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Are you wondering if there are cat breeds that can be left alone and won’t miss you too much when you’re gone?

Working all day can be challenging if you keep worrying that your cat is lonely and miserable.

So, keep reading to find 7 cats that won’t mind spending the afternoon by themselves.

7 Cat Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

While cats often come across as introverts and loners, they are social animals and like to have company, even if they don’t show it often.

So, not all cats will jump from joy when you leave them alone. Some cat breeds bond so closely to their human owners that they might suffer from separation anxiety when left alone.

Such cats are also likely to indulge in destructive behavior when you’re not around to ground them.

On the other hand, we’ve got cat breeds that will snooze the time while you’re gone and will happily greet you when you get back. These cats are highly independent and less demanding for attention.

#1 Persian

Are you wondering is there are cat breeds that can be left alone and won’t miss you too much when you’re gone? The Persian is one!

Look at that cute flat faced cat with a fluffy coat and expressive eyes!

For years Persians have been among the most sought-after breeds thanks to their stunning appearance and mellow temperament.

Most owners would describe the Persian as low-energy, quiet, and calm.

They don’t like climbing as much as other breeds, love to bat at feathers, and prefer to speak with their eyes, instead of meowing.

Moreover, Persians are good at entertaining themselves and don’t mind when you leave them alone while at work.

They’ll happily wait until you have the time to play with them and jump on your lap for a nap.

However, Persians need daily grooming to keep their coat silky and mat-free.

They also shed a lot and can have tear stains due to their facial structure. So, they aren’t the easiest cat to take care of.

#2 Himalayan

Looking for cat breeds that can be left alone and won’t miss you too much when you’re gone? Check out these 7 independent felines!

What do you get when you cross a Persian and a Siamese?

That would be the Himalayan, a fluffy cat breed with a Persian’s long-haired coat and a Siamese’s unique pattern.

In general, Himalayans are placid cats that will occasionally indulge in short, intensive play.

The rest of the time, they spend napping, resting, and grooming their majestic fluff.

A Himalayan won’t bother you for attention, but they like to cuddle with you at night or snooze on your lap.

They also get along well with well-behaved children but don’t expect a Himalayan to enjoy being dressed up. But can Himalayan cats be left alone?

Since Himalayan is related to Persians, they’re laid-back cats that don’t mind when you leave them alone while at work.

As long as you make up for your absence with plenty of cuddles and tasty food, your Himalayan will be happy.

#3 Norwegian Forest Cat

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Norwegian Forest cats are a sight to behold and admire thanks to their long, silky fur, plumed tail, and muscular bodies.

With a weight of nearly 20 pounds, the Norwegian is one of the biggest domestic cats and makes an excellent companion for busy people.

In general, Norwegian Forest cats are gentle, affectionate, and independent.

They don’t demand constant attention and are happy to have some me-time when you’re busy.

As such, these majestic cats also don’t mind being alone in the house.

They usually find ways to entertain themselves and wait for you to come home and scratch them behind the ears.

Thanks to their heritage as farmer cats and thick coats, Wegies love being outside, but they make great inside cats as well.

However, you’ll need a cat tree for large breeds because Norwegian cats love climbing up high.

#4 Maine Coon

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Another fluffy cat breed on our list that can be left alone is the majestic Maine Coon with their bushy tails and soul-piercing yellow eyes.

Maine Coons were farmer cats in the past, and their hunting instincts haven’t lost their sharpness at all.

They’re still one of the best mouser cats and won’t mind stalking prey or toys while you’re at work. Moreover, the Maine Coons is a middle-of-the-road cat.

They’re affectionate but not to the point where they will stalk you as shadows or become obsessed with you.

Instead, they will wait for you to notice them and realize your mistake.

Thanks to their placid temperament, Maine Coons are unlikely to get depressed when you leave them alone while at work.

They’re also one of the easiest cats to care for due to their low-maintenance coat.

#5 British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat

If you’re wondering what the easiest cat breed to take care of is, British Shorthairs will be at the top of the list.

People say that British Shorthairs have a typical British personality. They’re quiet, reserved, and dignified.

They don’t mind being on their own as long as you’re there in the evening to provide cuddles.

Moreover, British Shorthairs are intelligent and moderately energetic.

They will happily spend the day snoozing around the house and entertain themselves with toys when bored. These cat also tend to meow rarely in a soft voice.

However, British Shorthairs aren’t among the most affectionate cats and aren’t fond of being carried around.

On the bright side, British Shorthairs get on well with everybody, and their short coat requires only weekly brushings.

#6 American Shorthair

black American shorthair

Another cat you can add to your lists of the easiest breeds to take care of, and cats that can be left alone is the cute American Shorthair.

Since the American Shorthair is a working cat with an excellent mouser reputation, it’s not surprising that they’re highly independent.

These shorthair cats are curious, but placid cats unlikely to burn the house when left alone.

Moreover, the American Shorthair values me-time and will often seek solitude when you overwhelm them with your presence.

These tabby cats probably enjoy having the house to themselves more than you can imagine.

However, when you’re home, you can expect that your American Shorthair will stay close to you and will appreciate it if you keep a stop for them on the bed.

#7 Russian Blue

russian blue cat breed

If you want an affectionate cat that you can leave alone during the day, the Russian Blue would be perfect for you.

These stunning grey cats are loyal and loving companions that rarely get upset or destructive when left alone.

In general, Russian Blues are a sensitive breed with a strong sense of self-worth.

They don’t like it when you laugh at them and don’t do well with sudden changes.

They’re smart, independent, and curious without being overly demanding or destructive.

However, expect your Russian Blue to want their meals to arrive on time and get grumpy if you are late.

They also tend to be shy around unfamiliar people and need time to warm up to you.

Can Cats Be Left Alone During the Day?

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By nature, cats are introverts and can spend days without interacting with other living creatures.

They’ve got a social side, but they prefer to interact on their terms. As such, cats do better when left alone than dogs.

However, you can’t leave cats alone for too long because they’ll get bored, anxious, and stressed.

Outdoor cats don’t mind it so much because they’ve got the opportunity to explore, but inside cats might feel trapped.

Stressed cats might scratch the furniture, urinate outside the litterbox, and engage in destructive behavior.

Unlike popular opinion, those aren’t acts of revenge, but a way your cat asks for help.

Moreover, some cat breeds are prone to separation anxiety, such as Siamese and Burmese.

Scottish Folds and Abyssinians also like when they’ve got another cat/human to keep them company.


Leaving your cat alone at home while at work rarely will bother your cat as long as they’ve got plenty of toys, water, and food.

But if you’re going to be away longer, you should have someone to look after the cat and make sure they’ve got fresh food and water.

What do you think about these 7 cat breeds that can be left alone? What is the easiest cat to take care of, according to you? Share your opinion in the comment section.


Looking for cat breeds that can be left alone and won’t miss you too much when you’re gone? Check out these 7 independent felines!
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