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When we think of exotic cat names, we picture monikers from faraway lands with cryptic meanings.

For some reason, names that sound eloquent and beautiful with meanings we don’t quite get really pique our interest.

We can’t leave an interest unaddressed!

So, we have come up with a list of exotic cat names we feel any new owner seeking a special, yet significant name would enjoy.

In our list, you will find names from many different countries (including imaginary lands) that hold great importance or are just really cool-sounding.

Exotic Cat Names For Males

Tired of the same old boring ideas for kitty monikers? Check out 45 of the most beautifully exotic cat names for males!

For exotic cat names for males, we figured we would take you around the world, to different continents and countries

We’ll look at names after colors, food, objects, gods, and more. You might even recognize some of the names we choose in movies you know and love.

Sometimes picking a run-of-the-mill name is just too boring. So read on to find the perfect name for your furry new addition to the household.

  1. Ari – Great name because it means “lion” in Hebrew.
  2. Bao – Precious or treasure in Chinese. However, if read with a different inflection, it could mean “bun”, which is cute either way.
  3. Boka – one of the most exotic vacation destinations, in Montenegro.
  4. Fairuz – Turquoise, like the glow of a cat’s eyes.
  5. Baikal – After Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest (and oldest) lake.
  6. Kali – It is a pretty unisex name, and means “black” in Hindu.
  7. Myeong – Bright in Korean. It also sounds like the “meow” a cat makes.
  8. Achilles – A familiar character in Greek mythology and a very powerful warrior.
  9. Anatoly – If you have watched Arrow then you will know he’s a member of the Russian Bratva. This is a great name for a Russian Blue.
  10. Alessandro – Yes, it’s a Lady Gaga hit, but it also means “defender of mankind”.
  11. Aragorn – from Middle Earth (Tolkien’s world), great for brave & bold kitties.
  12. Oro – Gold. Because your cat is worth as much as gold and more.
  13. Vladimir (Vlad for short) – A renowned prince in Russian
  14. Azizi – Fun to say and rolls of the tongue quite well, it means “precious” in Egyptian
  15. Panya – Mouse. How humorous is it to name a cat after their prey?
  16. Denali – the Alaskan park is among the most exotic US places.
  17. Siri – This trusty iPhone assistant’s name also means “tiger”?
  18. Zaki – Another word for Lion. Simba, Mufasa and Nala are all very common.
  19. Saber – “Sword” as sharp as a cat’s nails.
  20. Zeus – Sure, it’s one everyone knows, but you can’t get much more exotic than Greek gods!
  21. Hercules – Powerful, strong and a demi-god, this name should be for strong kittens.
  22. Phoenix – If you have a resilient fur baby, he or she could be the namesake of this legendary bird that comes back to life.
  23. Ramses – The greatest pharaoh of Egypt. Egyptians love cats and hold them in high regards.
  24. Genghis Khan – Perhaps the greatest conqueror, the name is fit for a strong-willed cat.
  25. Ares – The Greek god of war.
  26. Hermes – The Messenger who carries messages at great speeds.
  27. Gulliver – has anyone traveled to more exotic lands than Jonathon Swift’s character?
  28. Sam (short for Samurai) – After great Japanese warriors.
  29. Ailuro – means cat in exotic words like ailurophile (a cat lover)
  30. Leonidas – With “leo” meaning “lion” in the name, this is perfect for strong and regal cats like King Leonidas in 300.
  31. Orion – The hunter who’s belt you can see in the sky.
  32. Bento – Which means “boxed lunch” or “lunchbox”, we couldn’t resist throwing in a funny option.
  33. Hiro – A play on the word “hero”, which means “generous” in Japanese.
  34. Ambrosio – Like the last name of the beautiful VS model.
  35. Amadeus – Does anyone like classical Mozart?
  36. Indra – Hindu god of the sky
  37. Tyrion – from Song of Fire and Ice, a Game of Thrones novel.
  38. Donatello – After the ninja turtle or the Italian Renaissance sculptor? The choice is yours.
  39. Gozo – an island in Malta with mystical backwaters.
  40. Rainier – Washington’s most exotic volcano
  41. Nemo – no, not after the fish, but after Nemophilist, which means someone who loves the forest.
  42. Namje – A remote peak in Nepal
  43. Fiji – because you can’t get more exotic than a beach vacationer’s dream!
  44. Gandalf – the exotic wizard in Lord of the Rings
  45. Metztli – Aztec god of the moon.

