbed skin, and the tail of a rat—narrow, long, and pointy. 

Donskoy carries the hairlessness in their gene mutation, but some of the hair on their nose, tail, and legs remains.

Their bare bodies and chamois-like skin need a bit of attention, as they are pretty much exposed.

Most of all, don’t let their deadpan expression fool you. Donskoy has a pleasant and active personality.

With their traits, they make a great addition to a family that loves these weird creatures.

9. Pixie-Bob

Pixie-bobs are among the dangerous cat breeds

Pixie-Bob originated in the Northwestern US as a domestic pair in 1986.

These strange cat breeds resemble the wild Bobcat, but they certainly differ in temperament. No doubt, Pixie-Bob is a friendly domestic cat. 

They have muscular bodies, long legs (longer hind legs), a reddish-brown coat with a silky texture, and dark brown spots all over.

Pixie-bobs are likened to dogs because they can learn to walk on a leash on family outings.

Also, they are loyal and devoted to their household.

10. Peterbald

Photo of shorthair, long, eared and thoroughbred animal. Cute pet

Peterbald is an experimental Russian cat breed that was born to Oriental shorthairs in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Yet another cat with a coat that is either entirely bald or has a peach-like look to it. These curious fellas have big ears, almond-shaped eyes, and long necks.

Overall, they are medium-sized cats but muscular, with a resemblance to the oriental shorthair.

Peterbald is an affectionate cat who keeps you entertained with its friendly, active, and curious demeanor.

In addition to that, they get along very well with the other cats and dogs in the family.

They would want to spend as much time with you as possible, as living with this feline breed changes your life in a good way.

11. Maine coon

brown Maine coon

The Maine coon is an American domestic natural breed native to the state of Maine.

Originally, they were an outdoor breed that was later brought indoors as working cats to protect homes and barns from rodents.

Their coat is tough enough to take the harsh cold weather, but they have silky hair.

Being wild and bulky, she knocks things over while playing around the house.

For this reason, consider taking good care of their nutrition if you’re thinking of adopting one, as these athletic breeds of cats become overweight and soft from a lack of exercise.

Regardless of its resilient history, the Maine Coon is a cool-tempered and loving cat that loves its family members.

12. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail cat breed

Hailing from Japan, Japanese bobtails are the oldest and weirdest cat breeds.

Japanese paintings portrayed these cats in the 15th century. Later on, breeders brought Japanese bobtails to North America in 1968.

The Japanese bobtail lacks the tail and has a sleek coat that comes in a variety of colors. But the favored coat color is mee-kay which is red, dark black, and mercury white.

They are full of energy and muscular cats who are always ready to play.

Their long hind legs give them great power to jump to the highest points, so they’d love a feather teaser.

Japanese bobtail is a family-oriented cat and will bring happiness to the house where they live.

13. Selkirk Rex

kitten Selkirk Rex on white background gray-white color, cute pet for the family

Selkirk Rex is a rare breed of cat. For instance, all Rex breeds carry a genetic mutation for wavy curls. But they tend to be roundish and stockier than their littermates.

They are born with sheep-like fur, which is stronger on the tummy, flanks, and around their neck area. They even carry ringlets in their whiskers!

To avoid comments like “the cat with a bad hair day” on your Selkirk Rex, you ought to groom them daily. Washing them with a shampoo allows the curls to silk and shine.

Besides that, they are patient and loving felines that everyone would want to touch and cuddle. 

They make good friends with other pets, children, and all of the family members.

14. American Wirehair

American Wirehair cat breed

American wirehairs carry a spontaneously wiry coat in their genetic mutation. It has different colors, and the texture is springy and resilient. These bushy felines are native to the US.

Their skin is sensitive to outside temperatures, which can result in allergies. So occasional bathing helps remove the grease from the skin.

American wirehair is known for exceptional traits. Once they bond with you, you’ll always find them right beside you with active purrs in a quiet voice.

They are calm but playful cats. They are not demanding; they are easygoing with every member of the household and suitable for a single family.

15. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cat breed

Born in Cornwall, England, these athletic cats have a small head for their big eyes and tall ears. They have long, slim legs and a tail with great flexibility.

The coat of a Cornish Rex is wavy, soft, and silky to touch, so you would want to cuddle them all the time.

These cats look slim and weak, but they are hard-boned and sturdy creatures.

The Cornish Rex could maintain their qualities if you had adequate space for their exercise.

These weird cat breeds are not moody at all. Cornish Rex is a clownish cat who likes to be in the middle of everything.

Plus, they are social and intelligent felines who love to be around their family members.

16. LaPerm

cats together

LaPerm got its name for the wavy, curly coat and is known for its weird fur. This weird-looking cat was born to a domestic barn cat in 1982.

It has loose curly ringlets with less shedding that requires low maintenance and becoming a broadly popular cat breed.

Occasional bathing and towel drying are good enough for their exceptional curly hair.

LaPerm is a very affectionate, quiet cat who loves to be in your lap.

And when they need your attention, they extend their paw and touch you gently. Their ringlets and innocent face will make you adore them.


Out of many fascinating cat breeds, we believe this list gave you an insight into some surprising facts.

But, regardless of how they look, we clearly adore their unique traits.

What do you think of these weird cat breeds? Share below!

LYKOI cat, one of the weird cat breeds
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