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Are you thinking about adopting a Maine Coon Munchkin Cat breed mix? Make sure you check out all these facts about the breed first!

Although most “ordinary” cats are mixes, there are times when two different purebreds will produce offspring.

In the case of the Maine Coon and the Munchkin, the results may vary.

And because there is such a vast difference in the two breeds (one is very large, and the other is petite), there’s no guarantee that the pairing will produce successful kittens.

In this post, we cover the qualities of both these cats so you can decide if the Maine Coon/Munchkin will be the best choice for you.

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Maine Coon Fast Facts

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  • Size: 9 to 20 plus pounds
  • Lifespan: 9 to 15 years
  • Personality Traits: Good-natured, loving, patient, and playful

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Appearance of the Maine Coon Cat Breed

Are you thinking about adopting a Maine Coon Munchkin Cat breed mix? Make sure you check out all these facts about the breed first!

When you lay eyes on the Maine Coon for the first time, you will immediately notice its large size and fluffy appearance.

  • Its body is well-proportioned, muscular, and broad-chested.
  • The coat is heavy, yet shorter on the shoulders and longer on the stomach and upper hind legs.
  • It has a ruff of fur on its chest and a lovely plume of fur on its tail.
  • It comes in all colors and patterns, including solids, and tabby.

The Maine Coon’s head is squarish with large, well-tufted, pointed ears. The muzzle is squarish, and the eyes are expressive in green, gold, greenish-gold or copper.  

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Personality of the Maine Coon Cat Breed

If there were just one word to describe the Maine Coon, it would be personable.

  • It loves to be around its people and will follow you from room-to-room.
  • However, this cat is not clingy or needy. It is content to do its own thing when no one is home.
  • If you have rodents in your home (whether by choice or by chance) know that the Maine Coon is most likely  going to go into hunt mode.
  • In fact, this skill has been consistent throughout the Coon’s lineage. If your home is rodent-free, this breed will have just as much fun (and ability) chasing toys.
  • The Maine Coon is an intelligent breed and can learn tricks when properly motivated with positive reinforcement techniques.

Lastly, although the appearance of the males and females of this breed are relatively the same (males do tend to be bigger) females are a bit more on the dignified side, while the males of the breed can exhibit silliness that is sure to make you laugh.

Care of the Maine Coon Cat Breed

Like any pet, the Maine Coon does need care; however, despite its shaggy coat, it is quite soft and less likely to matt with regular grooming.

Pet parents of this breed find that a good comb-through of the coat twice-a-week is sufficient to keep it in top condition.

 Bathing your Maine Coon should be done when needed.

  • Use pet wipes to clean around the eyes and bum when necessary
  • Make a point of wiping the inside of the ears with a cotton ball when they are dirty.

Brush your Maine Coons teeth daily and clip his nails every week or so.

Breeders of the Maine Coon suggest keeping it as an indoor-only cat to prevent mishaps from happening.

Munchkin Fast Facts

  • Size: 6 to 9 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12 to 14 years
  • Personality Traits: outgoing, playful, and intelligent

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Appearance of the Munchkin Cat Breed

The Munchkin cat breed  has been described as “the Corgi of the cat world.” This is obvious when you see this adorable, short-stature feline.

  • Developed from a genetic mutation this cat’s legs are short and a tad stubby.
  • This domestic cutie comes in a variety of coat colors, patterns, and lengths.
  • Their head is of normal proportions, with erect ears.
  • Their eyes can be of any variety including, gold, green, and blue.

Depending on their coat length, the tail can either be a plume or shorthaired.

Personality of the Munchkin Cat Breed

Even though the Munchkin is short in height, it’s lacks nothing in the personality department.

  • The Munchkin is a cuddly cat that craves company from kids, other animals, cats, dogs, and even strangers.
  • They never say “no” to a game of chase with the laser pointer or catnip toy, but may trade the game in for a snuggly lap instead.

When it comes to cat toys and the Munchkin’s stuff, it does tend to hoard whatever catches its fancy.

In fact, this little guy has been referred to as a “magpie” because of its tendency to grab anything shiny, stashing it away for later!

Coupled with this feline’s natural curiosity and you may have to hide those small trinkets.

You may wonder if the short Munchkin legs slow this cat down? 

They don’t.

This breed is fast and furious to the very end using his low-to-the-ground traction for the ultimate in racing fun!

Care of the Munchkin Cat Breed

Like all cats, the Munchkin will need proper care to flourish. This includes grooming its coat on a bi-weekly basis, trimming its nails and brushing its teeth.

A nutritional diet will keep your Munchkin in optimal health, without excessive weight gains.

To find a high-quality cat food, read the side of the bags for the nutritional content and choose one with

  • pure animal protein (deboned chicken, beef, salmon)
  • and low fillers (bone meal, by-product meal, corn, wheat).

You will also want to have your kitten spayed or neutered at around six months of age.

This not only prevents unwanted kittens, but it reduces the risk of some reproductive cancers.

Lastly, keep your little Munchkin indoors. Felines that are allowed to roam can encounter unfriendly people and wildlife, which puts them at a higher risk of being harmed or hit by a vehicle.

Outdoor cats will also hunt birds and rodent, which can carry disease and parasites.

The Maine Coon, Munchkin Mix Breed Cat

As you can see from the breakdown of each of these breeds, the Maine Coon Munchkin mix may not be viable.

Yes, they each have their distinct personalities; however, the main concern would be the vast difference in size.

A Munchkin female trying to give birth to Maine Coon kittens could be difficult and even dangerous.

Another question that should be addressed is “could a Maine Coon frame be supported on Munchkin legs?”

Though there is no guarantee how the genetics between these vastly different breeds would fall, the health of the kittens should be a concern.

If you are looking for a Maine Coon Munchkin mix kitten, be sure to do your research.

Ensure the person you are adopting a kitten from has appropriately assessed the health of each kitten to ensure it is genetically sound.

Do you have a Maine Coon cat, a Munchkin or a Maine Coon munchkin cat? Drop us a line in the comments section. We’d love to hear your experiences!

Sandie Lee
Sandie Lee