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If you’re struggling to find something appropriate to call your kitty, you can never go wrong with Disney-inspired cat names!

With literally thousands of characters spanning a century of films and shows, there’s definitely no shortage of ideas.

In fact, it can be downright overwhelming to narrow down the search to just 100!

Still, we pulled it off, as evidenced below!

Let’s go ahead and look at this list of Disney cat names for both female and male cats.

Female Disney Cat Names

If you're struggling to find the right thing to call your kitty, you can almost never go wrong with Disney-inspired cat names! Check out our favorites!

When it comes to choosing a female Disney cat name, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Disney has created some of the most iconic and beloved feline characters in pop culture, from the mischievous Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland” to the sassy Marie from “The Aristocats.”

It’s no wonder that Disney cat names have become a popular choice for pet owners, especially those with feline friends.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a Disney cat name is to consider your cat’s personality and traits.

  1. Akela – She may be a wolf, but this Jungle Book character also makes a beautiful cat name!
  2. Alice – from Alice in Wonderland, of course.
  3. Am – if you have two Siamese cats, then you definitely have a couple of great names!
  4. Anastasia – this is one of the most popular Disney foxes.
  5. Anna – for a very playful cat!
  6. April – from House of Mouse.
  7. Ariel – do you have a cat who loves water? Well, this is the name for her.
  8. Aurora – this is the perfect name for a golden kitten.
  9. Bambi – the story doesn’t have to be tragic, but some cats are cuter than others.
  10. Barbie – starring in Toy Story, and also in your living room!
  11. Belle – this is the most perfect name for any cat!
  12. Bo Beep – this is the perfect name for an incredibly adorable kitten!
  13. Chloe – a garden fairy from the Disney’s Fairies franchise.
  14. Cinderella – a perfect name, for a princess cat.
  15. Cruella – an ironic name for a cat who truly doesn’t like dogs!
  16. Daisy – maybe for a pure white kitten?
  17. Dinah – Alice’s cat
  18. Dory – doesn’t need to have a short memory, but mischievous? Perfect!
  19. Duchess – for a very pure and loving cat.
  20. Edna – for that tiny and hyperactive kitten you have!
  21. Elsa – if your cat is truly magical, and also pure white.
  22. Esmeralda – a very underrated Disney name, but it’s perfect for any cat!
  23. Eve – cute, white, and very smart? This is the name for her!
  24. Felicia – a great name for any stylish cat!
  25. Jane – for a very adventurous cat!
  26. Jasmine – for a cat with that magical feeling.
  27. Lady Tremaine – just in case your cat is the most popular on the block!
  28. Maleficent – do you have a perfectly black, green-eyed cat?
  29. Marie – is your cat an Aristocat?
  30. Medusa – just in case your cat is one of the best out there!
  31. Megara – get a couple, and name him Hercules!
  32. Melody – remember this princess? She was truly incredible, just like your cat!
  33. Merida ginger cat? Then this is the name for her!
  34. Minnie – this one’s a classic, and you will love it!
  35. Mittens – if your cat has a dog best friend, you have the perfect couple right here!
  36. Moana – great artsy cat name for a water-loving kitten.
  37. Mulan – can you think of a better name for a Siamese cat?
  38. Nala – for the adventurous kitten that you have.
  39. Peach – a perfect name for any kitten!
  40. Pocahontas – for a very adventurous cat.
  41. Rapunzel – I don’t know about you, but this name if great for a Persian cat!
  42. Rita – a great name for a great cat!
  43. Sally – do you feel like you have the perfect cat? Then this is the perfect name!
  44. Si – the perfect name for a Siamese.
  45. Snow White – this name can be perfect for a perfectly white, or perfectly black kitten.
  46. Tiana – great name for a cat who loves nature!
  47. Tinker Bell – for the magical, golden fairy cat that you have!
  48. Ursula – ok, some cats are just chubby, and this is a great name for that!
  49. Wendy – for a very nurturing cat!
  50. Yzma – do you have a mischievous cat? This is the name!

Male Disney Cat Names

If you're struggling to find the right thing to call your kitty, you can almost never go wrong with Disney-inspired cat names! Check out our favorites!