We mostly found names for your cat after powerful beings, or words with nice meanings.

Depending on which you like, there are a lot of options.

We couldn’t resist throwing in a funny one like Bento, but Orion and Zeus are other great options for tough cat names.

Nemo is a great name for a Norwegian Forest Cat since it was inspired by Nemophilist (a lover of the forest).

Now let’s zip on over to the other side of the coin and take a look at names for little girls.

Exotic Cat Names For Females

Tired of the same old boring ideas for kitty monikers? Check out 45 of the most beautifully exotic cat names for females!

For the females, we also took a lot of inspiration from characters and beings in mythology, history, and fantasy.

We have some from every continent, so take your pick.

  1. Akemi – Very popular among Japanese women because it means “beauty”.
  2. Bao – Since it’s a unisex name, we thought we’d list it here as well.
  3. Indra – The God of Thunder and Rain. This is great if your cat enjoys the wet weather.
  4. Arya – again, from Song of Fire and Ice, a Game of Thrones novel.
  5. Docia– after Cappadocia, a stunning place in Turkey.
  6. Priya – Love. Because that’s all that you feel for your little feline.
  7. Suki – “Beloved” in Japanese.
  8. Cristales – After Cano Cristales in Colombia, known for its exotic rainbow waters.
  9. Krishna – A significant god in Hinduism.
  10. Amara – The perfect name for everlasting love between you and your kitty.
  11. Maia – The Spring Goddess
  12. Éowyn – from Lord of the Rings, a beautiful name for calico cat
  13. Lucia – as in Santa Lucia, one of the United State’s most exotic places.
  14. Artemis – The Greek Goddess of the Wilderness. Feral cats will do well with this name.
  15. Serendipity
  16. Freya – A beautiful Norse goddess. Feel free to name your cat after her if you believe she is a looker.
  17. Athena – The Greek Goddess of Wisdom.
  18. Cleopatra – For a culture that prizes cats, why not name yours after a renowned queen?
  19. Eudaimonia – it’s that happy feeling you get when you travel, say, to exotic lands!
  20. Rosalba Spanish word for white rose
  21. Duchess – Kind of overdone, but still exotic in our book.
  22. Diva – Why not call her as she is?
  23. Jade – A prized stone, especially in Chinese culture, it brings harmony.
  24. Minnie – Yes, after the mouse.
  25. Fernweh – an intense urge to travel
  26. Princess – Since we have a duchess, why not have a princess?
  27. Alika – Meaning “guardian” in Hawaiian.
  28. Emiko – Beautiful blessing in Japanese.
  29. Eurydice
  30. Farfalla – A beautiful sounding name, because it’s “butterfly” in Italian.
  31. Irina – Calm and peaceful.
  32. Jun – Hopefully your cat lives up to this name meaning “obedient” in Japanese.
  33. Kaelyn – Meaning “meadow”.
  34. Kelani – “Heaven” in Japanese.
  35. Kauai – one of Hawaii’s most exotic & undeveloped islands
  36. Koa – Brave. Hawaiian names sure do sound pretty don’t they?
  37. Night – For black cats. Sometimes a simple word can be quite exotic.
  38. Rain – Similar to the name above, just a simple word will do.
  39. Rei – “Spirit” in Japanese.
  40. Sora – “Sky” in Japanese.
  41. Petra – an exotic “lost” city in Jordan
  42. Skye – after the Isle of Skye in Scotland
  43. Roraima – The Venezuelan mountain inspired Conan Doyle’s Lost World
  44. Olympia – whether it’s after Mt. Olympus (home of the gods) or Mt. Olympia, it’s a beautiful exotic name!
  45. Ziva – like the NCIS character


Most of the names we took are from Hawaiian, Greek, Japanese, and a few others.

If pronouncing a foreign word is too difficult, sometimes a name with a word we use every day such as Night or Rain can have the same impact as any other name.

For boys, we quite like Oro, Ramesses, Hiro, and Zeus are all pretty powerful names. For ladies, we like Night, Rain, Farfalla, and Kali quite a bit.

How about you? Let us know your favorite exotic cat names in the comments below!


Tired of the same old boring ideas for kitty monikers? Check out 90 of the most beautifully exotic cat names for males & females!
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