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Trying to find some buff-colored cat names for your new kitty?

Whether your feline friend has a sandy hue or a golden tone, we’ve curated a list of enchanting buff-colored cat names that celebrate their unique beauty.

We came up with 100 adorable ideas, split evenly between male and female cats, that you will surely love!

Let’s explore this collection of buff-colored cat names and find the ideal one that suits your furry friend.

50 Buff-Colored Cat Names for Males

100 Buff-Colored Cat Names: Celebrate Your Cat's Unique Coat
  1. Acorn – perfect name for a buff-colored cat.
  2. Affogato – after the Italian delicious gelato.
  3. Almond delicious name for the cutest kitten.
  4. Americano – after the coffee!
  5. Bagel – one of my favorite funny food names for cats!
  6. Bailey – after the Irish beverage.
  7. Barraquito – this is a type of coffee liquor.
  8. Bean – after the buff-colored coffee beans. 
  9. Bear – for a fierce and beautiful cat.
  10. Biscotti – if you have an extra fancy buff-colored cat.
  11. Biscuit – the cute and classic name for a tan-colored cat.
  12. Bucks – especially if you love Starbucks coffee.
  13. Buzz – for a buff-colored and hyperactive cat.
  14. Cafecito – after the Italian espresso.
  15. Cantuccini – Italian word referring to biscuits.
  16. Chino – after the Italian coffee with cream.
  17. Cognac – a fancy name for a buff-colored cat.
  18. Coke – because the color matches!
  19. Cortado – after the coffee type.
  20. Doppio – perfect name for a spotted buff-colored cat.
  21. Drip – great name for a wonderful color.
  22. Dutch – after the Dutch coffee.
  23. Espressino – cute name for a buff-colored cat.
  24. Hershey – after the brand of chocolate
  25. Khaki – after the light olive color.
  26. Kisses – after the delicious chocolate kisses.
  27. Kitkat – after the well-known dessert.
  28. Kodiak – referring to the large Alaskan bear.
  29. Kopi – after the Malaysian coffee.
  30. Latte – perfect for a buff-colored cat.
  31. Liqueur – especially if we’re talking about the coffee liqueur. 
  32. Lloyd – after Lloyd’s Coffee House.
  33. Lungo – Italian word referring to a long coffee.
  34. Macho – perfect name for a tough cat!
  35. Maxwell – after the Maxwell Coffee House.
  36. Mocaccino – beautiful name for a coffee-colored cat.
  37. Peaberry – after the coffee berry.
  38. Peanut – because peanuts are both beautiful and delicious.
  39. Pebblescute name for a buff-colored cat.
  40. Pepper – thinking about the white pepper.
  41. Pretzel – after the delicious snack.
  42. Pudding – for a cat who’s both beautiful and deliciously cute!
  43. Red Tie – this is a famous type of coffee.
  44. Ristretto – after the Italian special espresso.
  45. Ruffles – cute name for a buff-colored cat.
  46. Rum – for a fancy cat with a fancy color!
  47. Rusty – perfect if your cat has copper patches.
  48. Smokey – for a wonderful pattern.
  49. Smudge – adorable name for a buff-colored cat.
  50. Snickers – after the candy bar!

Coffee is one of our favorite things in this world! So, we would pick “Kopi” from the Malaysian coffee.

How about you? Do you love coffee and cats at the same time too?

50 Buff-Colored Cat Names for Females

british shorthair cat sighing
  1. Amaretto – after the Italian liqueur. 
  2. Amber – after the precious jewel.
  3. Annette – beautiful name for a gracious cat.
  4. Autumn – after the beautiful season. 
  5. Barra – beautiful name after a special type of coffee.
  6. Blondie – for a hair with perfect buff-colored hair.
  7. Blossom – for a gentle cat.
  8. Bombon – after the Cafe Bombon.
  9. Briana – for an elegant lady.
  10. Brie – after the French region and fancy cheese. 
  11. Bronze – perfect name for a buff-colored cat. 
  12. Brownie – after the delicious dessert.
  13. Buffy – this name means “God’s promise.”
  14. Burgundy – after the French region and color.
  15. Caffeine – perfect for a buff-colored cat.
  16. Cappuccino – cute name for a tan-colored cat.
  17. Caramel – delicious name for a delicious cat. 
  18. Chamois – after the soft leather type.
  19. Champagne – this one speaks for itself.
  20. Chandon – after the champagne.
  21. Chanel – fancy name for an elegant cat.
  22. Chocolate – because she’s cute like chocolate.
  23. Cocoa – beautiful name for a buff-colored cat.
  24. Coffee – this one is pretty straightforward.
  25. Cookie – because she’s cute and delicious like that.
  26. Copper – great name for a red-ish buff-colored cat.
  27. Cupcake – for the cutest cat out there.
  28. Daffodil – cute name for a gentle lady.
  29. Dandelion – after the yellow flower.
  30. Dior – fancy name for a buff-colored cat.
  31. Dumpling – a simple and adorable name. 
  32. Eartha – referring to the earth.
  33. Eclair – after the delicious dessert.
  34. Espresso – another great one for coffee lovers!
  35. Fawn – because young deers have the perfect color.
  36. Fondue – a cool name for a fancy cat.
  37. Gaggia – after the most popular coffee machine in the world.
  38. Ginger – after the spice.
  39. Glitter – fancy name for a buff-colored cat.
  40. Godiva – referring to “God’s gift.”
  41. Goldie – a perfect name for a precious lady.
  42. Hazel – because the color matches.
  43. Honey – great name for a golden cat.
  44. Ivory – after the yellowish-white color.
  45. Jasmine – great name for a buff-colored lady.
  46. Java – after the coffee type.
  47. Juno – referring to the queen of the heavens.
  48. Kona – after one of the fanciest coffee types.
  49. Penny – for a classy buff-colored cat.
  50. Vienna – after the famous coffee.


Finding the right name for your buff-colored cat is an exciting journey.

With our carefully selected list of buff-colored cat names, you now have a range of options to choose from.

Whether you prefer names that reflect elegance, warmth, or a touch of sophistication, there’s a perfect name waiting for your feline companion.

Your buff-colored cat deserves a name that matches their beauty and personality.

100 Buff-Colored Cat Names: Celebrate Your Cat's Unique Coat
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