If you’re a Disney fan and looking for the perfect name for your male feline companion, why not consider a name inspired by a Disney character?

There are plenty of iconic Disney cats that could make for great names for your furry friend.

With so many great Disney cat names for males to choose from, you need to be creative and find the perfect name for your furry friend!

  1. Aladdin – is your cat unstoppable? Here’s the perfect name!
  2. Andy – for a very brave kitten!
  3. Anger – yes, some cats are angrier than others!
  4. Atka – this unique name comes from Brother Bear.
  5. Bagheera – for a perfectly black cat!
  6. Baloo – for a very friendly and noisy cat!
  7. Bashful – borrow this shy dwarf’s name for you aloof kitty.
  8. Baymax – from Big Hero 6, it’s definitely a unique idea!
  9. Berlioz – a beautiful name for any artistic cat!
  10. Bubbles – remember the overly excited fish from Finding Nemo?
  11. Buzz – the Toy Story hero may just be a fit for you!
  12. Carl – do you have a grumpy cat?
  13. Doc – is your cat really fast? Then here you have it!
  14. Donald – a classic name for a white cat? Here you have it!
  15. Dusty – a very cool name from the Disney universe!
  16. Figaro black and white kitten? Here you have it!
  17. Finn – best name for a grey and smart cat!
  18. Gaston – is there a more popular cat?
  19. Goofy – for the goofball that your cat is!
  20. Hades – doesn’t have to be grim, but can be a lot of fun!
  21. Jafar – for a perfectly black, and mischievous cat.
  22. Kevin – does you cat easily befriend dogs? Then here you have it!
  23. Lighting – or McQueen, for a natural-born celebrity!
  24. Lumiere – for the fanciest cat out there!
  25. Mater – this is a great name for a caring and clueless cat!
  26. Maximus – for a very smart, and mischievous cat!
  27. Mickey – black cats are the best, and they need an amazing name!
  28. Mufasa – it would be truly amazing to have the whole Lion King family!
  29. Mushu – for a very funny cat!
  30. Nemo – clueless, but still cute and ginger cat? Here’s the name for him.
  31. Olaf – is your cat the most loving one on earth?
  32. Oliver – for a very elegant cat!
  33. Pascal – for your best friend in the world!
  34. Piglet – yes, cats can be chubby, and they need a proper name!
  35. Rajah – do you have a mischievous cat? Here you go!
  36. Ralph – OK, your cat doesn’t have to break everything, but it happens!
  37. Ramone – for a very classy cat!
  38. Rex – does he seem unfriendly at first sight, but it’s actually a sweetheart?
  39. Rufus – for a very cute, yet incredibly smart kitten.
  40. Sarge – for a very down-to-earth cat!
  41. Scar – just in case you adopt a very cool cat!
  42. Shere Khan – any Jungle Book lover will want to choose this name!
  43. Simba – one of the most popular Disney names, for your perfect cat!
  44. Slinky – cats can be clumsy too!
  45. Thomas – remember the amazing O’Malley?
  46. Tigger – your cat’s colors may just match Tigger’s pattern!
  47. Toulouse – the perfect name for a ginger kitten.
  48. Wall-e – perfect name for a very caring cat!
  49. Wart – from Sword in the Stone, it’s a great funny cat name!
  50. Woody – for the leader of the pack!

Aristocats Cat Names

persian cat breed

It’s a classic tale of those trying to find their way home, while finding themselves along the way.

While it is not one of the most popular Disney animated films, it is still a classic story!

Not only this, but there are plenty of cat names that you can take inspiration from.

  1. Duchess (first cat)
  2. Marie (middle kitten)
  3. Toulouse (first born kitten)
  4. Berlioz (youngest kitten)
  5. Thomas O’Malley (Duchess’ mate)
  6. Scat Cat (Thomas’ best friend)
  7. Hit Cat (cat from Scat Cat’s band)
  8. Shun Gon (Siamese cat playing piano)
  9. Peppo (Italian cat)
  10. Billy Boss (gray Russian cat playing cello)


And here you have it! I’m sure there are many monikers s you can choose for you precious kitty.

Like I said, though, you can never go wrong with Disney cat names!

What are some of your favorite cat names from Disney movies? Share below!

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