If you’re looking for some cute moniker ideas for a new kitten, let me introduce you to our epic list of hipster cat names!

Whether you’re a proud hipster yourself or just love ironically silly cat names, you’ll find the perfect idea below.

Trust me, we rounded up literally every hipster-inspired name we could find, so you have a lot to choose from!

Let’s check them out, shall we?

If you're looking for some cute moniker ideas for a new kitten, let me introduce you to our epic list of hipster cat names! Check it out!

Best Hipster Cat Names for Males & Females

According to the Macmillan Dictionary, a hipster is defined as “a young person who lives in a city and pays a lot of attention to trying to seem cool and not part of conventional society, for example in the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, and the food they eat.”

Of course, we all know that cats don’t even have to try to be cool, right? They just are! Hipsters could definitely take a lesson from them!

One last thing, these hipster cat names are tongue-in-cheek fun and not meant to offend anyone.

Many of these are also traditional names that appear on other lists. They just happen to be popular “hipster” names right now, too.

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If you're looking for some cute moniker ideas for a new kitten, let me introduce you to our epic list of hipster cat names! Check it out!
  1. Asher
  2. Atticus- Atticus Finch, a fictional character from the 1960 novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.
  3. Auden- from English origin meaning “old friend.”
  4. August
  5. Axl
  6. Bear
  7. Beckett
  8. Brax
  9. Bruno
  10. Butch
  11. Byron- from English origin meaning “barn for cows.”
  12. Dashiell
  13. Dexter- from Latin origin meaning “right-handed.”
  14. Django
  15. Duke
  16. Edison- Thomas Edison, American inventor.
  17. Elvis- Elvis Presley, “King of Rock and Roll.”
  18. Enoch
  19. Everitt
  20. Fenton
  21. Fritz
  22. Frank
  23. Greer
  24. Gulliver- from Irish origin meaning “glutton.”
  25. Gus- from Latin origin meaning “great, magnificent.”
  26. Hayes
  27. Holden- Holden Caufield, a fictional character from the 1951 novel “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger.
  28. Homer- from Greek origin meaning “security, pledge.”
  29. Hopper- from English origin meaning “hops grower or seller.”
  30. Huck
  31. Hudson
  32. Hugo- from Latin origin meaning “mind, intellect.”
  33. Ignatius
  34. Ike- from Hebrew origin meaning “laughter.”
  35. Jagger
  36. Jasper
  37. Kai- from Hawaiian origin meaning “sea.”
  38. Kingston- from English origin meaning “king’s town.”
  39. Lennon- from Irish origin meaning “small cloak or cape.”
  40. Leopold- from German origin meaning “brave people.”
  41. Levi
  42. Lionel- from Latin origin meaning “young lion.”
  43. Luca
  44. Magnus- from Latin origin meaning “greatest.”
  45. Miles
  46. Milo- from Latin origin meaning “soldier.”
  47. Monty
  48. Moses- from Egyptian origin meaning “delivered from the water.”
  49. Murray
  50. Nico- from Italian origin meaning “people of victory.”
  51. Odin- in Norse mythology, Odin was the god of death, divination, magic, poetry and wisdom.
  52. Orion
  53. Orlando
  54. Orson- from Latin origin meaning “bear cub.”
  55. Oscar
  56. Otis- from German origin meaning “wealthy.”
  57. Otto
  58. Oz- from Hebrew origin meaning “strength, powerful, courageous.”
  59. Pike
  60. Poe- from English origin meaning “peacock.”
  61. Prince
  62. Ray- from German origin meaning “wise protector.”
  63. Roman
  64. Roscoe- from Norse origin meaning “deer forest.”
  65. Rufus- from Latin origin meaning “red-head.”
  66. Salinger
  67. Sebastian
  68. Stellan- from Swedish origin meaning “calm.”
  69. Sullivan- from Irish origin meaning “black-eyed one.”
  70. Tate
  71. Tennyson
  72. Theo
  73. Thor- from Norse origin meaning “thunder.”
  74. Waldo- from German origin meaning “to rule.”
  75. Woodson
  76. Zane
  77. Zeke- from Hebrew origin meaning “God strengthens.”
  78. Zeus- in Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus was the god of the sky, lightning and thunder.

