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Finding beautiful and fitting Abyssinian cat names can seem like a tough job, but we’ve got you covered!

From traditional Ethiopian ideas that honor your cat’s heritage to names inspired by their color, we’ve thought of everything.

We even included some funny food cat names!

Read on to check out our favorites for both males and females. Then, tell us which ones you love!

Abyssinian Cat Names For Males

The Abyssinian is one of the cutest big-eared cat breeds

Did you know that Abyssinia is actually the former name of Ethiopia

I know you’re not here for a long history lesson, but if you do want to learn more about where your cat came from.

Let’s get to those male Abyssinian cat names.

  1. Abebe – this name means flourishing flower.
  2. Aman – for your handsome man!
  3. Anchovy – sometimes considered an Abyssinian’s favorite food!
  4. Arthur – this name means ‚strong as a rock.’
  5. Ash – best name for your grey Abyssinian cat.
  6. Aslan – after Narnia’s favorite lion!
  7. Atlas – for a very strong cat.
  8. Axel – English name for ‚the peaceful one.’
  9. Bagheera – after Mowgli’s favorite panther.
  10. Bengie – a very cute name for your Abyssinian cat.
  11. Bongo – a name inspired by the instrument.
  12. Dusty – classic name for an Abyssinian cat.
  13. Earl Grey – a very fancy name for a cat!
  14. Garfield – thinking of it, Garfield really is a boss!
  15. Harley – inspired by Harley Davidson.
  16. Hunter – inspired by the fact the Abyssinian cats are hunters.
  17. Lazarus – this name sometimes refers to something raised from the dead.
  18. Leo – a modern name for a very stylish cat.
  19. Leopard – for an Abyssinian cat with a leopard pattern.
  20. Lion – best name for a ruling Abyssinian.
  21. Lynx – because your cat may resemble the pattern.
  22. Mack – for the toughest Abyssinian cat.
  23. Mackerel – from the fish resembling your cat’s pattern.
  24. Maverick – for a cat who refuses to follow the rules.
  25. Max Latin name meaning ‚the greatest.’
  26. Milo – from the ‚Milo and Otis.’ Movie.
  27. Monarch – a regal name for your Abyssinian cat.
  28. Mowgli inspired by „The Jungle Book.’
  29. Nemo – after Captain Nemo.
  30. Noah – Hebrew name meaning ‚comfortable.’
  31. Norm – cool name meaning ‚from the North’.
  32. Ocelot – after South America’s tiny leopards.
  33. Onyx – one of the coolest names for an Abyssinian cat.
  34. Orion – the name of a mighty hunter.
  35. Pepper – a beautiful and classical name for an Abyssinian cat.
  36. Peppermint – a very cool name for any Abyssinian.
  37. Prewitt – this name refers to a small, but brave creature.
  38. Rajah – after Aladdin’s tiger.
  39. Rasputin – after the Russian prognosticator.
  40. Saber after the sabre-tooth tiger.
  41. Scar – after Simba’s evil uncle.
  42. Scooter – English name for the coolest cat.
  43. Shadow – everyone knows cats are ninjas, right?
  44. Smokey – best name for a grey Abyssinian.
  45. Soren – a powerful name meaning ‚thunder.’
  46. Speckles – for a cat with a very unique pattern.
  47. Spot – great name for a spotted cat.
  48. Sterling – this name refers to ‚silver.’
  49. Tiger – great name for a cool feline.
  50. Zane – the Hebrew form of ‚John.’

Abyssinian Cat Names For Females

Looking for some beautiful Abyssinian cat names? Check out 100 that we love, inspired by their color, heritage, and more!
  1. Adanech – means “she rescued,” perfect for a rescue cat!
  2. Aliza – cute name meaning ‚cheerful.’
  3. Alemnesh – means “you’re the world.”
  4. Amberly – beautiful name meaning ‚fierce.’
  5. Annabelle – despite of what the movie says, this name means ‚loving.’
  6. Annika – Sweden name, meaning ‚powerful goddess.’
  7. Artemis – after the Greek goddess of hunting.
  8. Astras – Hindin name meaning ‚legendary weapon.’
  9. Ayla – Hebrew name meaning ‚oak tree.’
  10. Bernadette French name meaning ‚brave.’
  11. Beth – English name meaning ‚house of God.’
  12. Blaze – best name for a fast feline
  13. Blue – referring to a cat’s colors.
  14. Bonnie – English name for the most beautiful cat.
  15. Cheetah – for a very agile cat.
  16. Daisy – for a very beautiful cat.
  17. Dakota – for the friendliest cat.
  18. Diana – the Roman goddess of hunting.
  19. Disco – for the silver pattern your cat may have.
  20. Ernestine – for a very determined Abyssinian cat.
  21. Ginger – for an Abyssinian cat with orange accents.
  22. Gwyneth – Irish name meaning ‚happy.’
  23. Hani – for the most joyful cat.
  24. Inky – for a cat with an interesting pattern.
  25. Jasmine – after the tropical plant.
  26. Joyce – English name meaning ‚joyful.’
  27. Lady Grey – a royal name for an Abyssinian cat.
  28. Lilo – very nice name meaning ‚generous.’
  29. Lioness – because she is the queen of your house.
  30. Marble – beautiful name for a precious cat.
  31. Matilda – beautiful name meaning ‚strong.’
  32. Mia – Spanish name meaning ‚mine.’
  33. Misty – beautiful and magical name for an abyssinian cat.
  34. Nala – after Simba’s best friend.
  35. Opal – for a grey spotted cat.
  36. Pearl – classic name for a royal cat.
  37. Pebble – for the most precious cat.
  38. Periwinkle – for a Lilac colored cat.
  39. Sacha – for the protector of your house.
  40. Salem – often used for a witch cat.
  41. Shade – perfect name for a grey Abyssinian.
  42. Sheba – after the Queen of Sheba.
  43. Silver Bell – for a silver and noisy cat!
  44. Sophia – this name means „Wise.’
  45. Sunset– because many Abyssinians look like sunset!
  46. Tigress – after one of the greatest felines!
  47. Tinsel – for the most glamorous cat out there.
  48. Topaz – a wonderful name for an Abyssinian kitten.
  49. Twilight – from the gray color of the sky!
  50. Vergrys – Afrikaans name meaning „Grey.’

Now, you have 100 Abyssinian cat names to choose from, and all of them are incredibly impressive!


Abyssinian cats are known for their intelligence, curiosity, and engaging personalities.

Finding a name that resonates with these characteristics will undoubtedly strengthen the bond between you and your feline companion.

As you welcome your new Abyssinian into your home, take the time to observe their behavior and quirks to help inspire the ideal name that truly captures who they are.

What are some of your favorite Abyssinian cat names? Share below!

Looking for some beautiful Abyssinian cat names? Check out 100 that we love, inspired by their color, heritage, and more!
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