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Cats are known for their agility and grace, but when a feline companion overcomes adversity and thrives with three legs, they deserve a special name that reflects their resilience and indomitable spirit.

We will explore a collection of meaningful and inspiring names for these extraordinary cats.

We divided them up between ideas for both males and females.

Let’s honor these incredible feline companions and embrace the beauty of their strength together.

Take a peek and find the perfect one for your cat!

50 3-Legged Cat Names for Males

female tiger cat
  1. Angel – perfect name for a 3 legged cat.
  2. Apple – popular fruit and also “one to be treasured.”
  3. Attitude – because he’s definitely got a winner’s attitude.
  4. Bernard – for the one who’s bold as a bear.
  5. Bingo – adorable name for a 3-legged cat.
  6. Bizirik – Basque word for “survivor”
  7. Buddy – because he’s your best buddy!
  8. Cardini – after the famous magician. 
  9. Clinger – for the cat who loves you so much!
  10. Dazzle – because his personality is captivating.
  11. Dreamer – Hebrew name, for the most loving one.
  12. Enchant – he’s got an enchanting personality, right?
  13. Foster – for the one who’s here to stay.
  14. Found – great name, especially if he came as an accident.
  15. Gem – because no matter what, he is the gem of your life.
  16. Gulliver – Irish name for the one who likes to eat.
  17. Hieronymous – A great Greek cat name, for the sacred one.
  18. Hoover – this is a Hebrew name for the cutest cat out there.
  19. Houdini – after the magician pulling the most complicated stunts.
  20. Iago – Welsh name meaning “supplanter.”
  21. Jackpot – because you hit the jackpot by taking him!
  22. Jeronimo – Spanish name meaning “saved.”
  23. Jonathon – this name means “Gift from God.”
  24. Julian – for the most loved child.
  25. Kayle – Hebrew name referring to an angel.
  26. Keeper – because he’s the keeper of your heart.
  27. Kelpie – this refers to a cute water spirit.
  28. Lucky – for the one who ended up being lucky.
  29. Lumos – after the spell of light.
  30. Moses Egyptian name meaning “saved.”
  31. Moshe – Hebrew name for a savior.
  32. Naji – Arabic name for the one who was saved.
  33. Neo – this name means “renewed.”
  34. Niedo– after niedobitek, the Polish word for survivor.
  35. Newton – English name meaning “new one.”
  36. Obi – for the one who likes to play with magic.
  37. Oliver Latin name, for the keeper of peace.
  38. Omi – beautiful Hebrew name for a 3 legged cat.
  39. Presto – for the one who changes very fast.
  40. Reuben – Hebrew name for the cutest son.
  41. Riley – Irish name meaning “brave.”
  42. Romeo – Italian name for a lover.
  43. Scout – great name for the one with all the information.
  44. Seraph – after one of the highest angels.
  45. Shaman – for the one who likes to play with magic.
  46. Shazam – great name for the cat who went through a big change.
  47. Sibyl – this name means “prophet.”
  48. Specter – for the cat with magical powers.
  49. Survivor– because that’s just what he is!
  50. Túlélő– Hungarian word for survivor.

For the boys, I really love the names that mean survivor in different languages.

Niedo is a really neat one. Heck, even the full version of the word sounds cool!

50 3-Legged Cat Names for Females

100 3-Legged Cat Names That Celebrate Courage and Perseverance
  1. Abby – English name for the most beautiful one.
  2. Abracadabra – for a magical cat. You can even call her “Abra.”
  3. Akuba – Japanese name meaning “sorceress.”
  4. Alice – for a truthful and noble lady.
  5. Alley – great name for the cat who can do everything.
  6. Alohomora – this is the spell that unlocks everything.
  7. Andromeda – Greek name meaning “beautiful maiden.”
  8. Aurora – Latin name meaning “dawn.”
  9. Autumn – beautiful season, for a beautiful lady.
  10. Chance – one of the cutest French cat names meaning “luck.”
  11. Charisma – because she’s still got charisma!
  12. Charm – for the most charming kitten.
  13. Circe – after Homer’s Oddisey sorceress.
  14. Dara – this Hebrew name means “wisdom.”
  15. Destiny – for the one destined to do great things.
  16. Diamond – because she is that precious.
  17. Fiona – Scottish name meaning “white.”
  18. Grace – because she’s incredibly graceful.
  19. Gypsy – for the one who likes to wander.
  20. Happy – because she learned to be happy.
  21. Heaven – because she makes your life heaven.
  22. Heidi – English name for a precious lady.
  23. Hoax – this name refers to a charm.
  24. Hope – because hope is always good.
  25. Ivy – after the famous villain.
  26. Jesse – Hebrew name for a wealthy one.
  27. Journey – for the one on a tough journey.
  28. Karma – this one is pretty straightforward.
  29. Kisa – this is the Russian name for a kitten.
  30. Lady – for a truly noble lady.
  31. Lottie – English name meaning “free woman.”
  32. Lotus – after the most beautiful flowers.
  33. Mantra – because she’s got incredible powers.
  34. Margarita – after the cocktail that makes everyone happy.
  35. Maireann– the Scots Gaelic word for survivor.
  36. Mika – Japanese name meaning “gift from God.”
  37. Mo – English name for a tough one.
  38. Nona – Latin name meaning “the ninth.”
  39. Nova – after the brightest star.
  40. Nyssa – Greek name meaning “goal.”
  41. Ophelia – Greek name for a brave one.
  42. Pixie – one of the Irish names for cats referring to a magical fairy.
  43. Pooka – after the Irish symbol of good luck.
  44. Roxana – Persian name meaning “little star.”
  45. Rune – for a mysterious lucky charm.
  46. Secret – for the one with a big secret.
  47. Shade – this name is great for a stealthy cat.
  48. Shiloh – perfect name for a calm cat.
  49. Sparkle – for the one who always shines.
  50. Spirit – beautiful name for a cat full of spirit.

I personally love Maireann! Not only is it beautiful, but meaningful as well!


Finding the perfect name for a 3-legged cat is a thoughtful and meaningful endeavor.

These resilient feline companions deserve names that honor their strength, adaptability, and unique spirit.

Select a name that resonates with their remarkable story and creates a lasting bond that goes beyond the number of legs.

Your 3-legged cat is a testament to courage and resilience, and their name should reflect the admiration and affection they inspire in your heart.

What are your favorite 3-legged cat names? Share below!


3 legged cat names
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