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If you’re having a hard time choosing a moniker for your kitty, why not go with cat names that start with M?

Seriously, it’s as good a place as any to start your cat-naming journey. We picked M names from all over literature, history, and even made-up fantasy monikers from name generators.

It doesn’t matter what time of year or what season, bringing home a kitten is a joyous occasion.

However, naming them can take quite a bit of time and mental effort (we’ve all been there).

So what can you do to make your life easier? Go through our lists, of course! By chance, you may want to name your cat with the name of a specific letter, and today we have chosen M.

Maybe a letter may be of significance to a family member or tradition, but whatever the reason, we’ll help you find the perfect name for your new kitten.

Cat Names That Start With M For Males

If you're having a hard time choosing a moniker for your kitty, why not go with cat names that start with M? Check out 100 that we love!

Congratulations on your new male kitten. Now, let’s find him a good “M” name, shall we?

We turned to our favorite movies, foods, fantasy names, and even strange words that begin with M to find you some great ideas.

Let’s see what we find!

  1. M&M – He may not be allowed to eat chocolates, but if he has dark brown markings, this is a cute name.
  2. Mac/Macaroni – Naming your cat after food you like to eat or food he resembles is the easiest.
  3. Mickey – Ironic to name a cat after a famous mouse, but herein lies the comedy.
  4. Macho – A little bit overcompensating, but sometimes you need to be.
  5. Machine
  6. Milo – Like the warm drink that keeps your belly toasty on winter days.
  7. Marley – Most famous for being the name of that naughty dog.
  8. Mittens – We find black cats with white paws to be the cutest cats for this name.
  9. Midnight – I bet a black cat flashed into your mind when you read this name.
  10. Malchor – A fun fantasy-inspired name.
  11. Mouse – For the shy cats.
  12. Mochi – A soft dessert often eaten in Asian countries.
  13. Mowgli – If you have seen The Jungle Book you will know.
  14. Maui – If you dream of hot summer places.
  15. Muffin
  16. Maverick – The dictionary defines this word as an independent-minded person. So if your cat is often independent and does what he wants, you should name him Maverick.
  17. Mardon
  18. Michelin – For the chunky kitty!
  19. Mickey
  20. Magneto- for X-Men fans
  21. Mardocles
  22. Milo
  23. Mowgli – The boy from The Jungle Book
  24. Moo – A white cat with black piebald?
  25. Maestro – For that cat who loves to serenade you!
  26. Maximus – If you want your cat to make the most of everything.
  27. Marshmallow – Great for white fluffy cats.
  28. Magic – Have you seen your cat try to contour into the smallest spaces and actually succeed? It’s like magic.
  29. Monster – A bit too literal.
  30. Mufasa – Simba’s dad! We couldn’t leave this one out.
  31. Murray
  32. Meatball
  33. Mawen
  34. Munchkin
  35. Manolo
  36. Melman
  37. Mulberry
  38. Maffick – Means “to celebrate exuberantly and boisterously “
  39. Merlin – Every cat is a little bit magic
  40. Meatloaf – If meatball is too small.
  41. Megabite – If your cat likes to bite.
  42. MacGyver – If your cat always gets himself out of a tight spot.
  43. Mellow – For the mellow cat.
  44. Machairodont – It means “saber toothed.” Shorten it to Mach!
  45. Meeko
  46. Moe – From the Stooges or the Simpsons, you decide!
  47. Malapert – Means bold or saucy.
  48. Mario – For that super cat!
  49. Marty – From Back to the Future, for your time-traveling kitty!
  50. Myzo – Another fun fantasy name.

There are plenty of “M” names out there but we always tend to pick the more unique ones with just a few common ones thrown in.

We hope you enjoyed it, now let’s see what we have in store for your little female kitten.

Cat Names That Start With M For Females

If you're having a hard time choosing a moniker for your kitty, why not go with cat names that start with M? Check out 100 that we love!

If the names above were less than impressive, you can also scan through our female kitten name list for more inspiration.

Again, we turned to food, characters, history, and funny naming generators to come up with some great ideas. Check them out!

  1. Missy – For the more playful/naughtier cats as we’re quite used to saying “hey missy” when a child misbehaves.
  2. Minnie – We had Mickey, we have to have Minnie.
  3. Momo – A really delicious peach, sweet as can be.
  4. Mishka – For the designer, Badgley Mishka.
  5. Mew – A meeker version of Meow, and also a Pokemon!
  6. Marmalade
  7. Magnolia – A beautiful flower
  8. Madonna – If she has as much personality as the iconic singer.
  9. Maleficent – You can name a very sweet kitty Maleficent for comedic effect.
  10. Macy – Like the store!
  11. Marcella
  12. Mantissa – It’s the “decimal part of the logarithm.” And no, I didn’t just misspell algorithm! Math fans will get it!
  13. Macadamia – Mac for short
  14. Maxixe – A Brazilian ballroom dance
  15. Magnificent – Sort of like the name above, but meaning something very different.
  16. Mai Tai
  17. Maia
  18. Marvelous – For the exceptionally wonderful little girl felines.
  19. Majesty – Cats have a regality about them.
  20. Malibu – Or spelled Maliboo for a cute touch.
  21. Mango
  22. Madame/Mademoiselle – Sounds a bit fancy doesn’t it?
  23. Margarita
  24. Mariah – If your cat meows and sings as well as the singer.
  25. Mariana
  26. Marie Curie – Naming your female cat after an intelligent lady will empower her.
  27. Marilyn Monroe – Must we say more?
  28. Marjoram
  29. Mythany – A fun fantasy name for girls.
  30. Mora
  31. Marigold – For orange cats that are pretty as a flower.
  32. Maxima – If you already have a Maximus at home.
  33. Medusa – The Gorgon in Greek legends.
  34. Mulan – If you want a warrior Disney princess on your hands.
  35. Minx
  36. Missterious – Cats all have a little bit of mystery about them.
  37. Mirza – An unusual name inspired by fantasy fiction.
  38. Missdemeanor – For the naughtier cat.
  39. Misschief – We couldn’t help it.
  40. Mocha – for the dark brown kittens.
  41. Moonlight/Moonbeam – They can light up the dark, just like a cat’s eyes in the night.
  42. Mylene
  43. Morticia – For Morticia Addams of the Addams family. Again, a great choice for black cats.
  44. Mozzarella
  45. Merope
  46. Metis – a Titan goddess of wisdom
  47. Morieth
  48. Magpie – A funny name for a little trickster girl.
  49. Mab- As in Queen Mab, the faerie from Shakespeare.
  50. Moana

Naming animals after food is always the easiest, so to offset some of the food names, we tried to think of clever ones such as Missterious, Missdemeanor and Misschief (which happen to be some of our favorites!)


Cat names that start with the letter M offer a delightful array of choices for feline companions.

From majestic and mysterious to playful and mischievous, these names capture the unique personalities of our beloved cats.

Let your imagination roam and find the ideal M name that perfectly suits your furry companion’s charm and character.

You know which ones we like; tell us which cat names that start with M you fancy in the comments below!


If you're having a hard time choosing a moniker for your kitty, why not go with cat names that start with M? Check out 100 that we love!
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