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If you’re looking for some names for brilliant American Shorthair cat, we’ve got you covered!

These wonderful cats come in so many colors and patterns, from white and black, to beautiful shades of orange.

The names below take inspiration from those stunning shades and more!

Take a look!

American Shorthair Cat Names For Males

black American Shorthair cat
  1. Ajax – this male name refers to a white knight.
  2. Beau French name meaning beautiful.
  3. Bo – Chinese name meaning precious.
  4. Cubbie – named after the big felines’ kittens.
  5. Dandy Greek name meaning warrior.
  6. Darcy – a very old name meaning black.
  7. Donovan – Old English name meaning dark.
  8. Dustin – beautiful name meaning fighter.
  9. Dynamo – for a very energic kitten.
  10. Egon – it’s slang for a super smart person!
  11. Elton – because your cat is a star!
  12. Ernie – after the one who always wins.
  13. Floyd – this is a Welsh name for an American Shorthair.
  14. Griffin – inspired by the mythological griffins.
  15. Hank – Dutch name, for the ruler of the house.
  16. Hunter – this is a very cool name, and suitable for any cat.
  17. Jeff German name for a very content cat.
  18. Jimmy – for a cat you can always rely on.
  19. Kevin Irish name, for a mischievous cat.
  20. Leo – a very popular cat name.
  21. Leopard – well, sometimes the pattern matches.
  22. Max – after the Latin Maximilian meaning the greatest.
  23. Micky – Hebrew name for a calculated cat.
  24. Milo – English name meaning soldier.
  25. Momo – Japanese name meaning peach.
  26. Mowgli – for a cat who likes to climb everywhere.
  27. Munch – Norwegian name meaning monk.
  28. Nemo – after the famous Captain Nemo.
  29. Newton – fancy name for a very smart cat.
  30. Nibbles – just in case your cat likes to nibble on everything.
  31. Noah – after the biblical character who saved all the animals.
  32. Odie – Old English name for a very tall cliff.
  33. Onyx – one of the coolest names out there.
  34. Pepe – Italian name meaning pepper.
  35. Pepper – great name for any spotted cat.
  36. Percy – a name for a fearless American Shorthaired cat.
  37. Pinball – best name for a very fast cat.
  38. Rai – in some languages, this means heaven.
  39. Rascal – because he can be a little rascal!
  40. Roar – is he really that fierce?
  41. Rowan – Celtic name for a tiny cat.
  42. Rupert – German name meaning glory.
  43. Ryanne – Irish name given to royalty.
  44. Scooter – this is the name for an American in Ireland.
  45. Shadow – perfect name for any American Shorthaired cat.
  46. Spot – because they are spotted sometimes.
  47. Stuart – Old English name meaning guardian.
  48. Teddy – for a cuddly cat.
  49. Tiger – after one of the fiercest felines.
  50. Victor – this name means victorious!

American Shorthair Cat Names For Females

american shorthair cat names a
  1. Alexa – Greek name for the defender of men.
  2. Amber – after the precious fossilized tree resin.
  3. Anabelle – after the one who is loved by everyone.
  4. Annika – Hebrew name for graceful.
  5. April – beautiful name for a strong cat.
  6. Barbie – after the fanciest doll in the world.
  7. Beth – English name meaning house of God.
  8. Bibi – French name meaning delight.
  9. Brooke – Old English name meaning small stream.
  10. Butterscotch – for a deliciously cute American Shorthaired cat.
  11. Callie – Greek name meaning beautiful.
  12. Cheetah – after the fastest feline.
  13. Clarabelle Latin name meaning famous.
  14. Cleo – after the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.
  15. Coral – for a graceful cat.
  16. Demi – French name meaning small.
  17. Dove – because she is as delicate as a dove.
  18. Ellie – Hebrew name meaning God is my light.
  19. Emma – one of the prettiest German cat names for female meaning universal.
  20. Fife – after Scotland’s medieval kingdom.
  21. Gem – well, she is your gem!
  22. Ginger – great name for an American Shorthaired cat with red spots.
  23. Hailey – Hebrew name for an ingenious one.
  24. Ilma – German name meaning protector.
  25. Jamie – English name meaning may God protect.
  26. Jennie – English name for a fair one.
  27. Katie – Greek name meaning pure.
  28. Lady – because she is a lady after all.
  29. Lolly – Latin name for a symbol of victory.
  30. Mia – Slavic name meaning „beloved.”
  31. Minnie – English name meaning of the sea.
  32. Missy – American name meaning bee.
  33. Nala – after Simba’s best friend.
  34. Nippy – for a cat who’s always playful.
  35. Ophelia – Greek name meaning helper.
  36. Padme – after the Star Wars queen.
  37. Penny – English name meaning weaver.
  38. Pixie – a pixie is also known as a fairy.
  39. Precious – this one speaks for itself.
  40. Robin – Old Germanic name meaning fame.
  41. Sadie – Old English name meaning princess.
  42. Sarrah – Hebrew name that also means princess.
  43. Sheba – after the famous Goddess.
  44. Snow – great name for a white cat.
  45. Sugar – for the sweetest kitten out there.
  46. Sunset – because the sunset too has a wonderful color.
  47. Tigress – after one of the most dangerous felines.
  48. Tulip – because she is gentle as a tulip.
  49. Valerie – Latin name meaning fierce.
  50. Vera – Italian name meaning true.


And now, you have 100 American Shorthair cat names to choose from!

The hard part will be picking just one! Maybe you don’t have to, though.

Hey, there’s no rule that says you can’t name your cat Sir Egan Scooter Stuart, right? 😀

What are your favorite American Shorthair cat names? Share below!

If you're looking for some brilliant American Shorthair cat names, we've got you covered! Check out 100 that we absolutely love, with 50 each for males and females!
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