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If Gaelic cat names are what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

This old Irish language is among the most beautiful in the world.

So, it makes sense that they’d have plenty of ideas for your equally beautiful cat!

Let’s check out my top 100 favorite names divided between male and female kittens!

Gaelic Cat Names for Males

male cat with Gaelic name
  1. Ahearn – this name means “master of horses.”
  2. Aidan – perfect name for a fierce one.
  3. Aodhan – pronounced as “aidan” it means “fire.”
  4. Barry – for a cat with brown hair.
  5. Brandon – perfect name for a little prince.
  6. Brendan – this is a very popular Celtic saint name.
  7. Brian – this name means “noble.”
  8. Callum – this name means “dove.”
  9. Caolan – this name is pronounced as “keelin,” and it means “slender.”
  10. Cathal – this name is for the one “strong in battle.”
  11. Cian – this name means “ancient.”
  12. Ciaran – this name means “little dark one.”
  13. Cillian – perfect name for a warrior cat.
  14. Collin – great name for a victorious cat.
  15. Colm – this Gaelic name means “dove.”
  16. Conan – this name means “wolf.”
  17. Conor – ironically, this name means “lover of the hounds.”
  18. Cormac – this name is for a “son.”
  19. Craig – very popular name meaning “rock.”
  20. Daithi – this name is perfect for a “swift” cat.
  21. Dara – this name means “fruitful.”
  22. Darragh – this name refers to a dark park tree.
  23. Darren – this Gaelic cat name means “little oak.”
  24. Donal – great name meaning “ruler of the world.”
  25. Donnacha – this name is great for a brown cat.
  26. Eoghan – this name is pronounced as “owen,” and it means “born of the yew tree.”
  27. Eoin – this name is pronounced as “Owen” and it means “young.”
  28. Fergal – this name means “brave.”
  29. Finn – great name for a white cat.
  30. Fionn – this name refers to a “blonde warrior.”
  31. Killian – great name for the one born from the saints.
  32. Liam – perfect name for a strong willed cat.
  33. Lorcan – this name means “silent.”
  34. Niall – perfect name for a champion.
  35. Odhran – pronounced as “orin,” this name means “little pale one.”
  36. Oisin – this is a very old name meaning “little deer.”
  37. Oran – for a tiny knight.
  38. Oscar – perfect name for a very loved cat.
  39. Padraig – for a noble-born cat.
  40. Patrick – for a noble-born cat.
  41. Rian – this name means “little king.”
  42. Ronan – very old name meaning “little seal.”
  43. Rory – this name simply means “red.”
  44. Ruairi – this name is pronounced as “rory” and it means “red-haired.”
  45. Sean – this is the perfect name for a “wise” cat.
  46. Senan – a very cute name for an old and wise cat.
  47. Shane – this name is for a “gift from god.”
  48. ShayIn – perfect name for a grey cat.
  49. Tadhg – this name is pronounced as “tige.” and it means “poet.”
  50. Tiernan – perfect name for a little lord.

Gaelic Cat Names For Females

female cat with Gaelic name
  1. Ailbhe – great name for a white cat.
  2. Aine – this name means “brilliant.”
  3. Aisling – this name means “dream.”
  4. Aoibheann – pronounced as “ae-veen” it means “radiant.”
  5. Aoibhe – Gaelic name meaning “beauty.”
  6. Aoibh – for a beautiful and radiant cat.
  7. Aoibhinn – this name means “radiant.”
  8. Aoife – this name means “joyful.”
  9. Blathnaid – this name means “flower.”
  10. Bronagh – beautiful name meaning “venerated.”
  11. Cadhla – for a graceful cat.
  12. Caoimhe – Gaelic cat name meaning “beautiful.”
  13. Cara – beautiful name meaning “friend.”
  14. Caragh – this name means “friend.”
  15. Ciara – this name is actually pronounced “Chiara” and it means “dark-haired.”
  16. Cliodhna – after the Goddess of love and beauty.
  17. Clodagh – pronounced as “cloda,” it means “deity.”
  18. Dearbhla – this name means “lovely.”
  19. Deirdre – this name means “lover.”
  20. Eabha – this name is pronounced as “ey-vah” and it means “life.”
  21. Eimear – perfect Gaelic name meaning “swift.”
  22. Eireann – pronounced as “Erin,” this name means “angel.”
  23. Eithne – this name refers to a little fire.
  24. Emer – this name means “swift.”
  25. Fiadh – this name means “wild.”
  26. Fiona – old name meaning “white and beautiful.”
  27. Fionnuala – pronounced as “finoola” this name means “white.”
  28. Grainne – old Gaelic name after the Goddess of the harvest.
  29. Imogen – this name means “maiden.”
  30. Kayleigh – this name means “slim.”
  31. Laoise – perfect name for a “radiant light.”
  32. Maeve – after the Gaelic legend, it means “queen of Connacht.”
  33. Mairead – this name means “pearl.”
  34. Muireann – this name means “sea white.”
  35. Nessa – beautiful name meaning “rough.”
  36. Niamh – this is a name for a smart cat.
  37. Nuala – this name means “fair shoulder.”
  38. Oonagh – great name for a cat that’s cute as a lamb.
  39. Orlaith – perfect name for a “golden princess.”
  40. Orla – this name means “golden princess.”
  41. Riona – this name means “queenly.” 
  42. Roisin – this name means “little rose.”
  43. Sadhbh – Gaelic cat name meaning “lovely.”
  44. Saoirse – old Gaelic name meaning “freedom.”
  45. Shannon – this name means “wise.”
  46. Shauna – Gaelic name meaning “God is gracious.”
  47. Sile – for the patron of music.
  48. Sinead – this name means “God is gracious.”
  49. Siobhan – perfect name for a charming cat.
  50. Sorcha – this name means “brightness.”


Exploring the realm of Gaelic cat names uncovers a treasure trove of rich cultural heritage and enchanting symbolism.

Embrace the magic of Gaelic culture as you bestow a name on your cat, and may it become a source of joy and fond memories throughout your shared journey.

In this fusion of old and new, your Gaelic-named cat will undoubtedly weave an extraordinary bond, leaving pawprints on your heart that time cannot erase.

Looking for some gorgeous Gaelic cat names! Wait until you check out our top 100 favorites! We have plenty each for males and females, so take a look!
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