I’m not even remotely a hipster but I am definitely in love with a lot of those names!

Literary cat names always make me smile, maybe because I love books so much! You can’t go wrong with Tennyson or Poe!

If you love a good hipster mythological name, try Zeus or Thor! Both would be hilarious names for a particularly petite cat (like a munchkin).

I’m also a fan of Zeke. Maybe because I just binge-watched Parenthood again!

Now, on to the female hipster cat names, then you can tell me your favorites!


If you're looking for some cute moniker ideas for a new kitten, let me introduce you to our epic list of hipster cat names! Check it out!
  1. Alma- from Latin origin meaning “nurturing soul.”
  2. Anais- Like Anais Nin, the famous poet
  3. Bee- from Latin origin meaning “she who brings happiness.”
  4. Bessie
  5. Billie
  6. Breah
  7. Callie
  8. Clementine- from French origin meaning “mild, merciful.”
  9. Cleo
  10. Cosima- from Italian origin meaning “order, beauty.”
  11. Daisy
  12. Delilah
  13. Dixie- from Latin origin meaning “tenth.”
  14. Edie- from English origin meaning “prosperous in war.”
  15. Edna
  16. Ellarose
  17. Fifi
  18. Farrah
  19. Flannery- Flannery O’Connor, American essayist, novelist and short story writer.
  20. Flora- from Latin origin meaning “flower.”
  21. Frances
  22. Frankie
  23. Freyja- in Norse mythology, Freyja was a goddess associated with beauty, death, fertility, love and war.
  24. Frida- from German origin meaning “peaceful.”
  25. Gertrude
  26. Hazel
  27. Huntley
  28. India- country in South Asia.
  29. Ione- from Greek origin meaning “a violet-colored stone.”
  30. Iris- from Greek origin meaning “rainbow.”
  31. Isla
  32. Ivy
  33. June
  34. Juniper
  35. Jupiter
  36. Leonora
  37. Lila- from Arabic origin meaning “night.”
  38. Lola- from Spanish origin meaning “lady of sorrows.”
  39. London
  40. Lulu- from Arabic origin meaning “pearl.”
  41. Maisie
  42. Mamie
  43. Matilda- from German origin meaning “battle-mighty.”
  44. Mia
  45. Millie
  46. Minerva- from Latin origin meaning “of the mind, intellect.”
  47. Minnie
  48. Mishka
  49. Neva
  50. Olive
  51. Ophelia- from Greek origin meaning “help.”
  52. Pandora- from Greek origin meaning “all gifted.”
  53. Pearl
  54. Piper
  55. Poppy- from Latin origin meaning “red flower.”
  56. Ramona
  57. Remedy
  58. Romy- from Latin origin meaning “dew of the sea.”
  59. Rogue
  60. Ruby- from Latin origin meaning “deep red precious stone.”
  61. Sadie- from Hebrew origin meaning “princess.”
  62. Saffron- spice.
  63. Savannah
  64. Scarlet
  65. Sia
  66. Stella
  67. Suzette
  68. Tallulah- from Irish origin meaning “lady of abundance.”
  69. Tessie
  70. Una- from Latin origin meaning “lamb.”
  71. Wren
  72. Violet
  73. Zelda- from German origin meaning “gray fighting maid.”
  74. Zen
  75. Zinnia
  76. Zola

I am a big fan of Anais Nin, so I’m really loving that name.

I also love Tallulah (although I prefer the “Talula” spelling of it like in the old Tori Amos song from the Twister movie, which I just rewatched).

Scarlet is a great name if you’re a fan of the Marvel Avengers series (or love to name your cats after witches).

My #1 favorite, though, has to be Ophelia, as she’s my favorite Shakespeare character.

Your turn! Tell us below which of the hipster cat names is your favorite for a girl kitty! How about a boy cat?

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