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If you’re looking for one-eyed cat names that celebrate your little survivor’s resilience, we’ve got you covered!

We took inspiration from some of history’s and literature’s bravest and fiercest characters, who lived full lives with one eye.

We also threw in some incredible names that mean survivor, hero, or warrior for good measure.

Let’s check them out!

One-Eyed Cat Names for Males

Looking for amazing one-eyed cat names for your little survivor? Check out 100 that we love, with many inspired by archers!

When it comes to good names for cats with one eye, most people go straight to “Cyclops.”

Yes, they’re probably the most well-known single-eyed mythological beings, so it makes sense.

However, it’s a bit too on the nose for us. So, we found their actual names for you.

We also include a good mix of archer names (archers know you only need one good eye to aim true), as well as other amazing, strong names that we love.

These names celebrate the resilience and spirit of these extraordinary male cats.

  1. Ajax Greek name meaning “eagle.”
  2. Alastair – English name for a “defender.”
  3. Alex – English name referring to the “defender of men.”
  4. Aloysius – German name meaning “warrior.”
  5. Anakin – English name meaning “warrior.”
  6. Apollo – after the Greek God of archery.
  7. Arges – after one of the first cyclops.
  8. Basil – Arabic name meaning “brave.”
  9. Bear – after the American marksman, Fred Brown.
  10. Bizirik – Basque name meaning “survivor.”
  11. Brontes – one of the first three cyclops.
  12. Cayden – Welsh name for “fighter.”
  13. Cedric – Celtic name for a “fighter.”
  14. Churchill – after Lieutenant Colonel Jack Churchill.
  15. Cupid – Roman mythological archer.
  16. Daryl – after the marksman from The Walking Dead.
  17. Dustin – the German word for “warrior.”
  18. Eros – Greek mythological archer.
  19. Fred – after American hunter Fred Bear.
  20. Garrett – after the hero in Thief.
  21. Hanzo – after Overwatch’s archer.
  22. Harold – after King Harold, one of the best archers ever known.
  23. Hawkeye – after Marvel’s archer hero.
  24. Horace – after Horace A. Ford, considered the best archer of all times.
  25. Hou Yi – after the Chinese God of archery.
  26. Julgus – the Estonian word for “courage.”
  27. Legolas – after the best archer in Hollywood.
  28. Link – after the cutest video game character.
  29. Lutador – Portuguese name meaning “warrior.”
  30. Malcom – after Malcolm Merlyn, Green Arrow’s enemy.
  31. Mel – after the great archer, Mel Clarke.
  32. Mike – after the famous Dutch archer, Mike Schloesser.
  33. Mut – one of the cutest German cat names meaning “courage.”
  34. Nasu – after Nasu no Yoichi, one of the best archers in history.
  35. Niedobitek – Polish name meaning “fighter.”
  36. Odysseus – after the Roman hero, who was a great archer.
  37. Paris – after the one who killed Odysseus with an arrow.
  38. Peter – after Dutch archer, Peter Elzinga.
  39. Pit – the archer in the Kid Icarus series.
  40. Pugnator Latin name meaning “fighter.”
  41. Reo – after Reo Wilde, famous American archer.
  42. Robin – after the famous Robin Hood.
  43. Rufus – after the archer in Valkyrie Profile.
  44. Shinon – after Fire Emblem’s archer.
  45. Sigur – Icelandic name meaning “triumphant.
  46. Steropes – one of the first three cyclops.
  47. Tulelo – Hungarian name meaning “survivor.”
  48. Ullr – after the Norse God of archery and hunting.
  49. Ushindi – Swahili name meaning “warrior.”
  50. Will – after the famous character, Will Treaty.

Want to know my favorite? I always have trouble choosing, but I really love either Niedobitek or Nasu.

Both are beautiful names!

One-Eyed Cat Names for Females

100 Wonderful One-Eyed Cat Names for Your Little Survivor

We unveil a delightful collection of enchanting and graceful names exclusively suited for one-eyed female cats.

Again, we turned to history and literature for some of the most extraordinary female arches for many of our ideas.

Let’s see what we came up with!

  1. Abigail – after Abigail Whistler, Dracula’s huntress.
  2. Aida – after Aida Roman, the Mexican archer.
  3. Alexa – English name meaning “defender of men.”
  4. Alison – after British archer, Alison Williamson.
  5. Amazon – after the best archer tribe in history.
  6. Andrea – Italian name meaning “manly.”
  7. Argent – after Teen Wolf’s star archer, Allison Argent.
  8. Arjuna – after the hero with the golden bow.
  9. Artemis – after DC’s huntress.
  10. Ashe – this is the famous LOL archer.
  11. Bellatrix – Latin name meaning “warrior.”
  12. Caroline – perfect name for a strong cat.
  13. Charlotte – after UK archer, Charlotte Burgess.
  14. Deepika – after Indian archer, Deepika Kumari.
  15. Diana – after the Roman Goddess of hunting.
  16. Elda – Italian name meaning “warrior.”
  17. Elizabeth – Hebrew name for a woman fighter.
  18. Ellie – after the survivor in The Last of Us.
  19. Gaia – after the mother of cyclops.
  20. Gertrude – Dutch name meaning “spear.”
  21. Griselda – French name meaning “grey survivor.”
  22. Hannah – Hebrew name meaning “graceful.”
  23. Heloise – this name means “healthy.”
  24. Imelda Spanish name meaning “warrior.”
  25. Katniss – the extraordinary archer and heroine from Hunger Games.
  26. Khatuna  – after Georgian archer, Khatuna Lorig.
  27. Kimberly – English name meaning “royal.”
  28. Lara – after Lara Croft who does know how to shoot with a bow.
  29. Lenka – after Czech archer, Lenka Kuncova.
  30. Lexi – Greek name meaning “the defender.”
  31. Lindsey – after Brazilian archer, Lindsey Carmichael.
  32. Marketa – after Czech Paralympic archer, Marketa Sidkova.
  33. Melissa – after Melissa Jane Daniel, the competitive archer.
  34. Meredith – Welsh name meaning “great ruler.”
  35. Merida – after Princess Merida, the archer.
  36. Michaela – this name refers to the one who looks like God.
  37. Miroslava – after Miroslava Cerna, the Czech archer.
  38. Naomi – after British archer, Naomi Folkard.
  39. Natalia – after the Italian archer, Natalia Valeeva.
  40. Neytiri – after the famous archer from Avatar.
  41. Odwaga – Polish name meaning “courageous.”
  42. Olivia – Latin name for a strong cat.
  43. Oorlewende – Afrikaans name meaning “survivor.”
  44. Owasinda – this is the Zulu word for “survivor.” 
  45. Pocahontas – after the strong Disney Princess.
  46. Rama – Hindu Goddess who carries a bow.
  47. Reimi – after Reimi Saionji, the famous archer from Star Ocean.
  48. Skaði – after the Norse Goddess of hunting.
  49. Susan – after Susan Pevensie from Narnia.
  50. Sylvanas – after the one and only Sylvanas Windrunner.


Katniss is always a good pick, especially if you’re a fan of the novels.

If that’s a bit too obvious, though, I really love Reimi.

It’s a great one if you want to go with a cat name inspired by video games, too.

What are your favorite one-eyed cat names? Share below!


Looking for amazing one-eyed cat names for your little survivor? Check out 100 that we love, with many inspired by archers!
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